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When Fu Hengyi came out, he saw Shen Qinglan sitting on the sofa and reading a book.

“Your friend is gone?” Fu Hengyi sat down on the sofa and naturally pulled Shen Qinglan closer in his arms, and Shen Qinglan naturally nestled in his arms as well.

“Well, how long can you stay at home?” Shen Qinglan asked.

“Meeting is at three o’clock in the afternoon,” Fu Hengyi looked at his watch. “There are still two hours.”

In fact, this meeting originally only needed the deputy team leader Mu Liancheng. This was what was done in the past. But due to Shen Qinglan’s identity and that issue, even though he knew that the matter had been resolved, Fu Hengyi was still uneasy without seeing Shen Qinglan with his own eyes. So, even though he never liked these meetings, for the first time, Master Fu took the initiative to come to Beijing for a military district meeting, which shocked the people in the base and caused their jaws to drop.

“Is it because you haven’t eaten well recently? It feels like you are a little thinner.” Fu Hengyi put his hand on Shen Qinglan’s waist and said frowning slightly.

Shen Qinglan subconsciously retorted, “No, I have even increased by a catty.”

Fu Hengyi didn’t argue, he knew if she was thin or not.

“I have three days off at the end of the month, I will come back, but after that I won’t be able to come back until the end of the year.” Fu Hengyi said warmly.

Shen Qinglan was unwilling to let him go. It was November and the New Year will take place in January, which meant that there would be more than a month in between to see him.

“This time there was a lot of trouble, are you unhappy?” Fu Hengyi asked.

Shen Qinglan shook her head and said indifferently, “They are all a bunch of insignificant people. I don’t care about what they do.”

Fu Hengyi shook his head and laughed. As expected, his wife couldn’t think like a normal person. It was inevitable for her to be angry about such a thing. If one couldn’t bear it in their heart, they might have to cry for a few more days.

“Well, remember to call me if you have something.” Fu Hengyi did not forget to tell his wife.

Shen Qinglan gently curled her lips, and involuntarily hugged Fu Hengyi’s waist, “Okay.”

Fu Hengyi originally held her waist with one hand, now he put his hands around her instead, lest she accidentally fall.

Warning 18+

She was already nestled in his arms, so she stretched out her hand and held them closer together. Shen Qinglan raised her head slightly, such that she could see Fu Hengyi’s rolling Adam’s apple.

She couldn’t help but stretch out her tongue and lick it lightly. Fu Hengyi’s body became stiff, and his Adam’s apple involuntarily rolled up and down. He was very sensitive to the hot feeling on the tip of her tongue, and his body became tighter.

In fact, Shen Qinglan’s body was tense at this moment, and her ears were red. Except for the last time she took the initiative and molested Fu Hengyi because of a prank, she had never done anything like this again.

Feeling the tightness of the Fu Hengyi’s body and the increased strength of his hands holding her waist, Shen Qinglan closed her eyes and kissed Fu Hengyi’s Adam’s apple again. This kiss, along the Adam’s apple, slowly rose, and their lips were pasted together.

Fu Hengyi’s breathing became a little heavy because of Shen Qinglan’s movements, and the hand that held Shen Qinglan’s waist kept tightening.

Shen Qinglan’s hands that had originally been wrapped around his waist changed to embrace his neck, and she knelt down between his legs. As a result, she was half a head taller than him.

She lowered her eyes, he raised his head, their eyes facing each other, her face was faintly pink, and her cold face was dyed with a rare charm.

Shen Qinglan lowered her head slightly, and kissed Fu Hengyi’s slightly pursed lips again. His lips were slightly cold, and she carefully stretched out her tongue, following the shape of his lips.

Fu Hengyi didn’t move, letting her do it, but after waiting a lot, Shen Qinglan’s lips still stayed on his lips without any further movement.

Fu Hengyi held her waist with one hand to prevent her from falling, and pressed the back of her head with the other hand, actively deepening the kiss.

The sound of water rang in the living room, making them blush and their heartbeat rise.

It took a long time for Fu Hengyi to let go of Shen Qinglan, and an ambiguous silver thread appeared at the corner of his mouth. The pink on Shen Qinglan’s face became darker, but she did not avoid Fu Hengyi’s eyes when he looked at her, and her eyes were clear.

Fu Hengyi stretched out his finger, wiped the silver wire from the corner of her mouth, and turned around holding her, and lay down with Shen Qinglan on the sofa.

The kiss continued, and the temperature in the living room kept rising.”

Warning 18+ end

When Fu Hengyi released Shen Qinglan again, both of them were a little panting. Fu Hengyi’s forehead was slightly sweaty. Shen Qinglan felt the heat on his body, knowing what the man was enduring now, and did not dare to move in his arms.

Fu Hengyi recovered his breath and watched Shen Qinglan and spoke softly, “I’ll take a shower first.”

Shen Qinglan nodded slightly, watching Fu Hengyi enter the bedroom, and then raised her hand to gently pat her hot cheeks.

After the heat on her face subsided, Shen Qinglan walked into the bedroom, but Fu Hengyi hadn’t come out yet.

He probably heard the sound of Shen Qinglan coming in, Fu Hengyi opened the bathroom door by a small slit and said, “Qinglan, help me get a change of clothes.”

Shen Qinglan watched the bathroom door close again, she then opened the closet and took out a set of Fu Hengyi’s home clothes.

Opening the cabinet on the bottom floor, looking at the neatly arranged Fu Hengyi’s underwear, the heat that had just subsided on Shen Qinglan’s face showed a slow rise again.

She shook her head, drove away the unsuitable images in her mind, grabbed one at random, and showed it to Fu Hengyi along with his household clothes.

Fu Hengyi stretched out an arm from the bathroom. His arm was sturdy and powerful, with well-defined muscles. Shen Qinglan was able to only imagine the appearance of the parts except his arm.

Feeling that she was thinking about things again, Shen Qinglan handed the clothes to Fu Hengyi, hurried out of the bedroom, picked up the French book that Fang Tong had brought and started reading it.

When Fu Hengyi walked out and what he saw was Shen Qinglan reading a book on the sofa. He leaned against the bedroom door and looked at her quietly.

It had just been a long time, since Shen Qinglan turned the pages of the book and Fu Hengyi couldn’t help laughing.

Hearing the voice, Shen Qinglan finally recovered, realized that her embarrassment was seen by Fu Hengyi, so she was slightly annoyed, and glared at him, which made Fu Hengyi laugh louder and louder.

He liked to see Shen Qinglan’s vitality, especially when this vitality was because of him.

The two of them stopped messing around for the rest of the time. Fu Hengyi sat on the sofa, while Shen Qinglan sat in his arms, and the two watched “The Count of Monte Cristo” together.

Time flowed slowly, when the hour hand pointed to two o’clock, Fu Hengyi saw that the time was almost up, and went into the bedroom to change back to the military uniform.

This was the first time Shen Qinglan saw Fu Hengyi wearing a military uniform. It was not the first she saw someone wearing an army uniform, but it was the first time that she saw someone looking so handsome in a military uniform.

Looking at the shining stars on Fu Hengyi’s shoulder, Shen Qinglan was slightly stunned.

“Ann, if one day Fu Hengyi knows your identity, what should you do?” Jin Enxi’s words came to mind again, and Shen Qinglan’s heart became slightly sad.

Fu Hengyi didn’t notice the slight strangeness in Shen Qinglan’s eyes. He stepped forward to hold Shen Qinglan in his arms and urged softly, “You must take care of yourself when I’m not at home. I’ll be back at most in half a month. If I see that you are any thinner, let’s see how I clean you up.”


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