TBLF Extra 8 (Ch. 108): The Way of Ji Rang’s Parenting

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Ji Xiaoqi was a very clever boy and could play Rubik’s Cube since he was three years old.

The little baby crawled out of the bed with the restored Rubik’s cube and ran to the door of his parents’ bedroom and knocked on the door. The milky voice cried out: “Mom, mom, I only spent three minutes and twenty-eight seconds this time. Mom, you open the door, and I will show you my Rubik’s Cube.”

After a while, the door of the room was pulled open. His father stood at the door angrily, took the Rubik’s Cube in his hand, disturbed it twice, and then performed a ten-second recovery for the little baby on the spot.

Ji Xiaoqi: “……………uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…”

Qi Ying: “………………”

The foreplay that just started was so interrupted.

Qi Ying hurried over to put the little milk baby on the bed, kissing and coaxing: “The baby don’t cry, will you sleep with your mother tonight?”

Ji Xiaoqi hiccupped while crying: “Ok…oooooo, don’t sleep with dad, dad go to the sofa, dad is bad!”

Ji Rang: “!!!”

Qi Ying was dumbfounded by the two father and son. She softly scolded Ji Rang: “Aren’t you childish? You still fight with your son.”

Ji Xiaoqi exhaled a nasal bubble: “Yes! Childish ghost!”

Ji Rang: “???”

God knows that he had been on night shift for half a month, so hadn’t touched his little baby for that long. Tonight, he finally had time. As soon as he took off his clothes, the little boy knocked on the door outside.

And for such a naive reason!

Who would not be angry?!

Ji Rang gritted his teeth and walked over, lifted the quilt, and laid down, “I want to sleep here, how about it?”

The little milk baby grabbed Qi Ying’s neck and turned his head to make a face at him.

Ji Rang stretched out his hand to pull him off Qi Ying and pressed him to his chest, shouting fiercely at him: “How about the nine-by-nine multiplication table? If you can’t recite it, you won’t be allowed to sleep tonight!”

Ji Xiaoqi raised his eyebrows triumphantly, and his arrogant look was exactly the same as his father, “It’s that simple, I’m not a kid. I’m already memorizing multiples.”

Ji Rang: “???”

Ji Xiaoqi recited for him on the spot, and then asked, “Dad, am I good?”

Qi Ying quietly pinched him on the waist and warned him not to hit his son’s self-confidence again. Ji Rang said, “…………extremely.”

With a compliment from the big devil father, Ji Xiaoqi’s little tail was almost shot up in the sky, and he happily got down, held Ji Rang’s face and kissed him, rubbing his neck and acting like a baby: “Then dad reward me. Is a bedtime story okay? The train murder you told me last time hasn’t been finished yet. Who is the murderer?”

Qi Ying: “????????!!!”

She pinched Ji Rang’s waist hard: “How many times have I said that you are not allowed to tell our son that!!!”

Ji Rang shivered in pain, suspecting this kid was being deliberate.

Qi Ying angrily took Ji Xiaoqi into her arms and picked up the “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” next to her, “My dear, mother will tell you about the frog prince.”

Ji Xiaoqi said, aggrieved: “I don’t want to listen to such naive stories…”

Seeing Qi Ying looking down at him, his little hand immediately hugged her, “But as long as it’s mother telling, Ji Xiaoqi likes any story!”

Knowing that he was wrong, Ji Rang lay down on the quilt, coughing dryly, “Frog prince, that’s right, I want to hear it too, let’s listen to it.”

Qi Ying felt helpless with these two demon kings.

There were occasional cicadas singing outside the window.

Accompanied by a soft, shallow voice: “Once upon a time there was a king who had several daughters, all of whom were very beautiful, especially his little daughter…”

Ji Xiaoqi fell asleep first, and his little hand tugged Qi Ying’s neckline as he snored.

Ji Rang was also hypnotized by her soft voice and was sleepy. Qi Ying closed the book, gave a goodnight kiss to the small and the big devil, and gently turned off the light.

During the summer vacation, Ji Rang and Qi Ying took Ji Xiaoqi to participate in the Children’s Rubik’s Cube Competition.

Ji Xiaoqi was the youngest of the participating children. He was good-looking and cute. He had big, black eyes and white and tender baby fat on his face. Everyone wanted to kiss him.

They thought that such a small child was just here to be cute, but they didn’t expect that the little baby actually defeated the elder brothers and sisters and took third place.

All the reporters from the children’s show came to visit him. The little baby who was doing good at home still felt shy.  He hid behind Ji Rang, tugged his pants, poked out half of his head, and said in a gruff tone, “You ask my dad, my dad’s better than me. He taught me all of my Rubik’s Cube tricks.”

The reporter smiled kindly, and turned the microphone at Ji Rang: “Excuse me, this parent, what caused you to teach your child to play Rubik’s Cube?”

What reason?

Of course, it was because the Rubik’s Cube is too difficult for a three-year-old child.

And when the little baby was concentrating on studying the Rubik’s Cube, there was no time for him to disturb the two-person world between him and his little baby.

Ji Rang, who was scheming against his son, looked at the reporter solemnly: “In order to exercise the child’s intelligence at a younger age.”

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