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Qin Zhengxin regretted now; she was also negligent back then. At that time, she took the initiative to pursue Yan Kai. She had always dared to love and hate. Yan Kai was not indifferent to her, but for a while, as if he was scrupulous, he never agreed to be with her.

It was estimated that not until the “wife” and “son” in front of him disappeared, and he let go of the burden in his heart that he finally accepted her. According to Yan Kai’s statement, he was equally muddled back then. Although he did not ask, the “wife” and “son” were always on his mind. When he suddenly heard that they were gone, he was also extremely surprised and couldn’t help but go back to find out the situation.

According to his family, the mother and son accidentally fell into the river and drowned when they went out to fetch water. They weren’t even able to salvage the bodies and they were directly washed away by the water. The family set up a burial mound for them and burned incense and worshipped them every year.

Yan Kai couldn’t accept the “wife and child”, but they were gone, and he was a little confused, as if he owed them something. The relationship between him and his family finally eased a bit, and at the same time he entrusted the village chief to give the “wife’s” family a little money to help support their livelihood every once in a while.

Yan Kai thought the matter had ended there. He could finally live a normal life and continue his life that should have been wonderful and bright without burden. He didn’t talk to Qin Zhengxin about this because he was too ashamed to talk about it, and because it was over.

It wasn’t until the two people who should have been dead for many years suddenly appeared that things broke out!

After that he was forced to ask his family, and he found out that the “wife” and “son” did not drown in the river at all. Although the woman was lucky enough to conceive the baby in that summer vacation and gave birth smoothly thereafter, Yan Kai never went home to take a look, showing that he didn’t take them seriously. The attitude of the family also changed from full of expectation to anger, thinking that it was because of her that the relationship between Yan Kai and the family was getting colder and colder. The woman thought she would climb to the top, but she didn’t expect that the family couldn’t hold Yan Kai at all, making her situation worse and worse. She had a lively mind, and it had been a long time since her “husband” came back to see her. She already knew that there was no hope, and the villagers knew everything, so it was difficult for her to bring her son and marry again. So, one day, taking advantage of the “in-law’s family” not paying attention, she took her son and ran away with someone else.

When the family found out, they were naturally angry! When this kind of green hat for the husband was given, the whole family couldn’t hold their heads up in the village! And they were even more afraid that Yan Kai would be angry. Not only would he not come home, but he wouldn’t even give them money anymore. That’s why they covered it up by saying that the mother and son had drowned.

The process of Yan Kai re-encountering the mother and son was also extremely unbearable.

He drove home after socializing in an entertainment venue, and halfway a child appeared in front of his car, followed by a woman with heavy makeup while a distraught, fat-headed half naked men beat and scolded the child, and his language was vulgar and unbearable.

Yan Kai was not a young child who had just entered society, so he naturally saw the clues. He didn’t want to be nosy, but he hit someone and had to get out of the car to see the child’s injuries.

Unexpectedly, when the woman heard his name, her face changed drastically, and she yelled: “Yan Kai, you have no conscience!”

Only then did she realize that this woman named Yan Hongjiao was the “wife”, and it was him who hit his biological son.

When Qin Zhengxin married Yan Kai, she knew her husband’s attitude towards her in-laws was very cold. The family members had a low level of knowledge and were always rude in front of her. Qin Zhengxin could not bear it. The limited contact also let her know how bad the family was in supporting themselves. Even Yan Kai entered her family, and their child’s surname was Qin. As long as he gave enough money, his family would have nothing to say. Yan Kai never let her worry about it, and he handled all the troubles from that family. Qin Zhengxin felt the love of her husband, and was happy to be free, rarely intervening.

Unexpectedly, behind her ignorance, the family did a lot of things, and it was so bad that both her and Yan Kai were caught off guard.

Yan Hongjiao’s mind was not righteous, and seeing Yan Kai’s development, her crooked mind moved. Fortunately, Yan Kai acted in a timely manner and controlled the people. Yan Kai finally got to where he was now, and it was easy to grasp the individual. Yan Hongjiao was not a problem.

But Yan Hongjiao’s son, Yan Yu was sold to pick up guests by Yan Hongjiao when he was less than ten years old.

Yan Kai couldn’t leave him alone.

“This is my debt, I have to pay it back.” He had missed it once, but it returned to his hands after all.

“What about me? Must accompany you to pay back? Have you ever thought about me!” Qin Zhengxin quarreled with him.

She couldn’t forgive Yan Kai for hiding such a serious matter from her!

For Qin Zhengxin these days were no different from a nightmare. The relationship between her and Yan Kai dropped to a freezing point, and they could not compromise with each other, and even talks of a divorce broke out.

Yan Kai resolutely refused to leave. However, she refused to give in about Yan Yu’s matter, and resented his concealment.

“He wants that son, doesn’t want me and Qin He!” Qin Zhengxin said to Mrs. Mu and Zhong Ruizhen.

Zhong Ruizhen thought: Is this man stupid? Between the wife and child of the Qin family as his backer and the eldest son who he was forced to give birth to and who he has never been emotionally attached to, isn’t it clear which one is more important? When the matter broke out, not whispering to coax Qin Zhengxin back, clarifying the relationship, and carrying on with Qin Zhengxin for an unknown thing, it was stupid!

Mrs. Mu thought indifferently: If Yan Kai really ignored his own son once again in order to keep his relationship with the Qin family, it would be really scary.

However, neither Mrs. Mu nor Zhong Ruizhen said these words.

Because Qin Zhengxin didn’t come to solicit their opinions. She just came to vent and declare her position. She had always been proud of having her own job and felt that full-time wives like Mrs. Mu and others have confined themselves to one-acre three-cents of land at home, which was too narrow.

“You don’t need to persuade me, I have already decided.” Qin Zhengxin threw a tissue that wiped her tears and turned into a strong woman. She would not let others see her joke!

Mrs. Mu felt that she was being hasty, and thought about using euphemism and persuasion, but there was a noise outside.

“Madam, the several young masters are fighting outside!” Xu Qingli came in and said.

The three mothers all thought of their sons, and immediately stood up and walked over after hearing the news.

When they arrived, Mu Yiqi, Feng Kun, and Qin He had already rolled into a ball. Mother Wang, Mu Yixi and Mu Yixuan were arguing among each other.

“Stop it!” Mrs. Mu frowned and shouted.

When Mu Yiqi heard his mother’s voice, he paused first. Feng Kun took the opportunity to kick him. Mu Yixi had already prepared to protect Qin He, and used his strength to block Feng Kun’s foot, making him unsteady and fall down.

“Kunkun!” Zhong Ruizhen hurriedly walked over to help her son, and said angrily to Qin He and Mu Yixi: “How dare you hit someone?” Mu Yixi blocked Feng Kun’s kick very cleverly, Zhong Ruizhen did not see clearly whether it was Qin He or Mu Yixi who caused Feng Kun to fall, and when she saw them standing together, she scolded them together.

“Mom, Mu Yixi kicked me, he beat me!” Feng Kun grinned and said, “It hurts!”

“Ah, baby, where does it hurt?” Zhong Ruizhen immediately grabbed his clothes nervously. Because Feng Kun had no injuries on his face (he loved beauty and knew how to protect his face even in fights, so Qin He and all of them did not injure his face), she was worried that he was injured.

“Mom!” Feng Kun flushed. How could anyone pull his clothes in public? There were girls there too!

Zhong Ruizhen thought she understood. This was not hurt, but an opportunity to sue. Feng Kun had done this before. Besides, she clearly saw Mu Yiqi and Qin He beating Feng Kun and this was a lawsuit!

Moreover, Feng Kun had even selected the best target, and it was the illegitimate son of the Mu family, the one who was easiest to fight.

Zhong Ruizhen’s sharp eyes swept towards Mu Yixi, but he saw a purple swelling at the corner of his eye, which was particularly conspicuous and shocking on his pale little face.

Mu Yiqi said angrily: “Nonsense, obviously you beat Xiaoxi! Look at the injuries on his face!” Both his and Qin He’s faces were colored, but the most serious were only shallow scratches. Mu Yixi’s injury was the most serious. At this time, he also forgot that Qin He took the first action, and only remembered that his opponent beat his brother.

“He hit me first!” Feng Kun shouted. Anyway, he bit at Mu Yixi. Because he was an illegitimate child, he was most likely to be severely punished. Mu Yiqi and Qin He were guarded by Mrs. Mu and Qin Zhengxin, and the result against them would be small.

“I hit you first.” Qin He dared to act.

Feng Kun looked at him like a fool. Fights were all behaviors that must be criticized, but you actually stood up and admitted it? Didn’t you see that he even found a scapegoat? Shouldn’t we push the boat along the water and push all the mistakes on him?

“You are lying!” Feng Kun said, his eyes turned to Mu Yixuan, “Xiao Xuan’er, you say Mu Yixi hit me first.” He still felt that Mu Yixuan was on his side.

It was a pity that he persevered in targeting Mu Yixi. In her head, Mu Yixuan didn’t think Feng Kun was anything good, especially since he had injured her brother!

Mu Yixuan kept watching, her mind was the clearest. She knew it was Qin He who acted first, then Feng Kun counterattacked, then Mu Yixi joined the battle, they waited for Mu Yixi to exit with injuries, and then it was Mu Yiqi’s turn to join the battle. But at this moment she only said one sentence: “You hurt brother.”

Feng Kun suddenly became angry: “You lie! You all lie!”

Zhong Ruizhen wanted to say something. But the four children had the same statement, and their injuries were obviously heavier than Feng Kun. When Mrs. Mu and Qin Zhengxin watched, she couldn’t say any biased words.

“Okay, it’s not right to fight. All stand for 15 minutes. Xiaoxuan, take Xiaoxi in and apply the medicine.” Mrs. Mu said.

“Oh! You are all favoring an illegitimate child, you are crazy…” Feng Kun didn’t achieve his goal, his body was hurting again, and he cried out in grievance. What he said was quickly covered by Zhong Ruizhen’s mouth, but Mrs. Mu’s face sank when she heard it.

“Ruizhen, you take Feng Kun home first.” Mrs. Mu said: “By precept and deeds, children are most likely to be influenced by adults. If you continue like this, you can bear it yourself.”

Zhong Ruizhen was embarrassed. Discussing in private was one thing, being yelled in public by her son was another.

“Well, okay. Xiaokun has been in a bad mood recently. The fight was not intentional. I will bring him over to apologize to Xiaoqi and the others.” Zhong Ruizhen said.

“No. As long as he doesn’t say bad things about our family and Qin He’s family.” Mu Yiqi said solemnly, and inadvertently cut Feng Kun with a few knives.

Zhong Ruizhen smiled stiffly.

Qin Zhengxin asked his son: “What’s wrong?”

Qin He stared at Feng Kun: “He talked about the wild species from outside my house.”

Qin Zhengxin sneered at Zhong Ruizhen: “This is your teaching? I think you are a good friend in your own words. Do you treat me as a joke?”

Zhong Ruizhen hurriedly said: “Zhengxin, you misunderstood…”

“It seems that I should go back.” Qin Zhengxin nodded to Mrs. Mu: “Qin He, let’s go.” After that, without looking at Zhong Ruizhen, she walked to the door.

“Zhengxin!” Zhong Ruizhen dragged Feng Kun to explain. She couldn’t offend the Qin family!

Feng Kun was unwilling to follow along. He looked back at Mu Yixi, who had not yet applied the medicine, and glared at him as if he was saying: You wait and see!

Mu Yixi thought: I specialize in hitting hard-to-detect parts, and you will suffer when you go back! Compared to what Mu Yixuan had suffered before, he still felt that just one beating was not enough!

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