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“Dead Land” was a script that Yan Haiqing spent several years polishing. To this end, he also interviewed many anti-narcotics undercover police officers who had retired and obtained a special permit to follow up and interview a border anti-narcotics team.

This kind of theme script was the type he wanted to write when he was young, but he was not strong enough at the time, but now he could proudly say that “Dead Land” was his best work in these years.

Yan Haiqing spoke with such confidence, and there was also internal news that the script was supported by the authorities, so all the investors heard this, and they were ready to move.

Master Yan did not have to worry about no investment, nor that the crew would not be pulled together, but after the actor was settled, he did feel that he could no longer pull the crew so slowly, so he finally entered the next process-negotiating with investors.

After these years of development, the film industry had grown from a few investment oligarchs to the state where investment companies and star studios had sprung up like mushrooms. More and more capital had entered the film and television market, and the investors had also started to choose more and more projects, and correspondingly, directors and screenwriters who had projects in their hands had more choices.

The well-known screenwriter Yan Haiqing’s works had always had no shortage of people for investment, more than no shortage. It was simply that the employers were holding money and preferential terms to cooperate with him. Who didn’t want to split the cake for profitable projects!

As soon as the “Dead Land” project broke out, there were countless investors who came to the door. Among them, Hengsheng Capital’s large-scale and “irrational demands” successfully attracted Yan Haiqing’s attention.

Hearing the words “The appearance setting of the first male protagonist in the script must be changed” put forward by the manager of the other party, Yan Haiqing almost laughed.

Many years after he became famous, it was the first time he saw an employer picking bones from his script.

What was wrong with the appearance of the first male protagonist? Why would you look down on fat people? Such a fat man had connotation, what a fart did these laymen know! This fat connotation was importantly related to the plot, so don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand it!!!

Facing Yan Haiqing’s dynamite barrel-like temper, the manager of Hengsheng Capital said calmly: “We made this request for the sake of Mr. Yu’s health. Mr. Yu has gastroenteritis, and his daily diet is very careful. It’s impossible to gain more than a hundred catties in just a few months. To be honest, we are very embarrassed by the appearance of the first male protagonist.”

“Secondly, unless it is a comedy, otherwise the current audience had very strict requirements for the appearance of the protagonist of the movie. I think you don’t want your hard-written script to be appraised by the appearance of the lead actor when it is finally released. You must hope that more people can see your story. And let more people be educated from the crowd.”

As a screenwriter, Master Yan was more of a literary temperament. Facing a professional manager who was good at negotiating, he could only be speechless by the other party in a few words. Actually, he still felt “Oh, this young man makes a lot of sense.”

No, no, no, he couldn’t be brainwashed by a few words. The literati should have the integrity of a literati. Master Yan resisted: “You are utterly arrogant. If Xiaoyu can’t gain weight on his own, he can put on special effects makeup, and even a fat Xioyu would also be very cute, maybe, his fans would like to see him look fat.”

Investigate, actually, strong, words, win, reason!

If it weren’t for professional ethics, the managers would want to paste the words “extraordinarily strong” on Yan Haiqing’s face.

Yan Haiqing used his literati (strong) standing (words) to repel professional managers, and then attracted the boss behind the scenes-Xue Chengxiu came to the door in person.

Master Yan felt that his heart was very tired. Hengsheng Capital was rich and great. It was discriminating against the fat man by picking the nose and eyes on the protagonist in his script!

“Mr. Yan, Hengsheng Capital and you have had a very pleasant cooperation experience. We have no doubt about your ability to create scripts. The modification of the appearance of the first male protagonist is based on my personal request.” Xue Chengxiu’s expression was very serious, but it was different from the seriousness of the previous professional managers.

Both people said the same thing, and the purpose was the same, but in the eyes of Master Yan, he was more willing to talk to Xue Chengxiu. This was probably the so-called literati intuition.

The manager of Hengsheng Capital also told him about the problem of Yu Siyang’s gastroenteritis before, but Xue Chengxiu said that this matter was in a more emotional rather than rational manner. Yan Haiqing felt that he was almost convinced. The role setting, of course, was just a bit close.

“Mr. Xue, I understand all of the issues you mentioned. I also communicated with Xiaoyu himself. If he is not up to reaching the required body shape, he is willing to accept special effects makeup.” Yan Haiqing said with restraint: “To tell you the truth, Wu Wenjing’s role has a prototype, and his appearance setting is also one of the important dramas. Xiaoyu was originally out of my consideration because he is too thin and does not conform to Wu Wenjing’s role setting.”

“Then why did you decide to let him play the role of Wu Wenjing? “Xue Chengxiu asked.

“Because the dishes he cooks are so delicious.” Yan Linchen, who was on the sidelines, spoke out the real reason straightforwardly.

——Master Yan was bought by a meal, who would believe it!

Xue Chengxiu: “…”

Yan Haiqing: “…”

“Who said it was because of this, his acting is good, it is a good play!” Yan Haiqing’s old face flushed, and he glared at his nephew, wishing to kick his nephew out.

Yan Linchen nodded: “His acting is indeed very good. He is as thin as a bamboo pole, but he can use acting skills to act like a fat man.”

Yan Haiqing’s face was not hot or red anymore, and he nodded pretending to be old-fashioned-yes, this was the reason why he chose a bamboo pole to play the role of a fatty. The play was good.

“However,” Yan Linchen took another turning point, “I think that Yu Siyang’s good play and his good cooking skills account for half and half of the reasons.”

Yan Haiqing: Why don’t I hack this stupid nephew now?

Xue Chengxiu: Master Yan’s nephew is really honest.

Master Yan, who was “sold out” by his nephew, could no longer maintain his reserved personality. Master Yan, who was so irritated, simply broke the jar and said to Xue Chengxiu: “If you love investing, you can invest. If you don’t invest, I won’t change people anyway. Suppose Xiaoyu is also willing to play this role, hum——”You can figure it out.

Xue Chengxiu was silent, and finally understood why Yan Haiqing’s company was sold because of poor management a few years ago. He was really a freelance literati. It was not easy to work with such a literati. The prerequisite was that he had his appetite. Obviously, his own child had made her vote for him.

“I understand that funding is not a problem. If you are willing, I will directly ask the person in charge of Allstar to communicate with you. Allstar has some experience in film and television production. It should be helpful for you to build a crew, especially from the special effects makeup aspect.”

Yan Linchen showed a stunned expression. He didn’t expect that the chairman of Hengsheng would behave like his uncle. He was also so unruly. Was it possible that all successful people acted in this style? Did he have to study hard?

Yan Haiqing immediately regained the literati’s reservedness, slightly nodded, and said proudly: “It’s pretty much the same. However, your people can only make comments and can’t make decisions for me without authorization.”

Xue Chengxiu nodded and agreed, “So, I’m leaving first, I’m not going to disturb you further today.” After speaking, he left.

Uncle Yan Haiqing and his nephew looked at the closed door and couldn’t recover for a while.

It seemed that he had the upper hand, but it still felt uncomfortable for some reason.

“Ah—-” Yan Linchen yelled suddenly.

“Why, you want to scare me to death.” Yan Haiqing said angrily.

“Uncle, you promised Hengsheng to inject capital.” Yan Linchen turned out the project book sent by Hengsheng Capital. “And according to the conditions they gave, if the other party’s funds come in, it is initially estimated that it will account for sixty percentage of the total investment. When the time comes, Hengsheng will be the boss with the most right to speak, and you have also agreed to use the distribution channel of All-Star Entertainment, uncle… you… sorrow…”

“I, I, I, I, did I agree?” Yan Haiqing was a little dazed, thinking about it carefully, it seemed that he seemed to be really being tricked.

“Uncle….. sorrow…” Yan Linchen stuffed a cup of hot tea into Yan Haiqing’s hands with a sad look and didn’t forget to complain: “No wonder Dad said that you do not have the head for business. I finally know why your previous company was sold. Grandpa was right. You will really be sold and will count the money for the people who sold you out.”

Yan Haiqing: (╰_╯) # I really want to splash the tea in my hand on my nephew’s face!

Also, what did his dad and his brother mean, secretly telling the junior about his son (brother), was this behavior appropriate for the elders?

Hengsheng Capital had become the largest investor of “Dead Land”, and Master Yan also had a multi-faceted cooperation with Allstar Entertainment, adopting Allstar Entertainment’s film and television production and distribution industry chain, and there was also news that the first male lead of “Dead Land” had been set as Yu Siyang, who was also a part of Allstar Entertainment.

The bosses who stared at the cake of “Dead Land” with knives and forks ready from all walks of life were horrified. How could Hengsheng preempt them? Now this was for them to divide the meat from the tiger’s mouth to eat!

Staring at the script of “Dead Land”, naturally, it was not just the investors, but various agencies, studios, and well-known unknown actors were trying to get on line with Yan Haiqing’s team, or have activities with various investors. Only those who really didn’t have the resources were waiting for the crew to release the news of the audition. The first male lead had actually already been set, out of their expectation.

After getting the definitive news, many people felt strong envy and hatred of Yu Siyang. Even the director was not decided, but the actor was decided first. Almost everyone felt that Yu Siyang was appointed by Allstar Entertainment to play the role.

Even Allstar Entertainment’s own artists had this idea. They felt that the company had put all good resources on Yu Siyang. He ate meat, and others couldn’t even get the soup. Suddenly, the company had a lot of undercurrents, and secretly used vague language to say things that were very connotative and easily misunderstood.

The entire entertainment circle seemed to be surging with the ambiguous vision of “I have seen through a secret, but I will not say it, although I will not say it, but everyone knows it”.

Then there were internal sources saying that it was Master Yan who chose Yu Siyang to play the leading role first, and then decided to let Hengsheng Capital invest and use the channels of All-Star.

Everyone was shocked, this Yu Siyang’s energy was already so great?

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