KHSW Ch. 235

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When she heard Xiao Nuo’s words, Ling Xi was stunned and her ears turned red, “Baby, who taught you this?”

“Mom, this is a secret between Xiao Nuo and Dad, I can’t tell you.”

Secret? Ling Xi suddenly remembered the scene where Xu Yizhi persuaded Xiao Nuo to eat meat that day.

She probably guessed what Xu Yizhi and the child were talking about. At this time, not only the bases of her ears turned red, but her cheeks on both sides also started to feel hot.

“Well, mom doesn’t want to know the secret between you and dad!”

When Xiao Nuo came home, the two dogs circled around him excitedly.

“Niannian, Yueyue, these few days when Xiao Nuo was not at home, were you being lazy?”

Seeing the little guy squatting down and talking to the two puppies, Ling Xi smiled knowingly…

“Niannian, sit down.”

“Niannian, turn around.”

“Niannian, roll.”

When Ling Xi saw “Niannian” obeying and moving on Xia Nuo’s command, her eyes widened in surprise, “Is Niannian so smart?”

“Mom, there are a lot of people meeting Niannian and Yueyue. I taught them.”

Xiao Nuo looked at her with a pair of “seeking praise” eyes.

Ling Xi knew what he was thinking just by looking at him, “Mom’s baby is really amazing.”

Chi family.

A gloomy atmosphere lingered in the living room, like the calm before the storm, so oppressive that one could hardly breathe.

In the end, it was Chi Jiayang who couldn’t bear the atmosphere and spoke first, “Mom and Dad, what happened today is all our fault. Don’t be angry, be careful so that you don’t damage your body.”

Chi Jingyu seemed to have expected this situation a long time ago, and helped Yang Huilin upstairs without any surprise.

Chi Yanbin called out calmly, “Jingyu, sit down first, Dad has something to tell you.”

Chi Jingyu had no choice but to sit back on the sofa, and Yang Huilin sat beside him.

“Starting tomorrow, my company will be handed over to you.”

Before the words fell, Wang Suping stopped her voice, “This is not good, Yanbin, didn’t we agree before? After Jiayang’s ‘Star Charm Entertainment’ is officially acquired by ‘Yi Ling’, we will hand over the company to Jiayang. You can’t go back on your word just because of this little thing today!”

Chi Yanbin’s brows and eyes became a bit disgusted, “What do you mean by ‘this little thing today’? Do you still think that today we didn’t lose enough face? You heard it all today, what those people said about our Chi family.”

Wang Suping immediately blamed Ou Mengxue for all her faults.

Then with a face stretched long, “Ou Mengxue, don’t you know what relationship you have with Ling Xi? Who asked you to invite her? How did our family’s Jiayang marry a loser like you? I’m telling you, the 60 million, you can find a way to pay it back yourself, and you don’t even think about touching a penny of our Chi family. “

Chi Jiayang also took a deep breath in his heart. The fists hanging on both sides of his body were clenched and then released, and then clenched again.

At this time, Wang Suping had forgotten that she was the one who forced Chi Jiayang to marry Ou Mengxue.

Ou Mengxue’s eyes widened when she heard Wang Suping’s words. The reason why she promised Ling Xi to pay back the money at the wedding tomorrow was because she thought that the Chi family would help her make up the money. She never expected that Wang Suping’s heart could be so cruel.

“Mom, you know, I’m just a manager, how could I have so much money in my hand? All of this was designed by Ling Xi.”

When Chi Yanbin heard what she said, his anger rose sharply, “Shut up, you really have no education at all. When the elders are talking, how can it be your turn to intervene?”

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