SLDH Ch. 76.1: Fierce Battle

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In an open space outside Sichuan City, the space twisted, revealing two figures, one black and one white. The black one was enchanting, the white one was round and honest, and both of them exuded the unique hot pot smell of Sichuan City.

“Ouch~~” The white figure was thrown down by the black figure, and when the fat body fell to the ground, it screamed in pain.

Then the black figure slowly fell down from the sky.

“Who…are you? Where…are we?” the fat chef asked doubtfully. Weren’t they still in the hot pot restaurant just now? Why did they change places in the blink of an eye?

Peng Yan glanced at the fat chef, then raised his hand and pointed behind him.

The fat chef was startled, turned around and looked around, and found that he was standing on a high mountain, and at the foot of the mountain was the city he was familiar with, Sichuan City.

“I…how did I get here?” The fat chef suspected that he was dreaming.

“In two minutes, this city will be annihilated by an earthquake, and you will be the only survivor.” Peng Yan said with an evil smile, “Stupid human being, you should be lucky that your cooking skills are in line with Gu’s appetite. Otherwise you would also die in the earthquake.”

“I must be dreaming. How could I have such a strange dream?” The fat chef muttered to himself, “Is it because I have been under too much pressure at work recently?”

“Pa~ ~”

In the air, Peng Yan slapped the fat chef away hard. The fat chef’s fat body flew three meters in the air. After landing, his face was swollen like a pig’s head. The pain was so painful that he almost doubted his life.

“Are you awake from the dream?” Peng Yan asked aloud.

“I…I…” The fat chef huddled on the ground, trembling with fear. What’s going on? Was it really not a dream? Did he really encounter a demon?

At this time, a strange rune slowly appeared in the open space. The shape of this rune was somewhat similar to the demon pattern on Peng Yan’s neck. The rune emitted a faint red light, and the lines became clearer and clearer, until it was completely revealed.

This was a sign that the formation was fully charged. Peng Yan stepped forward and stood in the center of the runes. He looked at the human being he had brought with him and said in a cold tone: “Take a good look at your hometown. Soon, it will become a ruin.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the demonic power around Peng Yan began to surge, preparing to activate the grand formation. And just as the formation was activated, a green and thick vine suddenly jumped out from the center of the rune and stabbed Peng Yan’s head with lightning speed.

Peng Yan’s face turned cold and he ducked, narrowly avoiding the vine rising into the sky. However, the soaring demonic power around him failed to be injected into the runes of the formation due to this incident, and the formation was suspended.

“Fan Chen~~” Peng Yan looked straight at the sky.

Above the sky, Fan Chen stepped forward and slowly landed in front of Peng Yan. The two stood in the center of the formation, on both sides of the runes.

“The power of the demon clan is used to give back to nature, not to do whatever you want.” Fan Chen said solemnly.

“This is Gu’s way of giving back to nature.” Peng Yan said, “Look at the steel and concrete under your feet. Every bit has lost the breath of nature. I will use earthquakes to shake them into ruins. Only after thousands of years will this place be transformed again and go back to being a jungle.”

“There are millions of creatures there.”

“Humans are the most fertile race we have ever seen. As long as there is enough food, they can give birth to millions more in just a few years.” Peng Yan couldn’t help but sigh, “It would be great if the demons had such strong reproductive power.”

“Humans are just like the demons. They are also part of nature.”

“A destructive race like humans should be like cattle. They should be raised like sheep, allowing them only to live forever in ancient times when there was no fire.” Peng Yan said tit for tat.

“…” Fan Chen frowned. He realized that he shouldn’t reason with Peng Yan, because the other party wouldn’t listen at all.

“You’re silent, you’re silent!” Seeing Fan Chen’s silence, Peng Yan burst out laughing happily, “You also know in your heart that only when human civilization recedes will nature return. But with your hypocritical and cowardly heart, these things can’t happen, so get out of the way and leave this world to Gu to complete this task.”

After saying that, Peng Yan used his demonic power to activate the formation again.

Fan Chen moved and teleported in front of Peng Yan, blocking his right hand from hitting the runes. Two equally matched demonic powers collided, making a loud noise.

Peng Yan had been imprisoned by Fan Chen for five hundred years, and he was filled with hatred. At this time, Fan Chen continued to obstruct him again and again. He suddenly became violent, his eyes were bloodshot, and he attacked Fan Chen with all his strength. With a “swipe”, his pair of wings that could cover the sky and the sun completely unfolded, whipping up a hurricane and sweeping toward Fan Chen.

Fan Chen remained motionless in front of the hurricane, raised his hands, and countless vines suddenly emerged from the ground and flew toward Peng Yan in the sky.

“You want to trap Gu again. Do you think you still have the strength you had five hundred years ago?” Peng Yan flapped his wings and soared into the sky. He went out of the attack range of the vines in an instant, and then countless black feathers shot straight from the air. The black feathers collided with the vines in the air, and the sharp feather blades cut off all the vines.

But the vines seemed to be immortal. They were cut off and grew back again. They were cut off again and grew back again. This cycle continued, while the vines continued to stretch unyieldingly towards Peng Yan in the air.

Fiercely, Peng Yan took out a giant sword emitting flames from the void and slashed towards the ground with the power of flames that filled the sky. Fire overcame wood. Fan Chen frowned and retreated sharply to avoid the sword that burned the sky and destroyed the earth. And because of his dodge, the growing vines lost their demonic power and were burned to ashes by the fire.

“Hahaha… Fan Chen, you are actually afraid of fire, you are actually afraid of fire, hahaha…” As if he had encountered something extremely funny, Peng Yan’s whole body was trembling, “If it were before, you wouldn’t know how to get out of the way at all.”

Fan Chen ignored Peng Yan and stretched out his right hand. As the demonic power circulated, a wooden sword made of vines appeared out of thin air in his hand. Raising his hand and swinging his sword, Fan Chen slashed into the void with his sword, then his figure disappeared from the place and appeared above Peng Yan’s dodging, followed by another slash with his sword.


Peng Yan couldn’t dodge and was blasted back to the ground by the sword strike. The moment he landed, countless vines emerged from the ground and tied up Peng Yan before he could get up from the ground.

Peng Yan was tied up, but Fan Chen did not stop. He knew that with his current strength, the vines could not trap Peng Yan for too long, and he had to add another sword strike. So, he summoned all the demonic power in his body and struck straight down from the air with his sword, trying to make up for the last blow, but… when the tip of the sword was still an inch away from Peng Yan’s body, Fan Chen suddenly stopped his movements, and at the same time quickly restrained the demon power in his body.

Then, he looked in disbelief at the large array of runes that started to move again.

“Why did you stop? Don’t you want to seal Gu?” Peng Yan on the ground began to laugh again, and then with a shock of demonic power, he broke free of the vines that bound him.

“Did you change the activation method of the formation?” Fan Chen asked in a deep voice. He originally thought that as long as Peng Yan was not given a chance to activate the formation, the formation would not work, but just now during the fight between the two of them, the formation reacted.

“You stopped me once five hundred years ago, and you thought that Gu had not made any progress at all.” Peng Yan sneered, “Gu was sure that you would come to stop Gu, so I added another activation mode to the formation. With Gu’s improvement, the formation runes can automatically absorb the surrounding demonic power. As long as the demonic power is enough, the formation will automatically activate. What, if you have the ability, try cutting Gu again and see if this formation will be activated by you.”

“You…” Fan Chen’s face turned ugly. He didn’t expect Peng Yan to change the charging formation.

“Since you don’t take action, then Gu will take action.” The formation rune was only a little bit short of the last bit of demon power to be activated, and there was no difference whether it was Fan Chen or himself who released this bit of demon power, so even if Fan Chen did not act, he could still activate the formation.

As he spoke, Peng Yan swung his sword, and the surging demonic power emitted from the sword was absorbed by the runes. The runes in the formation started emitting a fierce burst of dazzling red light, and then the earth began to tremble, and the entire mountain range began to shake.

“It’s an earthquake, it’s an earthquake~~” The fat chef, who was initially frightened by the scene of the battle between the two demon kings, shrank aside but was shocked back to his senses by the scene of the earth shaking. When he woke up and saw such a trembling scene, he couldn’t help but wonder: Could it be that the demon named Peng Yan didn’t lie just now and that Sichuan City was really going to be annihilated in the earthquake? No, his wife and children were still in Sichuan City.

“Run away, call them and tell them to run away~~” The fat chef hurriedly rummaged through his pockets, but couldn’t find his cell phone. Come to think of it, his cell phone was put away in his locker at work.

The entire mountain range began to shake. Fan Chen could hear the screams and fear of the animals and plants in the mountains and forests and could also feel the power of the earthquake heading towards the city not far away.

He couldn’t let the earthquake happen, otherwise the human-demon war would start again.

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