GLR Ch. 24

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Pot-packed meat conquered everyone’s stomachs. The new fans were looking forward to the pot of Bergamot Ruyi Soup. From time to time, they chatted with the senior fans. When they learned that Su Yemu was about to open a farm, there was another wave of gifts. The name for which was that they were afraid that half of the project would be completed and there would be no money.

The Bergamot Ruyi Soup was smoking, and the aroma was tangy.

My damn saliva, I don’t listen to advice.

It smells so good, it smells so special, it smells very comfortable.

This soup…

The comments were all saying that this soup was delicious and everyone really wanted to drink it, but at this moment, several fans who crawled over from Erha looked at each other in blank dismay.

This was a fortress located in the vast desert. This was the first line of defence from the Milky Way to Neptune. The soldiers guarding here were at least B-level or above in mental strength, and the generals were all S-level or above. When the healers were doing spiritual counselling, their sea of consciousness was relaxed for a moment, and at other times their spirits were either on the verge of mania or on the way to mania.

Now, they just smelled the soup, and that comfort overflowed in the sea of consciousness, and this was just data.

What people on another planet were thinking, Su Yemu didn’t know, the Bergamot Ruyi Soup had been cooked, and everyone before the holograph were all immersed in the soup, even the screen was cleared.

The sweetness of the soup really made people feel comfortable. The aroma made even Erha and Xiaonan start to salivate.

Delicious and sweet, delicious, the soup cooked in a casserole is different, Bobo, when can you help me buy a casserole.

The taste is rich, the aftertaste is endless, the world is delicious, broadcast, is your family short of coolies?

I hate myself for not working hard in reading, and I hate the lack of words when I use them. What I said before is so good, but I can only say one sentence: damn it, it’s delicious.

“When the farm opens, I will order a batch of kitchen utensils. If you need them, please leave a message under my post, and I will order them together.”

He could not give Grandpa Zong’s address, so he could only do this first, and then said: “Cooking soup in a casserole can lock the nutrition of the ingredients to the greatest extent, and ensure the original juice of the ingredients. Using a casserole is indeed a very healthy behaviour.”

“In addition, Bergamot has the function of dilating blood vessels and lowering blood pressure. It is also beneficial to children’s intellectual development. You can often stew it for old people and children in the family often.”

Daily popular science, write down.

To be honest, this is the first time I’ve seen someone cook soup like this. The only soup I’ve ever had is sticky and thick, and it still hurt my tooth when it’s cold. I still like to drink hot soup.

“According to your description, what you must have drunk should be Western-style soup; Western-style soup is characterized by viscous, basically semi-solid and semi-liquid content, and the soup is also cold; Chinese-style soup is watery, and most of them are hot soups.” Although Su Yemu was a Chinese cook, he could also cook Western food. To be honest, he did not deny that Western food had its own unique features, but he still loved Chinese food more. The eight major cuisines could not be learned completely, even in a lifetime.

Erudite Bobo, following you, I feel like a cultural person.

Haha…, since I followed Bobo, as a student of the School of History, I have a lot of face in front of my classmates. Ask them who Dongpo is and who Zhao Jun is. Grandpa is so beautiful.

As soon as this comment was published, it was followed by many agreeing comments. It seemed that they were all students. Under the premise that Su Yemu said so many allusions, the most popular one was “Yunying is not married”, because it could be used to curse people.

Everyone was chatting in full swing, and the comments inside slowly began to be interspersed with messages of blessings, winning, winning, winning…

Pray for blessings. The three artifacts that were brought out to win the lottery were: The King Chef of the Universe, The Empire, and The Marshal. Seeing that The Marshal had fewer votes than the previous two, no matter how hard he worked, he might never be ranked first.

When the comments praying for winning the lottery occupied the screen, Su Yemu knew that they had almost eaten, and gave the terminal an order to draw a lottery.

The final two winners were ‘I love cumin lamb’ and ‘I love spicy chicken wings’.

As the system announced the list, Su Yemu faced the terminal and said, “Today’s live broadcast…”

Bobo, where’s your smile?

A live broadcast is incomplete without a smile.

Bobo, I have obsessive-compulsive disorder, if you don’t smile, I won’t be able to sleep.

Su Yemu’s mouth twitched, and he smiled at the terminal: “Today’s live broadcast…”

Everyone: Bobo’s smile is so scary.

Su Yemu: “!”

The veins on the forehead twitched, Su Yemu thought of A Sha, one by two…

The corners of his mouth slightly raised, his clear eyes with a doting smile, looked directly at the terminal, as if looking into everyone’s heart, then he said softly, “This is the end of today’s live broadcast, goodbye!”

The live broadcast room went dark, and the audience before the live broadcast: Ahh…, foul, foul, the smile is so supple, my little heart almost jumped out. Yes, I want to see it, I really want to see it, I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

Fans who had been watching them molest Su Yemu: You deserve it, you keep molesting the anchor, look, it’s not normal! After flirting, he ran away.

The frontier fighters who had just been baptized by Su Yemu’s soup saw the messages constantly flashing in the live broadcast room with a black screen, and they said a word in their hearts: Sinful man.

“What do you think?” The man with the rank of major general turned off the terminal and looked at another comrade.

“It’s not easy to rule out the possibility that the TV platform helped him cheat.” Just the data alone could make the warriors whose mental power had been in a state of restlessness feel comfortable. It could only be called: terrible.”

The man stood up and walked out, or, he should go to Neptune, Su Yemu, it was better to investigate carefully.

After Su Yemu exited the live broadcast room, Su Xiaonan ran over and hummed loudly at the terminal, but she didn’t know who she was humming!

Su Yemu couldn’t help but laugh, and together with the drooling Erha, he packed the food box and let Star Courier take it away, then set aside a portion for A Sha, and sat down to eat.

After the meal, Erha couldn’t make any other sounds except for the word ‘delicious’. After eating, Erha propped his chin with his hands, and seeing his gaze inexplicably made Su Yemu feel a chill. Why was there admiration in Erha’s eyes?

The food in the food box was left by Su Yemu for A Sha, and the tooth marks on his shoulder were still aching. Su Yemu had the urge to add drugs to it, and then what?

Beat him up of course!

In the end, the medicine was still not added, A Sha was already stupid enough, what should he do if A Sha become even more stupid after taking the medicine?

Delivering food to A Sha today, Su Yemu felt that he was a bit strange. If A Sha looked at Su Yemu with vigilance, cleanliness and ignorance before, now A Sha’s eyes were filled with inquiry.

When he took Su Yemu’s food, he didn’t gobble it up like before, but sniffed it with his nose before eating.

Su Yemu squatted at the door of the spaceship, also thinking about who A Sha was? Why no one came for him? Did he have no family?


Something loosened, Su Yemu looked up and looked around, but found nothing unusual, and looked at A Sha: “A Sha, you can’t remember at all…”


Su Yemu looked up again in doubt, his eyes widened in an instant, the abandoned spaceship suddenly collapsed, and a huge engine fell from the sky, facing him, it’s over!


The huge spaceship disintegrated in an instant, and dozens of tons of steel were pressed down. Su Yemu’s world went from light to darkness, but it was crushed under it in an instant.

Could it be that I am going to die?

After searching for more than ten days on Xerxing, Alan finally got the news from Bai Jun. In the last two days, a strange fool was found in the fifth district of Xerxing.

There was a photo sent back over there, a thin man with tattered clothes hanging on his body, so dark that his color could not be seen clearly, a messy beard covered his face, but he stood there like a lonely king.

Alan led the people away, and Bai Jun turned around and asked, “Where is Boss Hei?”

The big head scratched his head, laughed and replied, “He is blasting the mountain with a laser cannon!”

Bai Jun frowned, and walked away with a cold face.

The big head shuddered, and thought that the white army division was about to repair people.

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