SLDH Ch. 76.2: Fierce Battle

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With a flash of thought in his mind, Fan Chen turned around fiercely. He jumped into the center of the runes that were filled with red light, and then thrust his sword in. The tip of the sword penetrated the ground and spread out into vines again. Like the roots of a giant tree, the vines continue to spread underground, absorbing the surging demon power in the formation.

“You want to absorb the demon power of the entire formation?” Looking at Fan Chen’s movements, Peng Yan knew what Fan Chen wanted to do, “Give up, even you can’t stop the earthquake.”

“I don’t need to stop the earthquake, I just need to lower the level of the earthquake.” Fan Chen said calmly.

“Yes, yes, our buildings in Sichuan City are all earthquake-resistant. They can withstand earthquakes below magnitude five.” The fat chef reminded him hurriedly when he saw that his family could still be saved.

Peng Yan’s expression turned ugly now. He had worked so hard to create a big earthquake. He thought that it would be absolutely sure to kill all these humans, but he didn’t expect that humans would actually evolve to withstand earthquakes?

Peng Yan’s eyes burst with murderous intent, and without thinking, he swung his sword towards Fan Chen, who was absorbing demon power in the center of the formation to reduce the earthquake level.

Fan Chen showed no fear on his face, and gently raised his hand that was not holding the sword. A demonic force more powerful than Peng Yan’s easily blocked the opponent’s sword swing. He now had demonic power absorbed from the formation, and his demonic power would be stronger than Peng Yan’s for a short time.

“Fan Chen, if you stopped this earthquake today, can you stop the next one?” Peng Yan sneered, “If you absorb these demonic powers, there will be a backlash. How will you stop me then?”

Fan Chen had a sullen face and did not answer.

Since Fan Chen was trying his best to reduce the power of the earthquake, Sichuan City was probably not shaking anymore. Although Fan Chen was trapped in the center of the formation and could not move, he had the blessing of the magic power of the formation and so he would be able to survive for a while. There was nothing he could do to him. Although the backlash of the demonic power could injure Fan Chen, Peng Yan, who had spent a lot of demonic power preparing for the day, was still a little depressed. He was unhappy and wanted to vent.

Then, he noticed a fat figure that was moving quietly, and Peng Yan stretched out his hand to pull the person over.

“Ah~~~” The fat chef screamed and was caught in Peng Yan’s hand.

“What do you want to do?” Fan Chen frowned.

Peng Yan chuckled, spread his wings and flew into the air, out of Fan Chen’s attack range: “I feel bad when I am alone, so I want to kill someone for fun.”

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me…” the fat chef shouted in horror. “Boss, didn’t you still say that my craftsmanship is very good? My cooking is really delicious, don’t kill me.” The fat chef was quick to think and remembered the reason why he was taken away from the hot pot restaurant by Peng Yan.

“Now that the earthquake is no longer strong, the city is full of chefs like you. Isn’t it useless to keep you?” Peng Yan liked the screams of human beings before death the most. He wanted to watch it for a while longer, and Fan Chen’s expression at this time was also not very nice.

“Help, I don’t want to die~~” The fat chef cried in fright. It turned out that mastering a skill was useless. You must master an irreplaceable skill.

“Be weak and tremble.” Peng Yan laughed loudly, and the five fingers of his other hand curved into sharp nails as he moved to scratch hard at the fat chef’s chest. He just wanted to kill people in front of Fan Chen, he just wanted to make him feel uncomfortable, hahaha…

“Suffer death.” Suddenly, a scream followed by a sharp sword energy came from his back, and Peng Yan’s expression changed, then without thinking, he raised his hand and threw the fat chef in his hand to block the sword.

But after Fan Chen heard this shout, his face suddenly became happy.

The black iron sword came with too much force. Even if Mi Wan deliberately adjusted the black iron sword’s attack when she saw the fat chef, she only had time to turn the blade over, and the fat chef still hit her sword. He went up and was stunned by the spiritual energy wave above. Immediately, the fat body began to plummet.

“Old man, pick him up.” After saying that, Mi Wan continued to rush over with the charm in hand.

“Yes, Master.” Mr. Wei was already panting from exhaustion after trying to climb the mountain. Now he heard the order from his master and still agreed without even thinking about it. He took a deep breath and was about to pick someone up, when he looked up and suddenly withered.

Aigoo, this is too fat, I can’t handle it.


Mr. Wei squatted on the ground holding his waist, feeling that he probably wouldn’t be able to help his leader in the next battle.

On the other side, Peng Yan also saw clearly who the sword energy that struck him just now came from.

“Are you…the human girl Fan Chen has a crush on?” Peng Yan recognized Mi Wan at a glance.

“It’s not a secret love.” Fan Chen, who had been absorbing demon power, said at the right time, “It’s a clear love.”

“You are already boyfriend and girlfriend?” Peng Yan was shocked. How many days has it been?

Mi Wan twitched the corner of her mouth. She felt that the former demon king probably had something wrong with his mind. How long had it been since he was still talking about these things?

“Not yet.” Fan Chen answered on her behalf.

“Very good.” Peng Yan’s eyes suddenly lit up. Although he hated humans and demon hunters even more than humans, the person he hated the most now was Fan Chen. “Since you still haven’t agreed to Fan Chen, I won’t care about the sword attack you just made on me. I’ll let you off again.”

“Heh…” Again, Mi Wan was well prepared this time and would not give him another chance to escape, “I promise to be his girlfriend now. Come and kill me if you can!”

Sure enough, Peng Yan’s expression turned aside, and the flaming sword that he had just withdrawn reappeared in his hand: “Very good, killing your girlfriend in front of you will definitely make you feel more painful than killing an ordinary human being.” He said. After that, Peng Yan swung out his sword, and the flames that could burn the sky and destroy the earth struck Mi Wan.

“Break!” A spell was shot, and the flames of Burning Sky were split into two. Mi Wan came out from the middle, pointing her sword into the sky, she shouted: “Thunder!”

“Rumble, rumble~~”

Suddenly, the sky was filled with dark clouds. Thunder and lightning were gathering in the sky, rolling in with the clouds.

“The legendary art of attracting thunder!” Mr. Wei held his waist and looked at the thunder and lightning in the sky and shouted in disbelief. Thunder and lightning had a natural restraint on the magic of demons. However, with the loss of the inheritance of the demon hunters, the technique of attracting thunder had also been lost. The most powerful thunder spells nowadays were only basic thunder spells, and their power could not be compared with the current scene.


Old Wei had just changed his mind, when countless thunder and lightning fell from the sky, slamming into the ground as if they were free of cost.

Peng Yan used up a lot of demon power in setting up the formation, and he spent a lot more in the battle with Fan Chen just now. At this time, he didn’t dare to resist the thunder and lightning, so he could only dodge left and right. Suddenly, he had an idea and began to fly towards the center of the array. The thunder and lightning were pulled together and moved over. Then the thunder and lightning from the sky fell again as if they were free, attacking indiscriminately, hitting Fan Chen’s head and face.

The thunder and lightning were so dense that Peng Yan couldn’t dodge and was hit. After his body swayed in the air for a while, he suddenly laughed: “Hahaha… Fan Chen, how does it feel to be beaten by your girlfriend?”

It turned out that, he deliberately led the thunder to Fan Chen. He was also a demon, so Fan Chen was naturally afraid of thunder and lightning.

Fan Chen was in the center of the formation, unable to move. Naturally, he couldn’t dodge the lightning when it fell from the sky. After a while, he was struck by dozens of lightning bolts, and his high-end suit was torn into pieces.

Fan Chen ignored Peng Yan’s sneer. He was concentrating on recovering the demonic power of the formation and could not be interrupted.

“Fan Chen.” Mi Wan was shocked when she realized that she had accidentally injured Fan Chen. She quickly unlocked her lightning technique, and the dark clouds in the sky immediately dispersed.

“Stopping now? Won’t hit any more blows?” Peng Yan started to provoke.

At this time, several silent vines suddenly sprouted out of the ground. In the blink of an eye, they rushed to Peng Yan’s feet and tied them tightly.

Peng Yan was shocked. He had only focused on attracting thunder and lightning to Fan Chen, but he didn’t notice that he had entered Fan Chen’s attack range again. Fan Chen just couldn’t move at this time, but he wasn’t unable to attack. If Fan Chen was trapped before, he could not do anything to him. He would just take some time to break free, but now there was a powerful demon hunter outside the field.

About to lose, Peng Yan struggled hard, trying to break away from the vines and escape.

“Wan Wan, hurry up, don’t let him run away.” Fan Chen reminded Mi Wan loudly.

Mi Wan reacted quickly. She put her fingers together and pulled the Black Iron Sword to fly up. Powerful spiritual power gathered at the tip of the sword, turning into purple thunder and lightning, and she then stabbed him with the sword.

With a sound of “Poof~”, Peng Yan, who was trapped by the vines and unable to dodge, was stabbed by the black iron sword, until the demonic power around him began to dissipate.

“Fan Chen, just wait for me.” Peng Yan gritted his teeth and left a few words before a huge cloud of blood mist burst out of his body. In an instant, the vines were shattered, and then a black bird emerged from inside, soaring into the sky amidst the blood mist, it disappeared in an instant.

The bird’s speed was so fast that he disappeared before Mi Wan’s lightning technique could get ready.

“Stop chasing him. You can’t catch him once he uses the blood shield technique.” Fan Chen stopped Mi Wan who was about to chase him.

Mi Wan looked at Peng Yan, who had disappeared, and then at Fan Chen, who was in a mess. Finally, she ran to Fan Chen’s side and asked worriedly: “Are you okay?”

Fan Chen shook his head. After all, he was also a demon king, if a few lightning strikes could kill him, it would be too insignificant.

Mi Wan breathed a sigh of relief and stood up to see how Old Wei was doing. But as soon as she moved, the corner of her clothes was suddenly pulled by someone.

Mi Wan turned around in confusion and saw Fan Chen looking at her expectantly: “Does what you just said count?”

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