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“Boom!” The sound of the collapse was loud, and Su Xiaonan, who was discussing with Erha at home how to cure 033’s stuttering, was startled and her heart was beating wildly.


Pushing Erha out of her way, Su Xiaonan rushed out the door. In the distance, a tall man hugged Su Yemu and walked towards them in the twilight. Bright red blood dripped down his chin and hit the comatose Su Yemu’s fair face, until it was dyed red.

Elder Brother!

Her mouth opened silently, Su Xiaonan’s fingertips trembled uncontrollably, and her legs staggered twice, Su Xiaonan ran towards Su Yemu with all her strength, and her tears fell uncontrollably, she was very afraid.

Stumbling, Su Xiaonan jumped on Su Yemu’s body, grabbed Su Yemu’s arm with her thin arms, trying to snatch him from the man’s hand: “You hurt my brother, white-eyed wolf, you hurt my brother, return my brother to me!”

His arm was like steel, motionless, bright red blood slipped from his forehead to his eyes, but he ignored the little girl’s sad cry, looked down at the unconscious man in his arms, knelt down on one knee, hugging him halfway, he stretched out his hand to wipe away the blood on his face, but it became more and more red…

He was warm and alive.

The touch on his hand told him so.

He wanted to ask: Who are you?

The cries of his sister kept ringing in his ears, the man frowned, and his cold eyes swept towards the thin girl.

Couldn’t hurt her.

These four words popped up inexplicably in his mind.

“Brother, don’t be afraid. I’ll take you to Dr. Ali for treatment. You’ll be fine…”

The man finally let go of Su Yemu.

“Jiang Xiaoyu come quickly! I can’t hold my brother.”

The man stood up, watched the two people running over from a distance, and turned to leave; the flesh on his back was split open, and the blood continued to flow from the opening, and as he walked, there were marks left on the ground one after another.

He walked to the side of the spaceship, and a cup with a smiling face rolled to his feet. The man bent over to pick up the cup and stuffed it into his bosom.

Looking up at the sky, the man’s deep voice echoed in the wasteland.

“Kong Yi.”

The mental power was transmitted through the seven-dimensional space, and the empty mecha in the off state suddenly opened its eyes. Its radio wave received a call from the dimension, and so it stepped out of the small room with heavy steps.


A cry that resounded through the sky descended from the sky, and the coercion was like a big hand covering all creatures, making them surrender involuntarily; a huge light cluster flashed from the dimension to cover the Kong Yi, but in an instant, after the combination was completed, a huge silver-white mecha appeared, its shape like a flying dragon from ancient times, arrogant and powerful.

Spreading its wings, it soared into the air, and Kong Yi came to the man in an instant, reorganized its human form in the air, and landed. It bowed slightly to the man in front of it, and the mechanical voice was low and solemn: “Kong Yi has completed its automatic activation, and welcomes you back.”

Erha and Jiang Xiaoyu carried Su Yemu to Dr. Ali. After examination, there was no injury outside his body. It was because his sea of consciousness was forcibly entered and he passed out after receiving a huge mental shock.

“Xiaonan, do you want to get your brother’s mental strength tested?”

“No, thank you doctor.”

Su Xiaonan tightened her grip on Su Yemu’s hand, shook her head, and immediately refused; she then carried her brother home.

Dr. Ali expressed regret that the spiritual power that rushed into Su Yemu’s consciousness was not low, and could severely injure an S-level spiritual power user into a fool in minutes, but Su Yemu just passed out. He was very curious.

After Su Yemu was carried back to Su family house, he stayed asleep until early in the morning before waking up. When he saw clearly that he was in his own room, he hurriedly got up, only to find Xiaonan lying on the edge of his bed.

Cautiously getting out of bed, Su Yemu ran out of the house and ran towards the abandoned spaceship.

Under the silver light, the abandoned spaceship had collapsed. Su Yemu called a few times, but no one responded. He was anxious, thinking whether to find someone to dig it up, when Xiaonan’s voice came from behind him.

“Brother, why did you escape?” Su Xiaonan was not very happy.

“Xiaonan, did you see A Sha?” Su Yemu’s head was still throbbing, his face was pale and ugly, and he was a little bit precarious when standing.

“Brother, why do you still remember him! He hurt you.” Su Xiaonan muttered twice, unwilling to mention A Sha again, but seeing her brother in such a hurry, Su Xiaonan still told what she saw out there.

“A Sha left? Is he injured?”

“He sent you back and left. He looked good.” Su Xiaonan didn’t know if he was not stupid anymore, anyway, he was always abnormal.

Su Yemu was a little disappointed, but he was very happy for A Sha. He was able to leave, maybe he was not stupid anymore.

After answering Su Yemu’s question, it was time for Su Xiaonan to ask Su Yemu if he was beaten by A Sha.

Su Yemu couldn’t laugh or cry, and told the whole story.

“So that’s the case?” Su Xiaonan murmured to herself, it turned out that when the spaceship fell, it was A Sha who jumped over to save her brother; Su Xiaonan’s small face wrinkled, but he didn’t know what she was thinking.

After returning home, he had a good night’s sleep; the next day, Jiang Xiaoyu’s father brought the workers. There were twelve people in total, all of them were tall, and the shortest one was over 1.85 meters tall. Su Yemu’s heart was heavy, and he had to comfort himself. He was only twenty-three, and he could still grow till twenty-five!

Father Jiang had seen the terrain, so he came here not only to inform Su Yemu of the start of work, but also to ask him if the abandoned spaceship should be cleared away.

Su Yemu thought about it, and decided to let it stay; his current money was not enough, the spaceship was so big, how much would it cost to move it away!

After surveying the terrain and dividing the area according to the blueprint, Su Yemu asked father Jiang whether it would affect him if he decided to plant vegetables and raise some poultry first.

After hearing Su Yemu’s words, Father Jiang immediately contacted the four old people, and they all said that they could come over tomorrow. They would start the work first, and wait for the dormitory building to be built, and then come to live here.

Although these four people were all old people, they were not very old when seen from the current interstellar age. They were only 130 years old, and their life span was less than half that of those who had awakened spiritual power. This was why so many people tried their best to awaken their spiritual power.

After discussing with Father Jiang how to start work, Su Yemu was about to go home when he turned around and saw a man take out a tube of nutrient solution and stuff it into his mouth. Looking at the style, it turned out to be similar to the nutrient solution he drank before.

Thinking of this poor-quality nutrient solution, Su Yemu felt something was wrong.

“Uncle Jiang, do you only drink nutrient solution on weekdays?”

“Yes, this thing is convenient and cheap. It is very suitable for working people, but the nutrition is poor.”

A nutrient solution could be worth a meal, and the nutrient solution was also divided into good and bad, high and low; good ones were of course nutritious and came in a variety of flavours, while bad ones were only guaranteed to stave off starvation. As for how much nutrition they provided, it was hard to say.

“Uncle Jiang, that’s it! It will take ten days to start construction. How about contracting Chinese food here?”

He could cook, but his wife’s skills were really not that good.

As far as Father Jiang knew, the meals made by skilled chefs were eaten by rich people in other developed planets, and those vegetables and meat were also expensive, so Father Jiang waved his hands quickly: “No, no, they can drink nutrient solution, and that’s fine.”

“How can you work hard if you don’t eat enough? Than the decision is made! The money will still be given as before, and this Chinese food is fine.”

In China, it was a tradition that when people came to build a house, and if there was rice being made at home, they were also given a takeaway meal.

“Then, I thank you on their behalf!” Father Jiang held Su Yemu’s hand hard and shook it twice, being very happy. Then he ran to announce the news to those workers, which attracted cheers, and someone immediately said to start work.

“You were about to start work.”

The person who was complained at didn’t care, and happily ran to direct the robot to dig the pond.

The big pot meal for thirteen people was not difficult to make, but the pre-processing of the ingredients was a bit troublesome. Su Yemu immediately asked Father Jiang if he could ask Mother Jiang to help with the pre-processing of the ingredients.

Of course Father Jiang was willing, even if the two of them ate here, Jiang Xiaoyu could only drink the nutrient solution at home.

After dealing with these matters, Su Yemu went back home, Xiaonan rushed out of the house, out of breath: “Brother, 033 is gone.”

“Why is it missing? Is it under your bed?”

“It’s not here, I’ve already looked for it, brother, what should I do?”

“Go back and look for it first.”

Su Yemu comforted Xiaonan, and after he walked home quickly, he turned it inside out, but 033 was completely gone. Su Xiaonan’s eyes turned red instantly, she opened the door and ran out, while Su Yemu and Erha quickly followed.

When passing by Jiang Xiaoyu’s house, Jiang Xiaoyu also ran out when he saw them, and yelled while running, attracting everyone’s attention.

033 was picked up by Su Xiaonan from the garbage dump, and the only place she could find it was the garbage dump.

Rummaging around the garbage dump, Su Yemu couldn’t hold her back.

“Xiaonan, brother will buy you a new one.”

“No, it’s not 033.”

Su Xiaonan was very stubborn. This time, from morning to noon, because he had promised to cook Chinese food for those workers, he sent Jiang Xiaoyu back to tell Father Jiang to bear it for tonight.

After two or three hours of searching, Su Xiaonan was extremely tired, and sat down on the ground, dragging her head listlessly.

“It’s just a robot, buy another one!” Erha was also in a mess, wiping his sweat, wondering why Su Xiaonan valued this robot so much.

Su Xiaonan peeked at Su Yemu and saw that he was still helping to rummage around, his white shirt was soaked with sweat, so she pursed her lips and whispered, “No money!”

“I don’t have any money either.” After he went out, his family froze his account.

Su Xiaonan: “Xiao Ha is so pitiful.”

Erha: “Why am I pitiful?”

Su Xiaonan: “Because you will wash the dishes in the future.”

Erha: “Can I refuse?”

Su Xiaonan: “No.”

Su Xiaonan felt better instantly, then she sat up, clapped her hands, and grabbed Su Yemu who was still helping to find: “Brother, I won’t look for it anymore.”

“Okay, brother will give you money to buy a new one.”


Su Xiaonan pursed her lips and chuckled, and went home holding her brother’s arm.

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