RCFS Ch. 168: Three Major Clubs 3

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In her mind, the Awesomeness XP was rising again, +10+10 keeps ringing, Ye Yunxi haha…, jealousy is really scary.

“And teachers or something, I can also take you to get to know them.”

Teachers? Ye Yunxi raised an eyebrow.

Seeing that she seemed to relax a bit, Ming Siye hurriedly said: “I am very familiar with all the teachers in the school.”

“When you come to play, I can take you to meet the club teachers.”

“No, I will go myself to look for them.”

Ye Yunxi refused indifferently, but Ming Siye still said: “Every teacher has his own temper, you can’t figure it out, you will always suffer, don’t mind, I will take you there.”

In his tone, he was afraid that if a person didn’t have what he wanted, he would have nowhere to start even soliciting. Since Ye Yunxi wanted to know the teachers, he would do his best to satisfy her.

Otherwise, how can he pull people into his camp?

“Yo, Second Young Master Ming is Second Young Master Ming. You’re really quick, so you’re here to recruit this year’s champion?”

A boy with short hair and a righteous face slowly walked over. His T-shirt said: Berserk.

Immediately, many boys started a commotion.

If it was said that Ming Siye was the male god among girls, then Heishui Cheng, the president of Berserk was the king of boys!

He had full marks in all fighting events! He was the type who looked thin when dressed and was muscular when undressed, just like the ultimate goal of every boy!

“Young Master Hei! It’s Young Master Hei!” The boys looked at their idols with bright eyes.

“School girl, you must keep your eyes open when you join the club, otherwise you won’t know if you become someone else’s dog!”

Heishui Cheng laughed, successfully making Ming Siye frown.

Ye Yunxi raised her eyebrows. It seemed that the three major clubs of Junyao were not as harmonious as they appeared on the surface.

“Hehe, it’s rare that both of you are here.”

While speaking, Bai Jingchen, President of Tyranny, also walked over slowly.

Bai Jingchen looked very refined, wearing a pair of rimless glasses, half-length bangs covering half-pull eyes, and a gentle smile which was always on the corner of his mouth.

Although not at the school grass’s level, Bai Jingshen was also very popular in Junyao. Bai Jingchen, who was super organized, could always coordinate the strength of the club and balance the shortcomings. This was the reason why Tyranny could be as famous as Berserk and Funeral Sky.

Not long after school started, all the presidents of the three clubs had arrived, which caused quite a stir.

After all, the three clubs had not been competing with each other for a day or two, and the presidents of each other met as little as possible. Now they appeared together for only one reason.

Ye Yunxi!

Tsk…tsk…, it’s really enviable and hateful, why is it not me who is being snapped up by the three major clubs!

Ding! Awesomeness XP + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10…

While they were feeling envious, Bai Jingchen had already come to Ye Yunxi’s side, and stretched out his hand: “School girl, I’m Bai Jingchen, third grade, president of Tyranny, Junyao has more wolves and less meat. When you can’t hold it anymore, you can come to this senior.”

The IQ type was the IQ type, look at what people said, it didn’t mean to solicit at all, and it made people feel comfortable.

Ye Yunxi smiled and shook hands politely: “Nice meeting you senior.”

Hearing this, Bai Jingchen’s smile grew wider, and he subconsciously turned around provocatively.

Heishui Cheng and Ming Siye each frowned, looking unhappy.

“Then, goodbye, senior!”

Ye Yunxi waved her hands with a smile, and walked away calmly under the eyes of everyone.

Bai Jingchen: “…”

Fuck, she just left like this? Didn’t say anything at all!

Even the IQ-type Bai Jingchen couldn’t help being hit.

Anyway, let’s talk about the scene before leaving, girl, do you want to be so real?

Beside, Ming Siye and Heishui Cheng couldn’t hold back, and burst out laughing.

IQ type?

Wasn’t it the same as not taking advantage of the slightest advantage?

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