APY Ch. 121 Master Fu is back

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Fang Tong was pretty sure, but when Shen Qinglan asked, she was still a little suspicious. She tentatively asked, “Do you know how to cook?”

Shen Qinglan nodded, she could still cook, but the taste was average.

Fang Tong was relieved, “I’m sure.” She not only wanted to eat, but also wanted to take photos and send them to Yu Xiaoxuan to make her jealous.

There were not many things in the refrigerator at home, except for tomatoes and eggs, only dried noodles, so Shen Qinglan and Fang Tong went out to buy vegetables.

“Qinglan, I want to eat garlic pork ribs at noon, can you make it?” Fang Tong asked with a box of pork ribs in her hands.

A hesitation flashed in Shen Qinglan’s beautiful eyes. She hadn’t cooked this dish, but she still took the pork ribs from Fang Tong’s hand, checked the recipe online. If she followed this recipe, it shouldn’t be difficult.

The two bought some more vegetables before going home. As soon as they got home, Shen Qinglan realized something was wrong. There was someone at home.

There was a pair of men’s shoes on the shoe cabinet by the door. Shen Qinglan’s beautiful eyes were shining, and she had already guessed who it was. Hearing the noise from the kitchen, she walked over quickly.

Fu Hengyi had probably come back and changed his clothes. He wore a set of loungewear, which was covered by an apron, and was cooking. The kitchen smelled of food, and there were cut vegetables on the chopping board next to him.

“When did you come back?” Shen Qinglan calmly looked at the tall figure and asked softly.

Fu Hengyi turned his head to look at her with a gentle smile, “I have just returned to the military area of the capital for a meeting. That is why I came home to see you. I will return to the army at night.”

No wonder she received a call from Fu Hengyi early in the morning. He asked her what she was planning to do today. It turned out that he was planning to give her such a surprise. However, she liked this surprise very much.

Shen Qinglan stepped forward, trying to help him wash the dishes that were not in the sink.

“You don’t need to be here, just go out and wait.”

“Qinglan, why are you walking out of the kitchen so early? The food hasn’t been…” Fang Tong’s voice stopped abruptly when she saw the tall figure in the kitchen.

There would be no one else who could appear in Shen Qinglan’s home except her fabled husband, so she stared at him with her beautiful eyes wide open.

Shen Qinglan completely forgot about the fact that there was another person at home. When Fang Tong appeared at the door of the kitchen, a touch of discomfort flashed across her face.

On the contrary, Fu Hengyi, although he was surprised at the presence of others at home, did not show the slightest expression of disappointment on his face.

“Hello.” He was cooking, and he couldn’t go over to say hello to Fang Tong, so he could only express it verbally.

Fu Hengyi turned his head, Fang Tong naturally saw his looks clearly, her eyes flashed with surprise, but she instantly recovered her naturalness. Hearing what the other party said, she smiled and said hello.

Shen Qinglan took the bag in Fang Tong’s hand and said, “You go to the living room and sit for a while?”

Fang Tong nodded again and again, “I just wanted to say that I wanted to watch TV.” She was a smart person and didn’t want to act as a light bulb.

“Are you still going to do it?” Shen Qinglan raised the bag in her hand.

Fu Hengyi nodded, “I thought it was only us and the rice was a little bit less, so let’s cook two more dishes.” Shen Qinglan consciously went to wash the vegetables, but this time Fu Hengyi didn’t drive her out.

Fang Tong quietly glanced inside from the kitchen door. The man was cooking in an apron, while Shen Qinglan stood beside him helping to cut vegetables. The man was tall and handsome, and Shen Qinglan stood beside him and looked petite, but they unexpectedly matched.

Although the two of them did not communicate, this picture looked inexplicably warm. From them, Fang Tong saw something similar to the feeling of “Sui Yue Jing Hao[1]“. She couldn’t help taking out her mobile phone and facing the two of them and taking a picture, then she found Yu Xiaoxuan’s WeChat and pressed send.

“When the vegetables are cut, put them aside. You go out and sit with your friend first, and I will prepare two more dishes.” Fu Hengyi glanced at Shen Qinglan’s profile. He hadn’t seen her for a while, and she seemed to have become thinner again.

Knowing that she would not be obedient and take good care of herself, Fu Hengyi did not go home first, but went to the supermarket to buy vegetables, and planned to improve her eating habits while he was home.

Shen Qinglan followed his advice, washed her hands and walked out, and met a pair of smirking eyes.

Shen Qinglan met her gaze and calmly sat down on the sofa.

“Unexpectedly, your man is not only good-looking, with good figure and strong ability, but also good at chores. Hey, I really envy you.” Fang Tong sighed with envy.

Shen Qinglan said lightly, “If you are willing to dump the Ding Minghui from your family, I will introduce you to a good man immediately. There are not many women in their army, so there are many bachelors.”

Fang Tong choked, she was truly envious, but her family already had Ding Minghui. Minghui was also very good, she just wanted to make fun of Shen Qinglan just now.

“Yu Xiaoxuan was almost crying on WeChat just now, she said, next time when she comes back, she also has to have a handsome guy cook for her, or she will stop being friends with you.” Fang Tong shook the phone in her hand and smartly changed the subject.

“Yes.” Shen Qinglan promised readily, anyway, she was not the one cooking.

Fu Hengyi’s movements were very fast. The two of them hadn’t talked for long, when he came out with two dishes.

“Qinglan, help me bring out the bowls and chopsticks.” Fu Hengyi said in a natural tone.

Shen Qinglan stood up and walked into the kitchen. Fang Tong was embarrassed to be an idler, and then stood up.

“You are a guest. It’s rare for you to come here. Just sit down.” Fu Hengyi spoke gently. Whenever he took off his military uniform, he was always a gentle and polite man, very much like a noble family’s son.

Watching Fu Hengyi enter the kitchen, Fang Tong sat down with a wink, and felt that the young couple was little better than newlyweds, she should still stop being a big blind light bulb.

“Come and eat.” Shen Qinglan called Fang Tong, and Fang Tong put down her phone and walked towards the dining table.

“Wow, Mr. Fu… your craftsmanship is great, the color, fragrance, and taste are delicious.” Fang Tong couldn’t help sighing as she looked at the dishes on the table.

Fu Hengyi smiled faintly, “This time I was in a hurry, so please make do with it. Next time, when I come back for the holiday, I’ll let Qinglan invite you to play at home, and then I will prepare a good meal for you.”

Fang Tong’s eyes lit up and she nodded with a smile. “I knew that Qinglan married a good man a long time ago, but I have never had a chance to see him. We will definitely come next time.”

Fu Hengyi glanced at Shen Qinglan and smiled.

He then served Shen Qinglan with a bowl of soup, “Drink some soup before eating the meal.”

Shen Qinglan’s cheeks were slightly hot, she didn’t feel it when only the two of them were at home before, but she was still a little embarrassed knowing that there were outsiders present.

Fang Tong felt like she was fed a mouthful of dog food, buried her head, and ate silently. Well, Master Fu’s craftsmanship was good, comparable to a five-star chef. With the comfort of food, Fang Tong’s injured little soul had a little comfort.

After eating, Fu Hengyi took the initiative to go wash the dishes in the kitchen, and Fang Tong also decided to stop interrupting them. Knowing that Fu Hengyi could not stay at home, she left giving the two of them some private space.

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[1] This is a Chinese song whose MV shows the love story of a couple from young to old. You should hear the song, it’s really good.

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