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“Come and see, Wei Ningxin is playing ball with a girl!” quickly became popular on the anonymous forum.

Although the content of the main page was simple, with only a profile photo of Wei Ningxin and Yan Han, the number of replies had been pushed to dozens of floors in just a few minutes.

In the real field, Yan Han and his two teammates worked together for a while, and then the game officially began.

He didn’t feel it during the warm-up, but when he was actually flying on the basketball court, all the memories of his youth came back, and Yan Han realized how wonderful this feeling was.

With the cooperation of two teammates, Wei Ningxin quickly got the basketball. He was dribbling confidently towards Yan Han’s backboard when he was intercepted by a thin figure jumping out of nowhere.

Yan Han’s figure was not actually thin, it just depended on who he was compared with.

He didn’t know if it was because his skeleton had become slender, but his body had become more flexible than before, and his running speed was also faster.

He almost easily bypassed the defense of Wei Ningxin’s teammates and caught up with Wei Ningxin. He was very decisive when grabbing the ball. Wei Ningxin didn’t expect it. In the blink of an eye, the basketball was in Yan Han’s hands.

No one expected that this person could catch up with him from such a short distance and would even dare to snatch food from the tiger’s mouth!

At this time, his teammates were all not far behind him, and his homecourt was undefended.

The youthful wind swept over Yan Han’s brows wildly, lifting some broken hair from his forehead.

Yan Han turned around and ran recklessly on the court with the ball, so fast that he almost left an afterimage in the air.

Not to mention that Wei Ningxin’s two teammates were helpless against him, Wei Ningxin himself simply couldn’t catch up with him!

Seeing that he was under the backboard, Yan Han bent his knees, easily bounced and raised his arms, sending the basketball into the basket.

Everything happened in an instant, and even the referee next to him couldn’t react.

It wasn’t until the basketball hit the ground with a loud “bang” that the stadium suddenly burst into cheers.

“F*ck! This ball spike was so cool!”

“This running speed…this jumping ability…is this human?!”

“So handsome! So handsome! Come on, little sister!”

“It’s so fast, Wei Ningxin’s reaction has never been slow, but this time the ball was snatched directly…”

The atmosphere in the stadium was stirred up, and many people applauded and cheered for Yan Han.

Even the students who were originally sitting far away and had no interest in basketball could not help but be attracted by the discussions and cheers outside the court and rushed over to watch the excitement.

Some people praised it, while others were unconvinced. Several of Wei Ningxin’s top fans couldn’t stop saying: “Wei Ningxin must have let her get the first ball!” “Wei Ningxin is so nice and gentle!”


Yan Han ignored all the comments from the sidelines, moved his shoulder blades a little, and did two chest-expanding exercises.

He was wearing a uniform shirt underneath, and he didn’t dare to take off his jacket because he had no breasts. It was actually a bit inconvenient for him to play ball like this, otherwise he would have dunked the ball even more perfectly just now.

But it didn’t matter, it was just a warm-up.

“Come again.” Wei Ningxin did not expect such a result. He came to his senses and told himself that he could not underestimate the enemy, so he took a defensive posture.

This time the battle was much more intense than the previous one.

Yan Han cooperated with his two teammates, and the ball was quickly passed to him. Yan Han ducked to avoid a ball grab from the opposite side, and he started running wildly with the ball.

Wei Ningxin’s playing style was a wide-open and wide-open offensive line, while his two teammates were in a steady defensive position and were pretty good.

Seeing Wei Ningxin and his teammates throwing away his teammates with great momentum and surrounding them, Yan Han, who had just crossed the center line, miraculously sped up again!

The sound of the basketball contacting the ground matched the rhythm of his heartbeat. Yan Han’s body instantly burst out with momentum, causing him to step in front of the three-point line within a few steps. His hand movements were not slow at all. When he shot the ball for the last time, he threw his own weight behind the basketball!

Everyone couldn’t help but hold their breath!

His accumulation of energy and uninterrupted shooting lowered the scoring rate of this three-pointer. It felt a bit like a forced shot because he was afraid of being robbed of the ball.

As the ball passed through the air, many people had already concluded that the ball would not go in.

The thrown basketball spun three times on the basket, and for a moment the whole audience fell silent!

It wasn’t until the basketball rotated at high speed and finally passed through and fell from the center of the basket that a series of excited sounds erupted in the court again!

“Brother Yan! Brother Yan, you are awesome!” Wen Juerong used his hand as a loudspeaker and shouted.

Some students in Class 17 couldn’t help but shout along with him. After all, Brother Yan was from their class, and it would be a shame for them to beat Wei Ningxin like this.

“Damn it, what’s going on? Can you two pass the ball?” On the contrary, Wei Ningxin’s mentality was a bit broken.

You can’t blame him for roaring loudly. Within five minutes of the opening, his opponent had scored two baskets and four points in a row!

He wiped his face with the hem of his basketball uniform and felt even more irritable.

Originally, he just wanted to ask a girl to play a friendly match in order to stimulate Gong Yuxue. Unexpectedly, the plan failed, and two baskets were scored instead?!

Wei Ningxin felt that this was a bit embarrassing.

After all, he was also a sports student who trained every day! How could he be inferior to this…

When Wei Ningxin was wiping his sweat, Yan Han waved to him coquettishly.

For a moment, his confident smile seemed to be echoing throughout the entire venue.

Many people thought that he couldn’t score a basket, and he would be lucky if he did.

But only Yan Han knew how much time and effort he put into practicing three-pointers.

Although Wei Ningxin’s skills were good, he was still too young to compete with him.

The game continued, and Wei Ningxin no longer dared to underestimate the opponent in the third basket. He almost tried his best and wanted to run rampant without breaking the rules, and finally scored a basket.

They went back and forth in the next few minutes. Although Yan Han’s two teammates were Wei Ningxin’s younger brothers, they did not let go. They ran, passed, and caught the ball in perfect harmony.

But Wei Ningxin was not to be outdone. He used almost all his special skills, and his body also exploded with unlimited potential. His fans were excited again, and the onlookers were also excited to watch, taking the risk of having their phones confiscated at any time to even record the entire process.

When the whole place was in a state of excitement, the little commotion at the back of the audience was not so noticeable.

Lin Jianlu walked around the audience and somehow, at a glance, he saw the girl wearing long-sleeved sportswear running bravely in the field.

“What’s going on?” He pursed his lips slightly.

“Don’t know?” Su Linpei also recognized Yan Han. After all, there were color differences between boys and girls even in sportswear, and others could tell the difference at a glance.

Moreover, the air-conditioning in the gymnasium was fully turned on and it was not cold at all. Thus, everyone else on the court was wearing uniforms that exposed their arms and legs. She was the only one who had covered herself tightly. How could this not be noticed at first glance.

Su Linpei asked around the students about the situation and soon found out what happened.

Lin Jianlu, who was standing next to him, naturally heard everything clearly.

“Hey, this girl is quite capable. Boss, have you seen it?” Su Linpei said next to him.

Lin Jianlu, who was next to him, didn’t say anything. He just watched the people coming and going on the field. Finally, he looked at the timer and frowned slightly.

“Yuxue, Lin Jianlu is coming.” Gong Yuxue’s best friend looked back for a moment and then whispered to Gong Yuxue, “He doesn’t look very happy. That’s right. How can any boy like a girl competing for a ball with a group of boys? Tsk, tsk, look, look! That girl was hugged by Wei Ningxin!”


The bodies of the two were almost touching each other, and the breath was filled with the surging male hormone scent. Yan Han was stimulated so much that he was full of fighting spirit, and he had no time to think about what was there and what was gone. When Wei Ningxin came close to snatch the ball again, he turned around and escaped smoothly, and the score on both sides of the court was very tight. Until the halftime break after 20 minutes, the score was only two points apart.

Although he was two points ahead, Yan Han had also affirmed Wei Ningxin’s level.

He relied on his many years of experience and the system strengthened body to achieve this level. Wei Ningxin was still young. If he was willing to train steadily, he may show many surprises in the future.

Sitting at the edge of the venue, Yan Han opened a bottle of mineral water and took a sip in his mouth. A large group of people huffed and puffed around him.

“Brother Yan, you are so handsome. Please teach me how to play ball!” Wen Juerong, who was next to him, approached him with an attentive look on his face. All that was missing was knocking his arms and rubbing his legs.

Even the physical education teacher of his class said that he played very well. There was even a teacher whom Yan Han didn’t know who came up and said that the school was planning to organize a women’s basketball team recently and asked him if he wanted to join.

“Amateur? Amateur is okay. I can’t beat a professional team.” Yan Han said clearly.

Amateur competition training was all about sports achievements, but professional training required too much time and energy, which he had to save and use in studying.

He knew very well how much he weighed.

“This…” The tone of the physical education teacher was a little vague. With the background and strength of Luze High School, since the organization of everything must be professional, of course the team must also be professional. Only by participating in professional competitions and getting results could it bring honor to the school.

However, he didn’t want to miss such a good prospect. Maybe the situation would turn around. He didn’t say so harshly but said that he would explain the actual situation when the team was actually formed.

Yan Han nodded and said no problem.

He wiped the sweat with his sleeve, and as soon as he raised his hand, he felt the wound on his forearm hurt a little, like there was a slight tear.


He was so excited when he finally touched the ball that he forgot about the injury on his hand!

He said thank you to the two teachers and Wen Juerong and several other students who cared about him, and then stood up to find Wei Ningxin.

“I can’t play the remaining half. I’m sorry, I lost this game.” Yan Han said.

Wei Ningxin’s originally not so good expression turned dark in an instant: “You fu**ing look down on me?”

“No.” Yan Han explained, “I’m feeling a little unwell. I can’t fight.”

He was not that kind of person who would suffer in order to save face.

If he had this minor injury normally, he would have gritted his teeth and persisted through the second half, but now… wasn’t this… not allowed to leave scars!

Seeing Xiao Wu holding a sledgehammer wandering around again, Yan Han gave up in defeat:

“It’s really my personal problem, I’m sorry, brother.”

Originally, there was no requirement to play the entire game set before the game, and if it was a normal friendly match, Wei Ningxin wouldn’t have cared if it was suspended in the middle, but now he was embarrassed in public, and he was still suppressed by the fact that he was playing basketball with a girl. Suddenly the other party said she wouldn’t play, which made him even more embarrassed.

“That won’t work.” Wei Ningxin refused. He was anxious and reached out to grab Yan Han’s shoulder but missed it again.

“Ah!” There were exclamations from all around, and Yan Han himself didn’t react. He was already being protected away from Wei Ningxin by someone’s arm.

“Lin Jianlu?” Looking at the half of the arm around his shoulder, the other person had just put his arm around him to separate him from Wei Ningxin. His palms were facing away from him, and his movements were graceful and full of gentlemanly demeanor.

But Yan Han was dumbfounded, and all he could think about was… wasn’t this person mysophobic?

Wasn’t he so mysophobic that he couldn’t even touch other people’s sleeves?

Wei Ningxin was speechless for a while, and an unknown fire shot straight to his head.

He was just anxious and subconsciously wanted to catch the other party. Looking at Lin Jianlu’s look, it seemed as if he was going to do something to this girl…

“You don’t need to be so protective. Why, is this your girlfriend?”

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