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The weather hadn’t officially warmed up yet, so physical education classes were still being held in the indoor gymnasium.

When the school bell had just rung, Yan Han and Wen Juerong came to the gymnasium and found their class to stand in line.

Most of the physical education classes in high schools were free-range. The weather was cold, so there were no good activity projects. After gathering, they could just run a few laps together and then there would be nothing else.

This somewhat made Yan Han feel a little disappointed.

There was nothing wrong with him, but he couldn’t get any extra points in the “Physical” category, although a small physical education class couldn’t add many points.

As soon as the class disbanded, Wei Ningxin came over with a basketball from nowhere and pulled Yan Han over to play.

Wei Ningxin was a physical education student and quite the famous one. All the physical education teachers knew him, and he was also familiar with them.

The physical education teacher of Class 17 was a very young female teacher. She pulled him and asked, “Are you a big boy looking to play ball with a little girl?”

After saying that, she glanced at Yan Han again and thought that when she was just running laps, the behavior of this classmate was very outstanding. Most of the students ran around in circles just to deal with the problem casually, but this classmate ran seriously from beginning to end.

In addition to this, what was also impressive was the appearance of this classmate. She had taught many students, but she had never seen anyone who was so beautiful and could wear even sportswear so well!

Because she was so stunning, the physical education teacher had a good overall impression of Yan Han. So, when she saw Wei Ningxin coming to her, she was worried that the little girl would be entangled by him, so she asked this question.

Although Wei Ningxin was usually quite messy, he had a good attitude towards these physical education teachers. So, he said: “She challenged me first to play with me. I have to give her this face, right?”

“Oh?” The physical education teacher also became interested, and thought I really want to see it.

Although she vaguely knew Wei Ningxin’s virtues, she was different from the teachers in other courses. After all, Wei Ningxin was very hardworking in physical training and was liked by the teachers. In the eyes of the physical education teachers, he was not a bad student.

At this moment, Wei Ningxin’s boys had already gone to clear the court. The basketball court in the indoor gymnasium was just one venue, and it was usually used for the training of sports students. Everyone had long been used to it. When Wei Ningxin wanted to play, everyone else would automatically make room for him.

And when they heard that a girl wanted to challenge Wei Ningxin, there were more people than usual around the basketball court.

Yan Han didn’t mind having a fight with him.

No one was willing to team up with a “girl” like him, so he was even fine with 1v1.

But Wei Ningxin refused, saying that it felt like he was bullying him, so he sent two people over, and he also selected two teammates to play a 33-point match.

The physical education teacher simply joined in the fun and acted as a referee for them.

The game was about to start, when a little boy with pimples on his face, came over and pointed in the direction of the crowd: “Brother Xin, you are so good, you even attracted Gong Yuxue to watch the game.”

Wei Ningxin looked at the first person in the crowd. There was actually a quiet and elegant girl standing in the row, it was Gong Yuxue who he had always pursued.

Gong Yuxue was a good student. Not only was she the top student in the liberal arts class, she was also the study committee member of her class and one of the top ten students in the school.

Moreover, she was reserved and aloof, and she was simply a flower on the high mountain that no one could pick.

Wei Ningxin didn’t understand why he fell in love with her.

Even in order to win the attention of the Flower of the High Mountain, he often ran over to play ball when the first class was also having their physical education class.

But Gong Yuxue was obviously not interested in basketball and would never watch his games.

…But here she was today.

Wei Ningxin turned his attention to Yan Han, who was interacting with the two players on the other side of the basketball court.

He hadn’t noticed it before, but he accidentally learned that Class 17 and Class 1 had physical education classes together on Monday, and this Yan Han was from Class 17.

Now it seemed that playing with her was the correct decision?

He knew that Gong Yuxue usually ignored him and avoided him. But how could anyone be truly indifferent to his pursuit?

Sure enough, now that she saw him dating a beautiful woman to play ball, she couldn’t help but feel angry.

Wei Ningxin was feeling complacent, and Gong Yuxue’s eyes looking at Yan Han were indeed full of hostility.

“Is that her?”

“Look at the photo, it’s her.”

What was displayed on the screen of the mobile phone that Gong Yuxue held tightly was a photo of Yan Han standing next to Lin Jianlu drinking milk tea.

She squeezed the phone so hard that her fingertips trembled slightly without even realizing it.

When she saw people fighting in the orphanage yesterday, she thought Lin Jianlu’s reaction was strange, but she thought the other person was a boy and didn’t think much about it.

You couldn’t blame her.

This person changed so much before and after, the dynamic and stillness gave people the impression that they were two completely different people, so much so that when the photos were circulated, she didn’t even recognize it was her!

God knew how shocked she was when she saw someone wearing Lin Jianlu’s clothes standing with him!

Gong Yuxue’s teeth were itching with hatred. At this time, her best friend next to her said: “Gong Yuxue, calm down, Lin Jianlu will come after the meeting later, just in time to see who this kind of people hang out with!”

On the field, before the game started, Wei Ningxin asked Yan Han’s teammates: “You two have to take good care of her. This loss has nothing to do with you two. Just take good care of her.”

He turned his head again, chuckled and said to his teammates: “Remember it for me. Although we are playing 3v3, it is not ordinary street basketball.”

Wei Ningxin said that since the rules of street basketball were relatively free. As long as the ball went into the basket, it didn’t matter how it went in. They could even use violence.

They played this all the time.

“Brother Xin, don’t worry, we promise not to foul.”

“It’s not a matter of fouling or not.” Wei Ningxin looked in Yan Han’s direction and thought he was a gentleman and said, “I mean just play, don’t be rough and don’t play wild, you know?”

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