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Speaking of interested people, there were really two in Huaxing Art School now.

In the green park of Huaxing Art School, Jiang Yajing sat on a bench, as if she hadn’t recovered yet.

Standing beside her was Zhou Jian, “He really dares to say that he will become an international superstar, but he is just a somewhat vain idol.”

Jiang Yajing came back to her senses and murmured softly, “I think he can do it.” After finishing speaking, her expression became a little lonely.

She thought she was brave enough, but after hearing Si Huang’s singing and words, she realized that her courage was not enough, at least she didn’t dare to say that she would become an international superstar. Obviously her inner thoughts were the same as Si Huang’s. She longed to be loved by more fans and to be remembered by more people. For this, she could go forward bravely, but she dared not speak out.

“Yajing, what’s wrong with you recently, always standing by Si Huang’s side?” Zhou Jian said dissatisfied.

Jiang Yajing raised her head and looked directly into his dissatisfied eyes, “Because I don’t think he’s at fault, but Brother Zhou, you keep saying bad things about Si Huang. Talking bad things about people behind their backs is the worst behavior.”

Zhou Jian stiffened live. He didn’t expect Jiang Yajing to say something like this, “You…you were also deceived by Si Huang! I told you to be careful with him!” He was still trying to distort Jiang Yajing’s thoughts.

Jiang Yajing shook her head, “Brother Zhou, I think Si Huang is a gentle person, if you don’t take the initiative to provoke him, he will not bother with you, so Brother Zhou don’t bother Si Huang anymore, okay?”

Even though he was disapproving of Jiang Yajing’s words on the surface but his heart had been shaken: If I don’t provoke him now, would he not deal with me? What’s more, the president is clearly not optimistic about this eldest son!

His cell phone had already recorded everything, and he planned to spread Si Huang’s words, but under Jiang Yajing’s watchful eyes, he didn’t move.

In the garage of Huaxing Art School, Zhuang Jin leaned against the body of the white car and threw the exhausted cigarette butt into the trash can not far away.

He took a deep breath and took out his phone from his pants pocket.

In the studio.

Si Huang received a text message reminder.

Seeing that Grandma Yu and the others were chatting happily, she took out her phone to look at it.

(Message) Zhuang Jin: I’m at Huaxing Art School.

Most young people would be shocked when they saw the content of this message.

Si Huang’s reaction was mediocre, and she even guessed Zhuang Jin’s next move.

Sure enough, there was no need for her reply, and the next message came again: The singing is very nice, but it’s a pity that you are inconvenient today, so I can’t have a good chat with you.

Si Huang still didn’t reply to the text message, and her thoughts turned: Maybe Zhuang Jin has already pretended to be affectionate enough and thinks that I am nervous and entangled?

The other party didn’t seem to mind her non-replying behavior, and the third text message followed.

(Message) Zhuang Jin: There will be a concert tomorrow at 8:00 pm. I have a ticket. How about going to see it together?

Si Huang replied with one word: Good.

After the message was successfully sent, she put the phone back in her pocket.

After more than half a month of shelving, you thought you were stringing me along, but you didn’t know that I was stringing you along too, and you still couldn’t help it.

Yu Xi was the first to notice the smile on Si Huang’s mouth. His heart skipped a beat and he blurted out, “What happened?”

His voice caught the attention of Grandma Yu and the others, and they all looked at Si Huang, curious to see the smile on her face.

Si Huang satisfied their curiosity, “The thing I’ve always wanted has been delivered.”

Zhang Nianmeng: “What is it?”

“Clothes for A Miao.” Si Huang naturally responded.

[What A Miao, I told you it’s called Liushun! Everything comes first, first come first served, I have no problem with Your Majesty raising it, but it must come after me, Five Treasure and Six Follower, how smooth!] Five Treasures brushed his angry presence.

Si Huang calmly comforted him: “You can call it that.”

Five Treasure immediately regained his balance: [I knew that your Majesty’s favorite is still me~ ok!]

Si Huang chuckled.

Zhang Nianmeng also knew about A Miao, the black cat who accompanied her in “Red Moon”.

This cat was specially selected by Xu Wanjun at the pet shop. After performing a play with Si Huang, and after a cute show, Si Huang took it home to raise it.

Anyway, in the microfilm “Red Moon”, the appearance rate of the black cat was quite high. It was still used to trigger the plot in the third episode, and it also played a role in the subsequent episodes. It could be said that it was a line that led the plot.

After all, according to the personalities of the two protagonists in “Red Moon”, they were not the kind of masters who would cause trouble and run around. The black cat seemed unimportant but plays a key role. It not only highlighted Yue’s hidden gentleness, but also could be cute and attractive pink-attracting source.


The day passed.

City H ushered in the first snow this winter. This snow started to fall in the early morning, and by early morning, there was already a thin layer on the ground.

The residents of City H were no strangers to the snowy scene. Walking on the streets that were not crowded in the early morning, a warm and gorgeous piano music suddenly sounded.

People instinctively looked up at the source of the sound, and saw that the advertisement on the super large screen of a building had suddenly changed. The slides suddenly appeared, and a series of figures, even though each one wore different clothes, people could still recognize them as the same person at a glance.

This figure alone attracted countless people to stop and stand under the huge screen, looking up.

The slideshow stopped, and the first person to appear was a tall man in a black and white suit. He walked up to the rose-blossoming stage, then he sat in front of the elegant piano, and lightly touched the black and white keys with his ten fingers.

His posture was elegant, his side profile was perfect, and the smile at the corner of his mouth made the hearts of young girls start beating fast.

His fingers moved, like an elf dancing briskly in the forest of black and white. It turned out that the piano music that first attracted people’s hearts came from him.

“What is this? Could it be an advertisement for a concert?” Someone in the crowd raised a question.

“Your Majesty! Even if it’s just a side profile, I can recognize it at a glance. Your Majesty is so handsome!” a girl screamed.

“Be quiet!” someone yelled.

The screen did not stop at the scene of playing the piano but used an interlude to lead people into the story in the piano music.

The most unruly youth of young people, there was a free life of crying and laughing on campus.

The girls made no secret of their love for the fiery confessions they received, and the boys were outspoken in punching and cursing if they were not convinced. They would make trouble for no reason, but then they would unite together and forget the past enmity. They would cry when they failed to do something well, and they would laugh unabashedly when someone said a word to them about a trivial matter, a person they liked talked to them, or they got a compliment from a respected person.

This was a feast of youth, the perfect boy was the protagonist, he had a perfect appearance and achievements, including sportsmanship and charisma. However, he was not superior. He would fight with male classmates on the basketball court and be provocative; he would lie down on the sofa at home and play pranks on his little girlfriend; he was made of flesh and blood, instead of making him seem less perfect, on the contrary, the audience felt that his perfection was instantly penetrated into the heart and condensed the phantom of an ideal lover that existed in every woman’s heart.    

The last scene returned to the stage, he played the gorgeous piano affectionately, until the moment the piano music ended, his fingers paused, and he turned his head to face the camera.    

A smiling handsome face was frozen on the super-large screen, shocking everyone’s heart.    

“RB, giving you a different youth.”    

On the screen, a line of words emerged with a gorgeous voice, and then the screen turned into a large two-dimensional picture. In the picture, there are two-dimensional photos of Si Huang wearing four different outfits.    

From the beginning to the end, RB’s deliberate advertising words did not appear in the promotional film. This sentence did not come until the end, but everyone still remembered it.    

The reason they remembered it was not because RB’s commercials were so novel, but because Si Huang in the promotional video was so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Until the end, people’s hearts were still beating violently without stopping.    

When Si Huang in the promotional video came to mind, RB’s promotional slogan, as well as the clothes he wore and his every move would naturally come to mind.    

“Hey! I want to collect it! I definitely want to collect it. Although it’s just a promotional video, it feels like a micro movie!”

“RB? The clothes of this brand are not too expensive. I’m going to buy them for my boyfriend, I don’t ask him to be one-tenth as handsome as His Majesty, it’s enough if he makes me think of Your Majesty!”    

Sister, if your boyfriend hears what you say, are you sure he will be happy?    

“I want to buy it too! Even if I don’t have a boyfriend, I still want to buy it just for His Majesty!”    

Girl, if you work so hard, are you sure you can find a boyfriend in the future?

“The clothes are not bad. Buy them, buy them, buy them for your son! Let him learn more from Xiao Si Huang!”

Auntie, if your son knows what you think, will he be happy?

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. The coffee looks too lukewarm!”

Hello local tyrant, goodbye local tyrant!

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