FPH Ch. 26

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Chu Zhaoyang took advantage of the situation to support Gu Nian’s waist with a serious face: “Are you alright?”

Gu Nian was panicked by the heat of his palm, it felt as if there was no clothes to block him at all, and she put her hands aside at a loss. Her face was all red, as if she was about to burn.

Her hand seemed to have touched something incredible!

Bloated, hard, hot.

Chu Zhaoyang’s body froze for a moment, his eyes slowly fell, and when he saw it was attached to his warm hand, he immediately felt it.

Gu Nian took a deep breath, stared at him in disbelief, and hurriedly retracted her hand.

He… he… his reaction was too great!

“Cough!” Chu Zhaoyang covered his lips.

Gu Nian wanted to run away, but Chu Tian didn’t let her go, so she kept sticking to Chu Zhaoyang’s arms, and she could still feel him holding her waist.

When Gu Nian bowed her head in embarrassment, Chu Tian gave Chu Zhaoyang a smug look.

Chu Zhaoyang nodded approvingly.

“Don’t leave in a hurry, it’s already noon anyway, let’s have lunch together.” Chu Tian invited with a smile.

“It’s not—” Gu Nian’s refusal had not finished.

“You are my brother’s friend, which means, you are my friend too, don’t be polite with me.” Chu Tian hugged Gu Nian’s arm and started leaving, but realised that she didn’t move at all.

She bowed her head at the same time as Gu Nian, and found that Chu Zhaoyang’s hand was still on Gu Nian’s waist.

Chu Zhaoyang calmly withdrew his hand, and Gu Nian couldn’t care about Chu Tian anymore, she just walked forward in embarrassment.

Only then did Chu Tian bump into Chu Zhaoyang’s arm, and asked in a low voice, “Brother, when can I change my address for her to sister-in-law?”

Chu Zhaoyang raised his chin confidently: “It can be done now.”

Chu Tian: “…”

Chu Tian ignored his confidence, though she didn’t know where it came from, and left him to chase Gu Nian: “Sister-in-law…Sister Nian Nian, wait for me.”

Gu Nian stopped, Chu Tian jumped over, and took her arm again: “Hey, sister Nian Nian, my elder brother really treats you very differently.”

Gu Nian wanted to ask what was the difference, but the words that came out of her mouth, were changed: “Don’t call me sister, I think we are about the same age.”

“Really? I’m 24, how about you?” Chu Tian asked with a smile.

Gu Nian smiled: “It’s a coincidence, I’m 24 too.”

“Oh, that’s a coincidence, then I’ll call you Nian Nian.” Chu Tian said happily.

Chu Zhaoyang, who came over, narrowed his eyes, Nian Nian was his exclusive name!

He took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to Chu Tian.

Chu Tian felt the phone vibrate and took it out to look at it. There she saw a text from Chu Zhaoyang: “Sister-in-law.”

Chu Tian: “…”

“What’s wrong?” Gu Nian watched Chu Tian looking at her phone and saw her face twitch, it looked a little strange.

“It’s okay, someone is daydreaming.” After saying that, she put away the phone.

Chu Zhaoyang: “…”

He thought that since his sister was so uncooperative, he would not give her pocket money in the future.

The three walked to the door together, only to see an elegant and mature woman walking towards them. Although she was only wearing a professional chiffon blouse and a narrow skirt, she did not look rigid at all. Instead, it outlined her eye-catching curves, her hips as they moved, and her long legs.

Gu Nian couldn’t help but look at her T-shirt and jeans, it was really ordinary compared to that woman.

“Zhaoyang?” Chuwei called out in surprise and came over.

“Xiao Tian.” When her eyes fell on Gu Nian next to Chu Tian, she was surprised for a moment, and then she called out kindly, “Nian Nian, why are you walking with Zhaoyang and Xiao Tian?”

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