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After returning from France, the lives of the Mu’s children began to get back on track.

In addition to Mu Yixuan being unconstrained, both Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi had to conduct elite education as they were six years old. At this stage, the main things they needed to learn were etiquette and art appreciation, plus the calligraphy arranged by Grandpa Mu Jingwei, and they had to write three large characters every day.

Mu Yiqi had the background and the growth environment, and it was not difficult for him to adapt to it. Mu Yixi’s performance was much worse than him, but he worked very hard. The teacher in charge was quite satisfied with the two students.

Mrs. Mu didn’t force them to have a too tight schedule. They only took one morning course, and the afternoon was all free activities, so they could write characters, do summer homework, watch TV, and play games. She took them out for activities, visiting relatives and friends or to play during weekends.

Mu Yixi met many people and received a lot of insight. But Mrs. Mu was calm. Those people knew that he was accepted by Mu Jingwei, so they didn’t dare to say anything in front of Mrs. Mu. This was why Mrs. Mu first brought Mu Yixi to her in-laws.

But there were exceptions. One of them was Mrs. Mu’s mother, Mrs. Fang. That was the gaze of the most unceremonious elder he had ever met since his resurrection. The old lady Fang was very annoyed by Mrs. Mu’s action of adopting Mu Yixi. Although he was claimed to be an adopted son, Mu Yixi’s true identity could not be concealed from the eyes of people who knew him well. The Fang family had been in politics for several generations, and in terms of status, their stature was even more than that of the Mu family. The Fang patriarch had three wives, and the old lady Fang was the second wife. She gave birth to a son and a daughter for the Fang family. After raising her son, he was young and promising. He married a virtuous and well-to-do girl from a good family. Her daughter was beautiful and dignified. The Mu family, which had been prosperous for several generations, immediately pulled up her status that had declined because of her husband’s inconsistency. Compared with Grandma Mu’s subtlety, Mrs. Fang had a much fiercer personality. She hated concubines the most in her life. At first, she liked the Mu family’s ethos, but she didn’t expect this to happen now. Her always wise daughter thought nothing of leading a wolf into her house.

Regarding Mrs. Mu’s stubbornness, Mrs. Fang said gloomily: “You will cry in the future.” She said this in front of Mu Yixi, not showing any emotion.

Mrs. Mu didn’t expect her mother to say something like this: “Mother…”

“I won’t hurt my mother! If I do, I will die!” Mu Yixi said firmly. Mrs. Fang’s words stung him and reminded him of how ungrateful he was in the previous life! That is what he regretted very much. He would never repeat the mistakes!

The decisiveness in his eyes was too frightening, and the old lady Fang was stunned. Staring at him for a long while, the old lady Fang said: “I will keep my opinion then and watch your performance.”

Afterwards, Mrs. Mu politely criticized him: “Don’t take the words to heart. Mom believes you are good. Don’t just say such inauspicious words…”

Mu Yixi held Mrs. Mu’s hand, bowed his head, and made up his mind again: never let Mrs. Mu be sad and disappointed! Otherwise, he will die!

Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan had never forgotten the trip to France, and they missed Caesar and Louis in particular after returning. Later, Mu Yixuan almost forgot, but Mu Yiqi still thought about them. So, Mu Yixi proposed to write to Feng Weiming. Mu Yiqi expressed his love for Caesar and Louis very seriously. Knowing that Feng Weiming was reluctant to send them to him, he racked his brains to come up with a way, which was for Caesar and Louis to breed to give birth to a puppy and let Feng Weiming keep one for him. Mu Yiqi promised to take care of the dog like Feng Weiming took care of Caesar and Louis.

After the letter was sent, Mu Yiqi twiddled his fingers every day and waited for a reply. After finally waiting for a reply, Feng Weiming only replied three words: Sterilized.

Mu Yiqi didn’t know what sterilization meant, so he asked Mrs. Mu. After checking the information, Mrs. Mu told him, and Mu Yiqi was shocked as if he was struck by lightning!

Leaving aside Louis, the majestic Caesar was actually a eunuch… the kind of eunuch on TV with orchid fingers and a weird voice… Mu Yiqi’s three views were split.

This blow calmed him down for a long time, but he couldn’t ease his mind.

When he went to Mu’s old house to practice calligraphy with his grandfather Mu Jingwei, he met Mu Yirun. At that time, Mu Yirun’s family had returned from traveling in France, but the process was obviously not as smooth as when his uncle’s family went. Mu Yirun’s chubby face was full of troubles. Mu Yiqi shared with Mu Yirun his experiences of playing with Caesar and Louis but couldn’t ask for him for his experience. He didn’t expect that Mu Yiqi and Feng Weiming had such a good relationship and they communicated with each other. Although Feng Weiming was as indifferent as ever, his willingness to reply was an unexpected thing in itself.

Mu Yirun asked Mu Yiqi to apologize to Feng Weiming on his behalf.

Because Mu Yiyun threw a tantrum when she was in France, she severely offended Feng Weiming. She patronized and burst into tears without apologizing to Feng Weiming. Feng Weiming locked himself in the room and ignored everyone. Feng Weiming did not appear until the family left.

Mu Yiqi couldn’t help but curiously ask: “What did she do?”

Mu Yiyun broke a brass pendant of Feng Weiming. That pendant was the only ornament that Mu Jiuqing found on Feng Weiming when he picked it up. It may be the only thing Feng Weiming’s biological parents left for him.

Seeing that the brass pendant was exquisite, Mu Yiyun wanted it, but Feng Weiming didn’t give it to her. Mu Yiyun had never been neglected like this before. She was so angry that she grabbed the pendant and threw it to the ground. The pendant broke into several pieces in an instant!

Mu Yirun was also there at the time, and for the first time saw Feng Weiming’s face change!

Mu Yiyun broke the pendant, knowing that she was in trouble, she immediately let go of her throat and cried, pulling Mu Yirun as a shield. Feng Weiming knelt down and picked up the fragments of the pendant carefully. Without looking at them, he walked away with a cold face. Later, he learned from his third uncle Mu Jiuqing the reason why Feng Weiming was so angry. Mu Yirun was guilty and ashamed, but he couldn’t find an opportunity to apologize to him.

Mu Yiqi felt that it would not be good for him to write an apology on Mu Yirun’s behalf.

So, Mu Yixi suggested: “If you want to apologize, you can also write a letter together! Put your letter with Xiaoqi’s letter in an envelope and send it to Mingming.”

After several times of getting along, Mu Yirun had already given Mu Yixi the label of a “good brother with good ideas”, and when he heard that it made sense, he agreed.

Mu Yiqi had no objection, but he said, “I and Xiaorun are both writing, Xiaoxi, you can write it together too. You are so good to Mingming, he definitely remembers you.”

Mu Yixi was very skeptical, but he never refused Mu Yiqi, so he readily agreed.

The three brothers took out the “Modern Chinese Dictionary” and struggled to write letters…

Before Mu Yiqi wrote a letter with Mrs. Mu’s help, then only he finally expressed the meaning clearly with his six-year-old language level. Now they had to rely on their own strength to write, and they couldn’t show it to others (Mu Yirun couldn’t, Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi accompanied him), it was not difficult to operate.

They worked so hard that they didn’t even know when Mu Jingwei walked in or how long he had been there.

Seeing Mu Jingwei, Mu Yixi reflexively covered the letter: “Ah, grandpa, you can’t read it!”

Mu Yiqi and Mu Yirun were so shocked, influenced by Mu Yixi, they also covered their letter together. Now, they all turned around and looked at Mu Jingwei, with a shocked look!

“Hey, grandpa won’t look at it, grandpa won’t.” Mu Jingwei made a gesture of peace and tranquility, stepped back and looked at them with interest: “Who are you writing to? Don’t you need Grandpa’s help?”


Old Liar, you’ve seen all of them!

The few children present were not foolish. Mu Yirun’s face blushed right away, and he sternly said: “Grandpa, it’s wrong to invade other people’s privacy!” Because Mu Jingwei had always been amiable to his grandchildren, the children were not too afraid of him and dared to express their opinions. At this point, Mu Yirun, who was already pedantic at a young age, behaved particularly well-behaved.

“It turns out that it’s your privacy. Grandpa didn’t look at it.” Mu Jingwei smiled and said, “Just now Grandpa didn’t know that this was your privacy. Those who don’t know are not guilty.”

It sounded a bit wrong, but they didn’t know how to refute it.

Mu Yirun glanced at Mu Yixi subconsciously. Mu Yixi looked back at him blankly.

Mu Yirun: Was it his vision problem or “the good brother with good ideas” had changed to “consoling a little girl” in a second?

Without Mu Yixi’s help, Mu Yirun could not pursue Mu Jingwei’s behavior in invading their privacy, so he urged him to leave and let them finish writing the letter.

Mu Jingwei left with a good temper and turned around and added a large character to their daily calligraphy homework.

Seeing three small faces that collapsed in an instant, Mu Jingwei touched the reading glasses and smiled kindly.

Feng Weiming received three letters consisting of characters, pinyin, and patterns.

Feng Weiming, who had lived in France for a long time, had a very high intelligence quotient. He spoke fluent Chinese with his adoptive father Mu Jiuqing, but his speed of word recognition was not as fast as that of speaking. He had to learn at least three languages: French, Chinese, and English each time, and the one with the worst progress for the time being was Chinese. The last time Mu Yiqi sent a letter, because the first time he received a letter was very novel, and Feng Weiming was worried that it was important, so he asked Mu Jiuqin to read it for him. After understanding the meaning of the letter, firstly, in order not to expose his shortcomings, and secondly, he didn’t want Mu Yiqi to miss Caesar and Louis anymore, he responded in concise words, hoping that he would not write anymore letters-he could call if something happens. He didn’t expect another letter to come so soon, it was written by the three cousins together. Staring at the strange combination of words, pinyin, and patterns on the letter, Feng Weiming felt like he couldn’t handle it. He didn’t show it to Mu Jiuqin again but put it on the shelf.

He thought: If you need a reply, call me.

It was a pity that he had waited for the call since then, and the letter was gone.

Little friend Feng felt a little heartbroken for a moment. But this strange and insignificant emotion was quickly forgotten by him.

In this way, the children’s wonderful summer vacation time gradually passed, and the new semester started!

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