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Lu Peiya brought her children to visit, and Mu Yixi met with them, which was considered as creating an acquaintance. This second Mrs. Mu did not bring any useful information, nor did she get any useful information. Even though she came with the purpose of inquiring about Mu Jiurong and Mu Jiuqing’s relationship, she was really not interested in this piece of material. Mrs. Mu didn’t say anything, she was timid, but instead she wanted Mrs. Mu to comfort her.

When Lu Peiya left, her face was relieved.

Her innocent and simple temperament was completely protected by Mu Jiu’an, and she was an outlier among the generations of Mu’s daughters-in-law who paid attention to the atmosphere and ability. Mu Jiu’an just liked this. In fact, since he chose Lu Peiya as his wife, he had lost the qualification to be the head of Mu’s clan. As the leader of the Mu family, in addition to his own excellence, his partner was also an extremely important target for assessment. Lu Peiya was completely unqualified in this regard. But Mu Jiu’an never gave up, and Lu Peiya also felt at a loss, mainly because she couldn’t help and was rather ashamed.

In this regard, Mrs. Mu had no good solutions. After all, this was someone else’s home issues. The only thing she could do was talk to Lu Peiya without involving sensitive topics such as Mu’s ownership. This was her respect for Mu Jiu’an and his wife.

After that, two more groups of people came, and they happened to meet at Mu’s house in Yilian.

On one side, Zhong Ruizhen brought her son Feng Kun, and on the other, Qin Zhengxin brought her son Qin He.

Zhong Ruizhen, Qin Zhengxin and Mrs. Mu were well-known ladies from similar backgrounds. They had a good relationship before they got married. After they got married and had children, they still had some contact. Their children all went to the primary school attached to the Ya’an Noble School. They knew each other, and everyone was interested in letting them play together. Therefore, Feng Kun, Qin He and Mu Yiqi all knew each other. Feng Kun and Mu Yiqi competed with each other and were opponents.

The three mothers wanted to talk, and the children were all sent out to play.

Feng Kun, Qin He, and Mu Yiqi walked ahead, while Mu Yixi led Mu Yixuan to follow.

Feng Kun was born with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He smiled a little puckishly. He was a pretty handsome boy who was quite eye-catching. When he got outside, he turned around and grabbed Mu Yixuan’s braid and smiled: “Xiaoxuan’er, did you miss Brother Kun?”

Mu Yixuan was caught off guard, and her scalp was pulled painfully. As soon as her face wrinkled, Mu Yixi had already slapped Feng Kun’s hand away, and warned: “Let go, you hurt Xiaoxuan.”

Feng Kun was in pain, and raised his eyebrows: “Which green onion are you? Me? What does it matter to you if I talk to Xiaoxuan?”

Mu Yixi squinted.

“Ah, Brother Teddy, Brother Kun, don’t quarrel. I’m fine.” Mu Yixuan took Mu Yixi’s hand. Her relationship with Feng Kun had always been good. He would take her to play every time he came, unlike Mu Yiqi who always despised her.

“Come here, Xiaoxuan, don’t play with things of unknown origin!” Feng Kun hooked his finger to Mu Yixuan.

He thought that Mu Yixuan would come as obediently as before, but she folded her arms, frowned and said, “You are not allowed to say that to Brother Teddy!” Yixi had already exceeded all the men for her except Mu Jiurong. Her brother was her male god! Even Feng Kun couldn’t scold him!

Feng Kun was taken aback and said angrily: “You won’t listen to me!” Which boy would like a girl to be an oil bottle behind him[1]? If it weren’t for Mu Yiqi’s disagreement with each other, Feng Kun would not bother Mu Yixuan. Mu Yixuan was his win against Mu Yiqi—see, even your sister likes me more than you!

Usually Mu Yixuan obeyed his words, why was she suddenly disobedient today?

Feng Kun turned his gaze to Mu Yixi, extremely dissatisfied. Could it be that this wild species instigated it? He knew that Mu Yixi was an illegitimate child, so he kindly told Mu Yiqi. Logically, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan should hate and reject him!

“You didn’t tell Xiao Xuan’er that he was an illegitimate child?” Feng Kun said to Mu Yiqi, “He came to grab your father!”

Mu Yiqi was upset: “He is my brother! You are not allowed to say things like this.” He didn’t believe Feng Kun’s words anymore! He was uneasy! Besides, he pulled Mu Yixuan’s braids and bullied her, Mu Yixi slapped him away to protect Mu Yixuan, would Mu Yiqi still be on Feng Kun’s side as an elder brother? He was not stupid!

“You are sick, you are so good to an illegitimate child!” Feng Kun stared at him inexplicably, then turned to look at Qin He: “Is your family also so good to foreign wild species?”

Qin He had deep facial features, eyebrows and eyelashes. The color was a makeup-like jet black, and the outline was sharp. He was used to being alone in school, so he was not familiar with Mu Yiqi and Feng Kun, and could not deal with their hostility.

Recently, the family had become a laughing stock of the upper class because of the quarrel caused by his father’s former wife and his son. His mother, Qin Zhengxin, who was a strong woman, also shed tears because of this. Qin He held a wicked fire in his heart with nowhere to vent. At this time, when Feng Kun mentioned some exotic wild species, he burned the fire on him, and the fire in his heart hit his throat.

“It’s your shit!” he choked abruptly.

Feng Kun didn’t expect him to be so disrespectful, and he couldn’t get off the stage at the moment. He sarcastically said: “Yeah, he even protects the wild species from outside! So stupid, it’s no wonder that he was being tricked around!”

Qin He raised his fist and punched him.!

Feng Kun was taken aback! But he was also a troublemaker at school, so naturally he didn’t recognize the best way to defuse the situation, so he screamed and started beating him back!

“Ah!” Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan were shocked by this incident.

Mu Yixi rushed over to help Qin He beat up together! He wanted to beat Feng Kun for a long time!

Never seen a pair of brother and sister who were so shy and their elder brother who was so agile and violent: (⊙o⊙) Ah!

“Hey, why did you fight? Stop all, all stop!” When Wang Ma passed by, seeing the chaos, she immediately came over to persuade them not to fight.

Qin He and Feng Kun, who were fighting vigorously, didn’t get convinced by her at all, but Mu Yixi withdrew with a corner of his eyes red.

His skin was pale, and the red patch was very conspicuous. When Wang Ma saw she became distressed, she said, “Young Master, how did you do it? How is it hurt? Is it painful?”

Mu Yixi reached out and touched the corner of his eye and hissed but then he shook his head: “It’s okay.”

“Don’t touch, I’ll apply the medicine for you later.” Wang Ma said.

”     Xiaoxi!”

“Brother, brother, what’s wrong with you?”

Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan both came over, and they screamed when they saw the wound on Mu Yixi’s face. Mu Yiqi folded his sleeves to join the battle!

Dare to beat my brother! ╰_╯

In the room, Qin Zhengxin was wiping her tears: “…for so many years, why was I sorry for him? How did he become like this?” She was a proud beauty when she was unmarried, and she had chosen Yan Kai as her husband. She had always been fortunate in matters of family harmony. Unexpectedly, it was a bolt from the blue to suddenly know that her husband had married and given birth to a child before being with her!

During this period of time, she and Yan Kai quarreled countless times over this matter, and her well-maintained face was as haggard as if she had aged ten years old. But in front of those who deliberately wanted to watch her joke, she still had to put up an air of nonchalance. She was usually busy with work and had lost contact with her former girlfriends. At this difficult time, there was no one to talk to. If it weren’t for her being really uncomfortable, she wouldn’t find Mrs. Mu. Mrs. Mu had always been a kind and honest person with ideas.

“What is your husband’s plan now?” Zhong Ruizhen couldn’t wait to ask. She really came at the right time today! Recently, the Qin scandal had rounded up the news in the circle. Although she had channels to get to know the situation, but it was not as good as the parties involved speaking.

“He refuses to divorce!” Qin Zhengxin said coldly: “He also said that he would take the son with her in to raise!”

“He has beautiful thoughts! He treats you as a fool!” Zhong Ruizhen was also angry when he heard this. As a regular wife, where could the wild species from outside enter the door? Yan Kai was still the son-in-law who cut the door upside down! His son’s surname was even Qin!

“Why? Did he tell you the reason?” Mrs. Mu was calmer. Mu Jiurong once mentioned Qin Zhengxin’s husband Yan Kai to her, saying that he was the only person worthy in the Qin family, but unfortunately did not have the surname Qin, otherwise Qin Shichang would not be the successor.

Such a man would have some reason to do such inconsistent things.

Qin Zhengxin pursed her mouth, her expression unhappy.

In fact, Yan Kai explained this to her, and it wasn’t all his fault. Yan Kai was born in a rural area. His parents were farmers who were illiterate. They were close-minded and traditional. They had four children, one girl and three boys. The girl was the eldest sister. Yan Kai was ranked in the middle of the males, as the second brother. The first son was valued, and he was not even treated as well as the youngest brother and was ignored most often. Because of his poverty, Yan Kai was sent to a single distant relative to raise him for several years. That relative died so Yan Kai had to come back. Yan Kai was the most intelligent and was favored by people in the villages and towns, who supported him all the way to the big city. Only then did his family know that a phoenix had emerged from their family. The parents had worked hard and struggled for their whole life. Their support for Yan Kai was really limited, because he had been sent out to raise, and they were even less emotionally attached to him than their other children. But his brothers and sisters did not succeed, Yan Kai became the hope of the family, and everyone was waiting for him to become famous in the future. Yan Kai had been studying outside for a long time and he rarely went home. His parents were afraid that he had weak connections with the family and did not want to come home. So, they listened to the ideas of others and took advantage of his summer vacation from college to marry him a daughter in law.

“He has a wife and if she is pregnant with a child. In the future, his wife and children will be at home, and we will not be worried that he will not come back!” Yan Kai’s parents felt that this was very right. Anyway, rural people got married early, and many people who went out to work got married early, left their wives and children at home, went out alone, and then sent money back regularly.

So, when Yan Kai, unknowingly returned home that year, he was locked in the room by his parents and forced to nod and agree to the matter. Yan Kai was angry and sad, but his parents were sadder than him, crying and begging him, saying that they were suffering. Finally, Yan Kai nodded, and they let a girl from the village that had agreed to come into the room, and after Yan Kai and her got involved, they went out to have a drink, and then they let Yan Kai go back to continue studying.

Yan Kai knew that the girl gave birth to a boy. But the hurt he suffered in this incident was too deep, which was regarded as a great shame, and he didn’t want to return to that home at all. As soon as he graduated from college, he went to work in another place, and his whereabouts were not revealed. He even sent money home after going through several rounds, and never let his family entangle him.

It was not until Yan Kai heard the news that the “wife” and “son” were gone, that he finally went back.

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[1] Follow him around.

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