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In the public dressing room No. 3 on the sixth floor of Haixing TV, several teenagers who were preparing to perform the opening dance in “Happy Player” had gathered together to whisper to each other. They were all newcomers of All Star Entertainment who were preparing to debut as a group and so the company had put them on their own TV station.

Since they were ready to make their debut, the appearance of these people was outstanding in view of the market demand for popular youngsters with handsome looks. In terms of talents, they were also outstanding among the trainees who were training with them. When everybody learned that they were going to perform the opening dance on “Happy Gamer”, the teenagers had their chins raised while the other trainees who were attending the class together were angry and jealous.

But just ten minutes ago, when the teenagers heard the guests coming to the “Happy Player” recording from the girl who was helping them put on their make-up, they suddenly felt that it would have been better for them not to come.

Although the program team said that they were asked to do the opening dance, in fact, they were also going to be asked to join the guests to play games together during the recording process. This was a good opportunity to show their faces on TV.

——The premise was that the guests should not be too popular.

Otherwise, the people brought in like them won’t win. Who would look at the background characters that hadn’t debuted yet, and were not even handsome enough to compare with the guests?

The guests appearing in this episode were the cast and crew of “The Traitor”. The two movie kings had already guaranteed that this episode would be in the hot searches, and the teenagers felt very embarrassed and wanted to ask to appear in another episode.

Since the completion of “The Battle of Feishui”, Yu Siyang had been actively engaged in increasing his fat. Xue Chengxiu saw that he couldn’t stop him, so he invited a nutritionist to come home to scientifically formulate a weight gain plan.

When Luo Peng came to the Xue family’s villa with the “Traitor” propaganda contract, he was scared by the boss’s eyes. He deeply regretted why he knew Yan Linchen. If he didn’t know Yan Linchen, he wouldn’t know that his uncle was Yan Haiqing, then he would also not know that Yan Haiqing had a really good script in his hand that he was about to pull in a crew for, so he would not do everything possible to get the script for Xiaoyu, and he would not have made Xiaoyu want to act as a fat man, then he would not be held accountable by the boss…

In short, he was now in fear of his life all the time, and he was afraid that when the boss felt upset, he would deal with him.

It was certainly impossible for Yu Siyang not to participate in the propaganda of “The Traitor”. Although he was not counted for the film publicity at the beginning, according to his current popularity, once he did not appear in the important publicity occasion of “The Traitor”, the media would use their large brain holes to come out with divergent stories.

The brokerage team knew this truth, and the film crew also knew it, but this did not prevent Luo Peng from opening his lion mouth.

The big mouth of the lion was not necessarily to get paid much, but also to show an attitude-my family’s Xiaoyu is not someone who you can call whenever you want.

After the two parties reached a tacit understanding about their cooperation, Yu Siyang’s plan to “become an otaku and gain weight” could only be temporarily shelved as he had to go out to work obediently. The first stop was the recording of “Happy Player”.

When he came to record “Happy Player” last year, Yu Siyang was still a little transparent nobody that no one knew about, and he used the platform of “Happy Player” to attract his first fans.

Now, as a purple star with more than tens of millions of fans, Yu Siyang obviously received a much different treatment when he came to Haixing TV again.

At least this time he had a separate dressing room.

He arrived at the TV station half an hour early and was led by Wen Zengzhen to rest in a separate dressing room. This assistant who used to be self-satisfied, had become very polite, as she told them in a soft voice that Brother Fang would come over to the station later.

Luo Peng joked, “Why is the beauty Zhenzhen being so polite? We are old friends. Coming here is the same as coming to our own home. You can go be busy if you have something to do. We have the ability to take care of ourselves.”

Wen Zengzhen laughed loudly and beat Luo Peng’s arm. “Then I’ll go out first.”

“Sister Zengzhen, walk slowly.” Yu Siyang said politely.

Wen Zengzhen smiled as she left the dressing room, feeling somewhat satisfied with Yu Siyang’s polite attitude.

Nowadays, as soon as some celebrities became even a little popular, they started behaving so blatantly as if they had forgotten their surnames. Their popularity was not as big as their temperament. This Yu Siyang was quite clear. She could talk to Fang Ge to take a little more care of him while recording.

After this secret thought, Wen Zengzhen laughed at herself again. Now, where did she need to mention this to Fang Ge specifically, they still needed Yu Siyang to increase the ratings of their program.

Fang Yuan was still the same as a year ago, controlling and arranging his shows meticulously to the last detail. After Yu Siyang, Li Yiliang, Zhan Heng, and Yi Jiaojiao joined the TV station one after another, Fang Yuan led the other two hosts over to greet them. The four of them then rehearsed for the program. It was still 5:30 in the afternoon. After the audience was seated, the new issue of “Happy Player” would begin to be recorded.

The five teenagers had been arranged to perform the opening dance, then the three hosts would come out. Because they had been greeted in advance, the teenagers did not have to step down immediately after the dance. Fang Yuan would ask them to introduce themselves, which could be considered as a pre-debut for their debut.

“Welcome everyone to watch the Happy Player, exclusively sponsored by the Translucent Water Glow Mask. I am Fang Yuan.” Fang Yuan was still standing in the middle holding the No. 1 mic to open the scene, followed by the hostess Yun Jiaojiao and the male host Zhong Da greeting the audience as well.

After saying hello, Fang Yuan said to Yun Jiaojiao, “Jiaojiao, have you noticed anything different today?”

Yun Jiaojiao pretended to be shy at first, and then became more agitated. “Of course, I found out, today. There are so many handsome boys ah ah ah ah…” At once, the atmosphere was pushed up.

“Don’t be an idiot, the little handsome guys have nothing to do with you.” Zhong Da used a simple and honest voice to tear down the stage she had set up.

Yun Jiaojiao pushed Zhong Da reluctantly, “Why doesn’t it have anything to do with me? Isn’t it because of me?”

Fang Yuan smiled and separated Yun Jiaojiao and Zhong Da, and said, “Or let’s let them speak for themselves.”

Then, Zhong Da handed the microphone to the young man standing beside him.

The five teenagers said loudly together, “Hello everyone, we are BLUE.”

“I am the leader of BLUE, Dong Yi, I am here today for the goddess Jiaojiao.”

After one of the teenagers introduced himself, Yun Jiaojiao raised her chin proudly and pushed Zhong Da a bit again.

“I am Xing Feng, I’m in charge of BLUE’s face value, and I am also here today for the goddess Jiaojiao.”

Yun Jiaojiao looked even prouder.

The five teenagers introduced themselves one by one, and they all said that they came “for the goddess Jiaojiao.” Yun Jiaojiao was so proud that she didn’t know what to do. She pulled Fang Yuan and laughed: “Yuanyuan, I only got to know today that I’m a goddess, hahaha… Finally, someone said that I am a goddess.”

Fang Yuan looked helpless and uncomfortable.

Zhong Da chuckled, and said, “You are a small goddess at best…, how could the goddess Jiaojiao be you? You are covered in the light of the same name.”

Yun Jiaojiao’s smile solidified, her expression was very exaggerated, and she deliberately shook her hands, her voice was shaking, as she said, “No, it shouldn’t be the one I’m thinking.”

“It’s the one you think.” Fang Yuan announced loudly, “Let us warmly welcome the cast of the movie “The Traitor”

The stage was immediately covered with golden color films, as the door opened. Zhan Heng, Li Yiliang and Yu Siyang surrounded Yi Jiaojiao who was in the middle as they walked towards the middle of the stage. The fans sitting in the audience were completely unable to control themselves and the four people were welcomed by applause and screams which were enough to raise the roof.

Yu Siyang walked beside Zhan Heng and saw from a distance many people in the audience holding banners that read “Yangyang can conquer the earth; foodies are invincible”.

Yu Siyang: “…”

He remembered, the last time it was “Yangyang eats all over the world, and foodies are invincible”. Now it had been upgraded to “conquer the earth”? Was it possible that the next step was entering the sea of stars?

This shame was too great, Yu Siyang felt that what he needed to grow was not the fat on his body, but the thickness of his skin.

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