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A year ago, when he was on “Happy Player”, Yu Siyang had to find food for himself. Now he had been promoted to the first echelon and was being taken care of by Fang Yuan. Even the actor Li Yiliang was not treated like this.

After the recording of the show, Fang Yuan invited everyone to have supper together. In fact, the guests were a bit tired, but Fang Yuan still needed to be given face. The large group of people went to the barbecue restaurant Fang Yuan often visited for skewers.

While waiting for the barbecue to be served, Fang Yuan drank sour plum juice and said with emotion: “I saw Xiaoyu a year ago and thought he would definitely be red, but I didn’t expect him to get red so quickly. Now, compared with that time, you’re quite big.”

At that time, Yu Siyang was led by Wen Zengzhen to see him. Fang Yuan thought at the time, where did Wei Xiaofeng deceive this child from, his eyes were all at a loss, he feared that he hadn’t even planned his future way out. If Yu Siyang was a rough jade at that time, he was now a beautiful jade that had been carefully carved, his eyes were clear and firm, and he was no longer confused.

“Where have I changed?” Yu Siyang joked: “Did I become more handsome?”

Yi Jiaojiao poked Yu Siyang on the cheek and said, “It’s because your skin has become thicker. I saw him last year, and he was still a shy little cutie who would blush when saying hello to me.” The goddess Jiaojiao “accidentally” said what was in her heart, and Zhan Heng looked at her with a “big sister, you are dead” expression.

Yi Jiaojiao, who was inexplicably seen by Zhan Heng, said: “…”

Li Yiliang took a sip of sour plum juice and did not join the topic.

Before the show was recorded, he found Yi Jiaojiao to chat, and specifically talked about Yu Siyang’s appearance in “Dead Land”. Now that Yi Jiaojiao was chatting with Yu Siyang so intimately, it seemed that she didn’t plan to stand together with him.

After learning that Yan Haiqing was pulling the crew for the script in his hand, Li Yiliang contacted Yan Haiqing’s team, and he intended to participate in and invest in his script, but Yan Haiqing’s team used the excuse that “Master Yan is still revising the script”. The reason for “revising the script” was left out, and there was no rejection or promise. Not long after, news came out that Yu Siyang was going to participate as the first male lead of “Dead Land”.

Li Yiliang had been in the entertainment industry for so many years. Although Zhan Heng has been pressing on his head, his position in the circle was still very high.

He had confidence in Yan Haiqing’s script. He wanted to act and invest in the film. He wanted to use this film to sign up for the Cloud International Film Festival. It was best if he won the best actor award in one fell swoop. Although he was called the “best actor” in the circle, he had actually never won the “best actor” award in the three major film festivals. Even though this title was added to him, the gold content was always low. There were always fans who said that his “best actor” title was not righteous, and he was not as good as Zhan Heng.

Now being cut off by a newcomer who had just debuted for a year, Li Yiliang was not happy about it.

But as long as Yu Siyang had not signed the contract, he would have the confidence to cut in and snatch the role, so he found Yi Jiaojiao. It was nothing more than a win-win cooperation between the two. What he didn’t expect was that Yi Jiaojiao would not accept his offer.!

That was Yan Haiqing’s script! He didn’t believe that Yi Jiaojiao didn’t want to play in that script!

Yu Siyang, whose face was much thicker than a year ago, couldn’t help but blush – Xiaoyu, who was called “cute” by his goddess, felt a little ashamed.

Zhan Heng, the melon-eating crowd, said: Xiaoyu, if you blush at Sister Yi, you will be corrected by boss.

Several people were chatting with each other. Soon, the grilled meat skewers, chicken wings and chicken legs came over. As a national goddess, Yi Jiaojiao could only hold a bunch of grilled mushrooms. While she watched the other (Yun) Jiaojiao shake off her arms and gnaw on chicken legs, with all kinds of envy, jealousy and hatred. She then saw that Li Yiliang who also wanted to keep his figure just like her, was gnawing on peppers, and the balance was restored in her heart.

“Xiaoyu, I heard that your boss invested in Master Yan’s script for you.” Yi Jiaojiao put down the mushrooms, glanced at the smile on Li Yiliang’s face from the corner of her eyes for a second, and snorted disapprovingly in her heart.

Li Yiliang had a righteous and awe-inspiring protagonist’s face, and his journey to the top had gone smoothly. She had heard that there was a big man behind him. Now he wanted to go further. He took a fancy to Master Yan’s script and found her to ally with him. She didn’t know whether she should put on a sneer on her face. Did she look so easy to cheat?

Even if the two cooperated to take down Master Yan’s script, and she played the female lead, how many shots could she have in a male-focused drama? Making wedding dresses for others[1], she did not have a pitfall in her mind.

Besides, Li Yiliang didn’t even think about it, he had backing, so couldn’t others also have it?

“Sister Jiaojiao, don’t listen to other people’s nonsense,” Yu Siyang threw the gnawed chicken wings into the trash can, and said: “Master Yan’s script is good, and the manager of Hengsheng Capital thought it had investment value after evaluation.”

Yi Jiaojiao nodded kindly, “That’s it.”

Zhan Heng, a part of the melon-eating crowd, concentrated on chewing, and did not say, “It’s because the boss was not satisfied with the character in the script, and he wanted Master Yan to change the script, so he invested in the script.” Not to mention, “The boss wasn’t able to change the character settings, but Master Yan got caught up in his routine.” Anyway, Xiaofeng didn’t gossip with him. He didn’t know anything.

Li Yiliang glanced at Yu Siyang, his brows frowning, and the roasted peppers he was eating seemed even more disgusting.

After having supper for a long time, the gathering broke up. Li Yiliang went back to the hotel to call his backer. No one answered the phone for a long time. After it was disconnected, he didn’t give up and dialled again until the call was picked up on the fourth try and the other party let out a lazy “hello”.

“Can you get “Dead Land” for me?” Li Yiliang was so impatient with the message of “The phone you dialled could not be reached temporarily” on the phone, that he didn’t even bother to greet the other party and went straight to the subject.

The person on the other end of the phone sneered and said directly: “No.”

“You…” Li Yiliang was so angry that he took a deep breath and pressed the swear words he wanted to say down before asking, “Why not?”

“Because I do not want to”. The person on the phone said casually: “I have no reason to offend Xue Chengxiu, Li Yiliang, what do you think?”

Li Yiliang held his mobile phone so hard that the joints of his fingers had gone all white, and said coldly, “I see.” He looked dumbfounded at the screen and hung up the phone.   

Seeing his pale face, his agent persuaded: “Xiao Liang, forget it, you don’t have to trouble yourself.”

Li Yiliang pulled out a stiff smile on his face, sat down on the edge of the bed, leaned his body, pierced his ten fingers into his hair, and said dully, “Cheng, look, I can’t do anything well. I can’t even take the character in; I want to think about it a little bit more carefully. Yi Jiaojiao doesn’t even bother to pick up the role, and still beat me on the table.”

“Xiao Liang, don’t think about it, those things are over.” The agent patted Li Yiliang on the shoulder, and comforted: “If you can’t take the role of Wu Wenjing, why don’t you try for Qiu Shizhe?”

Li Yiliang was silent for a while, and refused: “Forget it, my settings are too different from Qiu Shizhe.”

The agent was silent and couldn’t persuade him against his conscience by saying “it’s not much different.” Qiu Shizhe’s character was also a positive character, like the first male protagonist, he was an undercover police officer. Master Yan’s character setting summed him up as “the undercover policeman who broke into the drug cartel with the image of a greasy little white face.” His family’s Li Yiliang had a face full of righteousness, no matter how you looked at it, it didn’t match “greasy” and “little white face”.

“Or let’s pick and see if there are other better scripts.”

“…Okay.” Li Yiliang said the word dully after a long while.

“Don’t think too much, take a good rest first.” The agent tried to swallow his sigh, then patted Li Yiliang on the shoulder, before he immediately went to his room.

The agent had left for a long time before Li Yiliang moved. He picked up the phone that was put aside, opened the contacts list, deleted the phone number ranked first, put down the phone, and threw the script of “Dead Land” on the table into the garbage can.

Since Yan Haiqing cooperated with Allstar Entertainment, the formation of the crew had been much faster. The director was his long-time friend Bu Guanqing. He was a documentary director. He had won awards for his films, but his reputation was about zero. Many people didn’t think Yan Haiqing would do something like this. Why did he invite a documentary director to make a commercial film? Was it possible that he wanted to make a documentary-style commercial film? Could he see it?

When people in the circle were shocked by the director being Bu Guanqing, another news came out that Qiu Shizhe, the male lead number two, was to be played by Shi Zhen.

At this time, not only the insiders were shocked, but the outsiders also looked very shocked-Master Yan’s selection of people was really eclectic.

Shi Zhen, a 30-year-old male celebrity who was still playing small fresh meat characters, was handsome but he always wanted to develop in the fashion circle, so he was always acting in idol dramas but had no masterpieces and had more black fans than actual fans. How did Master Yan choose him?

The people who were eating melons did not understand, and even Shi Zhen himself did not understand.

When the agent received the trial call of “Dead Land”, he thought it was a scammer, so he almost told the other party, “Can the scam be a little cleverer and more reliable?”, but Shi Zhen wanted to see if it was true or not. He went to the address given by the production assistant and saw Yan Haiqing, Bu Guanqing, and the producer. He was completely ecstatic. He couldn’t remember exactly what he tried for the show, but even though there was not too much hope, he still had to give it a try.

Shi Zhen felt that a big pie fell from the sky, and the filling inside was gold.

Shi Zhen’s agent was much more excited than him.

He had brought Shi Zhen with him for several years. Shi Zhen had always been tepid except for his first big fire. The TV series he filmed did not have high ratings, and there were more black fans than actual fans. Some netizens said that Shi Zhen put on a handsome look all day long, which made people look at him, but he actually felt “hey, he doesn’t seem to be too handsome, just a little bit.” He was also brainwashed and felt that Shi Zhen’s handsomeness was normal.

He brought several artists with him, basically all of them were half-red and not red. But one day, the artist in his hand was picked up by Master Yan to appear in a movie of Master Yan, but the reason was also actually because of the handsome appearance of Shi Zhen which was very much in line with Qiu Shizhe’s personality…

The agent had no fluctuations in his heart when he got the news, and even a little wanted to laugh.

Okay, even though he was normally handsome, at least his artist could star in “Dead Land”, which could make him awesome, he walked in the company as if on clouds, seeing other agents envy and hate him with their little eyes, he especially wanted to show off for a while.

“Old Liu.” Shi Zhen went to the company to find his agent, with a hard-to-understand expression on his face, “I heard that Yu Siyang recommended me to Master Yan and the director, and that is why I got the opportunity to try it out.”

“Huh? “The agent was dumbfounded, “You mean Yu Siyang? The one who snatched your cover, that Yu Siyang?”

Shi Zhen: “…”

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[1] Helping others without any benefit to one.

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