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“Old Liu, why do you think Yu Siyang recommended me?” Shi Zhen was puzzled and looked very troubled.

When they were going to shoot the cover last year, they actually didn’t make a lot of noise. The cover of the big magazine they finally got was robbed, and that too by a newcomer. Shi Zhen didn’t say he hated Yu Siyang, but he also didn’t want to see him. It’s true-although his thoughts were useless.

But the other party actually recommended him to try for Master Yan’s play, was it possible that Yu Siyang was a Marty Stu[1] character?


Shi Zhen couldn’t do anything about his brain hole.

The person who was robbed of the cover was himself, even if someone were to be Marty Stu, it should be he himself…

The agent circled Shi Zhen, turned left and right, and concluded: “It should be because he thought your image is very consistent with Qiu Shizhe’s setting.” A greasy little white face.

Shi Zhen: “…” Lao Tzu is not greasy at all, okay!

“Don’t think too much, lose weight first.” The agent patted the muscular arm of Shi Zhen.

Shi Zhen got furious: “I am not fat at all, these are muscles.”

The agent spread his hands, “Whatever you say, then reduce your muscles.”

Shi Zhen shook his head and left. He was annoyed and angry with his mentally retarded agent.

After Qiu Shizhe’s role was decided, the selection of actors for other roles went much smoother. After the main roles were selected, Bu Guanqing arranged for legal affairs to sign performance contracts with the actors, and Yu Siyang and Shi Zhen were also arranged to go for specialized training.

On the day before Yu Siyang officially went to train, “The Traitor” was released.

In the end, it was a big production. The main actors were all super first-line big names. Thus, the premiere of “The Traitor” was also very popular. Several films specially adjusted their schedule to avoid confrontation with “The Traitor”.

At the premiere, the various media and film critics were invited by carloads. The film crew of “The Traitor” obviously wanted to make a big deal and PK down an imported science fiction blockbuster during the same period.

The film officially opened. There was a burst of joyful but cluttered music played. On the streets of the market, the nobility and the commoner were intertwined, showing the appearance of a peaceful and prosperous age.

Then the camera began to pull up, and the full picture of the bustling capital appeared in front of the audience.

Immediately afterwards, the camera quickly moved to the palace hall. From a distance, a line of people on the corridor were waling quickly. The person at the head of the group was dressed in a black eunuch uniform. The camera swept across the hem of this person’s uniform and followed him all the way to the hall. The elderly emperor sat in the imperial study, and said in a murky voice, “Bringing companions, are the things done?”

“Answering your Majesty,” Qing Yue ‘s voice sounded eloquent and it was pleasing to the ears. When the camera shifted from the back to the front of the person, they saw that this person had a white face, the corners of his eyes were slightly raised, which looked exquisite and romantic, and his thin lips lightly uttered a few words: “It’s done.”


In the dark theater, the sound of gasps sounded at the same time, who were obviously shocked by the beauty of the eunuch.

“Ah ah ah ah ah …… good, good beautiful beauty ……”

The fans sitting in the back row couldn’t control themselves, and they all thought that the flourishing beauty of the world was too foul.

The camera stopped for three seconds on the face of the foster friend played by Yu Siyang, and then moved away, and the plot of the movie began to progress excitingly.

The suspicious and mediocre emperor, the arrogant and domineering king of Qi, the patience of the imperial concubines, the awe-inspiring justness of General Sima, and the loyalty and sternness of Qin Yue were all shown in the movie. The actors used their mellow acting skills to subsume the audience to fall in love and hate with the characters.

In the second half of the movie, the first thing that happened was the emperor forcing Qin Yue to die with a glass of poisoned wine because of his officials, Qin Yue’s deafening remarks before his death, and the crazy killing by Prime Minister Rao, which made the audience was worried, and even made many people cry at the scene.

Then King Qi and General Sima set off together. And the cruel scene of the war was depicted. Two men who had fought openly and secretly in the imperial court for many years joined hands to fight against foreign enemies. The two heroically sacrificed on the battlefield after falling in love with each other.

At the end of the movie, Bei Rong was defeated in a big way, the treacherous servants in the court were wiped out, and the emperor finally held all the power in his hands.

The lights in the theater were switched on, but the audience seemed to have still not recovered. It was not until the film crew once again came to the stage to bow to express their gratitude that the audience stood up and applauded warmly. Looking closely, many people’s eyes were a little red.

“There is no doubt that the movie “The Traitor” is a very sincere work. No matter if it is the story setting or the acting skills of the actors, there is basically nothing to fault. As a commercial film, it has also embodied humanity in the movie. It has a grand proposition, but it will not be too profound for ordinary audiences to understand. In this regard, “The Traitor” has been very successful. But this film still had some common problems like usual commercial films. In order to pursue the urgency of rhythm, the director had adjusted the story The narrative pace was accelerated, so some plots were passed by, leaving the audience confused…”

On the second day of the premiere of “The Traitor”, the professional film critics posted reviews, but they did not scold the film too harshly. Their commendation could still be seen, and the film manager in charge of the announcement was temporarily relieved.

The comments of ordinary audiences were much more interesting than professional film critics-

“With full conscience, I recommend “The Traitor”, there is no sticking point in the whole process, the actor’s appearance and acting skills are all online, I give five-star praise to the movie.”

“Oh, everybody was good-looking, but why do you want the protagonists to die, and leave an old emperor, and the old emperor is not even handsome, is the director online, can he answer this?”

“When I saw the death of Qin Yue, I was crying. It was really tragic. I’m not a fan of Yu Siyang, but his acting skills were really good, and my eyes are a little swollen and I feel broken!”

“Well … the scene on the poster has become a GIF … Why is Qi Wang getting close to my family head? I was very anxious and looking forward to the scene where Qi Wang would kiss Qin Yue. If you are doing the same, you ’ll be fooled. Really … can’t you follow the routine?”

“King Qi and the generals fell in love with each other, and they finally died together, alas … they died so beautifully.”

“This is the best movie I have seen so far this year, and I recommend it!”

“The Traitor” had only been released for two days, but its box office was already over 100 million. Its Broad Bean score was actually 8.3 points, which was a full two points higher than the score of imported science fiction blockbuster released in the same period. In terms of distribution, the film schedule was also crushing, squeezing the film schedule rate of movies that were being released at the same time.

There were still many netizens on the Internet who started to write fanarts and draw fan comics secretly, arranging various CPs for King Qi, General Sima, and Qin Yue.

When Yu Siyang checked the movie reviews on the Internet, he accidentally saw a popular doujin stamped[2] post, clicked it in, and immediately was hit by critical damage so he hurriedly shut down the webpage and his whole person was not good.

“What?” Xue Chengxiu looked up from reading his documents and could not help asking when seeing that his lover’s expression was very strange.

Yu Siyang hurriedly shook his head and laughed dryly: “It’s okay, I was convinced by the netizens.”

Xue Chengxiu looked at Yu Siyang’s face for a while and made sure that he was not uncomfortable, then he said slowly: “Your weight-gain plan, how’s it going?” He didn’t look fat at all.

Yu Siyang: “…”

“It seems that I did not see it wrong,” Xue Chengxiu said with a smile, “You have not gotten fatter at all.”

Yu Siyang squeezed his face and his arms depressedly. He gained two pounds, but after a few days of training, the flesh that seemed to grow was gone again. If this continued, how could he become a fat man till the start of the movie.

Xue Chengxiu said with great regret: “It can be seen that you can’t grow fat. Alas, why did you have to take the role of a fat man?”

Yu Siyang: ╭(╯^╰)╮

“I just want to play the fat man.” Yu Siyang hummed, “Even if I’m fat, I’ll be a handsome fat guy.”

Xue Chengxiu nodded immediately, “Yes, yes, my Yangyang is the most handsome, very handsome regardless of anything.”

Yu Siyang was satisfied and ran over to kiss Mr. Xue on the cheek for encouragement.

Obviously kissing the cheek was not enough for Mr. Xue. He immediately caught the person, hugged him on his lap, kissed his lover’s lips passionately, and flexibly entangled in his mouth, attacking him relentlessly.

Yu Siyang was out of breath by the kiss, and when he was finally let go, his lips were red and slightly swollen, and Xue Chengxiu’s heart was hot. He couldn’t help but hug the person to the desk and press him down. In the study, they were alone. Cue spring scenery ……


Someone was troubled because could not gain weight, and then there was someone who was worried about how to reduce muscle to make themselves thinner.

In the same crew, the actors playing two important roles were both very distressed about their body shape.

Shi Zhen ate the muscle-reducing meal formulated by the nutritionist that the agent asked for and felt distressed for the perfect-shaped muscles that he had exercised and maintained over the years.

Goodbye, pecs…

Goodbye, eight pack abs…

Goodbye, biceps and triceps…

Why…why did Master Yan give this character a body shape like a chicken…

Yes. He also had to be whitened because the character was a little white face with fair skin.

Shi Zhen felt that he should regret it.

A handsome guy with a slightly rustic look, fair skin, thin body, and strange aesthetics, why did he want to take on such a weird role!!!

Yu Siyang, you fooled me, I thought you were a Marty Stu, but this was clearly a scheme for revenge.

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[1] A male Mary Sue.

[2] Self-published creative works produced by netizens, including manga, magazines, novels, music, etc.

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