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All Weibo posts and communications are in bold…

“The Traitor” was the biggest winner that summer with more than 2 billion at the box office. As a result, director Liu Cai was promoted to the 1 billion directors club. This movie slaughter occupied the headlines for many days, and Zhan Heng also proved himself in the circle, further “The Traitor” had his investment, so the movie gave him both fame and fortune.

As the third male lead, Yu Siyang had made a lot of fans with his evil and arrogant role. His number of fans had exceeded 20 million. Although some black fans had brought out last year’s “Poisonous Delicacy” and said he was a professional villain, but such voices were only few, and within minutes they were beaten up by the food group with the emoticon pack of “Pretending Overload”.

From the time when the role of Qin Yue was taken over by Yu Siyang, to now when the “The Traitor” had a good reputation in the box office, Yu Siyang’s brokerage team was always careful to stop him from being labelled or type casted as a villain, and it was perfectly circumvented by “Pretending Overload” which was released on New Year’s Day. It was also because of his wonderful performance in “The Traitor” that he was praised as not just an actor but a performer.

More than a month after the release of “The Traitor”, the finally formed “Dead Land” crew released a concept poster saying that this was the carefully sculpted for five-year script by Yan Haiqing, posted a draft, opened an official Weibo, and also tagged Yu Siyang, Shi Zhen, Xiang Nan, Su Yewei and the others selected in the cast.

Those from outside the circle watched the excitement, and only felt that Yu Siyang was all kinds of cool, that he was playing the leading role in a script by the famous screenwriter, making him a winner in life. The people in the circle had long known that Yu Siyang had been chosen for “Dead Land”, so they were not surprised by this. They were more surprised that the actor who was the second male lead with him was actually Shi Zhen.

For a time, a lot of jaws dropped countlessly.

A male artist who wandered between the eighteenth and third lines of popularity, where did he get the resources to catch up with Master Yan’s crew?

After finding out that he was actually recommended by Yu Siyang, everyone was in a mixed mood.

They heard that Yu Siyang had snatched the cover of Shi Zhen. Could it be that Yu Siyang felt guilty for stealing the cover, so he recommended Shi Zhen to try for the movie as compensation?

Haha, no one believed this reason!

Luo Peng also wondered why Yu Siyang would recommend Shi Zhen. Hearing the rumors in the circle that Yu Siyang felt guilty for grabbing the cover, Luo Peng felt that he was about to both laugh and cry.

Ashamed of a ball of yarn! Why should he feel guilty for the cover that he got by his skill?! They had had a lot of trouble because of this little cover!

“Because Master Yan said to find a slightly rustic but handsome person to play Qiu Shizhe, I suddenly thought of Shi Zhen.” This was how Yu Siyang responded to Luo Peng.

In the entertainment industry, there were so many handsome men and beauties, with only a few looks…but it was difficult to find somebody ordinary, but not too ordinary. Looked like Shi Zhen was almost tailored for the character of Qiu Shizhe, this was still rare. Yu Siyang’s memory was very deep. When Yan Haiqing talked about it, he thought of this person, and there was no other reason, as outsiders were speculating.

Luo Peng shrugged, took a piece of cake from the plate and threw it into his mouth. He knew there was no complicated reason.

In the past few months, Yu Siyang had been working hard to gain weight. Various snacks and cakes had been continuously supplied. After this effort, the fattening party had only gained two catties. It was the same as not getting fat, since he looked the same. But Luo Peng had gotten a lot fatter.

Luo Peng was eating the soft, fragrant, sweet and glutinous Dingsheng cake, while deeply despising his gluttony. His figure was already tall, and he became even burlier after getting fatter.

Bust asking him to just watch and not eat, how could he hold himself back!

This Dingsheng cake[1] was made of japonica and glutinous rice flour. It was soft and a little loose, with a slightly sweet bean paste and pine nut fragrance. It was just too delicious. He just couldn’t stop eating it. That’s right. Wasting it would be a blasphemy!!!!

“Didn’t you say that you are getting fatter? Why do you still eat so much?” Yu Siyang took away the plate while protecting the food. Mr. Xue and Mumu hadn’t eaten it yet, so he couldn’t let others eat it up.

Luo Peng quickly grabbed another one. “You need to be full to have enough energy to exercise.”

Yu Siyang looked at him speechlessly, and asked Aunt Wang to take the Dingsheng cake into the kitchen to stop him from eating it.

“What about you, you’re about the same when I look at you. You were very unsuccessful in gaining weight.” Luo Peng watched Aunt Wang go to the kitchen, drinking tea regretfully.

When it came to the matter of gaining weight, Yu Siyang was very depressed. He ate a lot, but he couldn’t get fat. Further because of his gastroenteritis, he didn’t dare to overeat or eat high-calorie junk food. These months were all useless.

Luo Peng poked his stomach where his abdominal muscles had become less obvious and said regretfully: “It seems that you can only rely on special effects makeup.” Fortunately, autumn had arrived, and the weather had turned cold, so putting on the special effects makeup would not make him particularly uncomfortable.

Yu Siyang looked at his thin self, and then at Luo Peng who was fatter, envying him.

Another person who had to change his body shape was also more successful than Yu Siyang.

Shi Zhen struggled for a long time, and finally reduced the perfect muscles he had trained for many years before the start of the shooting. Without the perfect body blessing, his appearance looked even more earthy.

When his agent saw what he looked like now, he doubted his own aesthetics. What point did he see in him at the beginning before taking him into the company to sign him? Was he blind?

“Old Liu, what is that look in your eyes!” Shi Zhen was very dissatisfied. He knew that his appearance was not even touching the handsome side. During this time, he tried to look in the mirror without looking in the mirror, but it did not mean that he was willing to see the agent’s sceptical expression on his face, he was obviously also very handsome and easy to look at.

“Sincere eyes.” The agent said with a sincere expression.

Shi Zhen: “…” Sincere shit, there was obviously a sceptical look in his eyes.

It was seeming that the news of “the old little fresh meat (today’s old bacon) male artist beat up the agent” might come out, so to remedy the situation, the agent quickly said: “Tomorrow the opening ceremony is at 8:18, go to bed early tonight, and tomorrow I will pick you up.” After that, he left quickly.

Shi Zhen… Shi Zhen looked at him and wanted to hit someone.

The opening ceremony of “Dead Land” was scheduled to be held at the Jade Hotel. After the opening ceremony, the main actors would be taken to a pre-booked studio to get their makeup done and to take full costume photos. The day after that, the crew would go to Liang Province to start shooting together.

“Dead Land” had a relatively rare theme among the movies released in the past two years. A few years ago, this type of film was shot one after another, so now fewer people tried this. In the period where costumes, fantasy, comedy and other movies were flooding the market, suddenly a movie with this main theme came out, which was still a script that Master Yan had sharpened his sword over the past few years, so many people were still paying attention to it, and the opening ceremony was held relatively grandly.

Dozens of media outlets had come, with long guns and short cannons[2]. When the set time arrived, the chief producer led everyone to pray for blessings, and then uncovered the red cloth covering the camera and the red cloth on the background wall. The background wall was another concept poster with the words “The movie “Dead Land” has been launched” written over it. After the red cloth was unveiled, the chief producer cut open the suckling pig on the incense case, and the crew symbolically shared some food.

Immediately afterwards, it was the time for media interviews.

The media were all watching the people in the cast. The investment in this movie was not small. Many old actors had been invited to support the show. Looking at the entire cast, Yu Siyang did not seem to be as good as the old actors in the circle. But he was more famous than all the actors. Therefore, most of the media interviews centered on him and Yan Haiqing, because the director Bu Guanqing had been making documentaries till now, so the media had asked him only some questions for a moment.

Throughout the interviews, Shi Zhen only said a few words when it came to his character, and the rest of the time he watched quietly with a smile. The other old actors were asked a few words because of their status in the circle, but an actor like him, who was of low status and not well-known enough, together with the only major female actress in the film, Su Yewei, could only act as a vase at the press conference.

In fact, this happened not just the entertainment industry, but everywhere. It was just that the entertainment industry had made this phenomenon bigger. Fans of famous stars were holding up the media and the management. The media didn’t care too much about the artists who had gone to the 18th line, and no one wrote a manuscript for them, so they could write anything about them.

Shi Zhen had not been developing smoothly in the past few years, but never had he been so soberly aware as he was now – that he was really going to pass into anonymity.

Looking at the muscles that he had almost lost, he had thought to himself, if he could turn over, he would just watch this movie and not run over to participate, but now he had to work hard to compensate the abs and muscles he had lost.

The start-up ceremony and the interviews together took an hour and a half to be completed. After that, Bu Guanqing took the actors to the studio.

Modern dramas were better than costume dramas, but the makeup of “Dead Land” was still more troublesome, especially for Yu Siyang.

Yan Haiqing originally wanted Yu Siyang to gain weight by himself, so as to control the flesh on his body better when filming, especially on the face.

But Yu Siyang didn’t get fat no matter how much he ate. Yan Haiqing, who had gained ten kilograms of fat because of a few days of eating, was so jealous that he decided that he could only rely on special effects makeup.

In fact, this kind of special effect makeup was also very hard. Dozens of catties of silicone material had to be worn on the body. In order to bond well, the body had to be coated with glue. Layers of silicone were layered on the body, which made the skin completely unable to breathe.

When the special effects makeup artist came to do the makeup for Yu Siyang, Shi Zhen had already put on the makeup and put on the big brand printed black shirt and black trousers prepared by the crew, which vividly displayed the image of Qiu Shizhe in the script.

“Yes, it fits well.” Yan Haiqing and Bu Guanqing nodded and went to the studio to see Shi Zhen taking pictures.

After all the main actors had taken the makeup photos, then only Yu Siyang, who had put on makeup for more than five hours and was covered in silicone, finally succeeded in becoming a fat man.

Old white T-shirt, blue straight jeans, T-shirt tucked into the pants, a belt tightly tied around the chubby waist, a silly smile on the chubby face, and occasional flashes of past brilliance in his eyes showed that this was not a simple fat man.

Yu Siyang, who looked as fat as a ball, showed what was a low-key and cute fattie in front of the camera.

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[2] A lot of fanfare.

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