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The month that Fu Yuanzhou left seemed to be the longest days he had ever endured.

Although they kept in touch during this time, he could even hear Fu Yuanzhou’s voice on the phone, but he was still not satisfied. For him, just the voice was not enough, he wanted to see Fu Yuanzhou.

He was absent-minded and made frequent mistakes in piano lessons. The teacher was very angry and asked him what he was thinking, what could he think? Only about Fu Yuanzhou.

He just missed him.

He missed Fu Yuanzhou’s smile, bright eyes, warm and soft fingers, the fragrance of the shower gel around his body, and all his expressions full of vigor and vitality.

The adults always praised him for being mature and stable, saying that he was young, but he was quite independent and could stand on his own, but this was not the case. Without Fu Yuanzhou, he would feel restless and lonely.

In the evening, after finishing his day’s course, he walked to Fu Yuanzhou’s house, and laughed.

He missed him so much, so when he heard his cry on the phone, he left the house without hesitation, got on the night train he had never been in before, and came to Fu Yuanzhou’s side.

On the phone, he asked Fu Yuanzhou to pick him up. He was standing under the concrete wall of the station. The weather was very hot. The scorching sun was steaming into the puddles formed after the heavy rain, making the air humid. He was thinking that Fu Yuanzhou would not come. Then he saw a boy in a mess running up to him.

Even more embarrassed looking than he had described, the boy had mud on his face, but his black and white eyes still stood out, so when he saw him, he was overwhelmed with surprise, and his eyes rolled with laughter, but because Fu Yuanzhou had seen his close friend, he was full of sadness. It burst out soon, and he began to cry, but because of the mud all over his body, he became cowardly, and didn’t dare to hug him, thinking that he would also get covered in mud.

But he took the boy into his arms without hesitation.

The smell of blood and grass had replaced the usual scent of shower gel. The boy looked at him with red eyes, his eyelashes fluttered, and he sniffed while saying that he was dirty, but he didn’t let go, and even hugged him tighter.

At this moment, he realized that, in fact, he couldn’t live without Fu Yuanzhou.

If he was a cold statue, then only Fu Yuanzhou could give him the breath of life.

Just like at this moment, the person he liked was still bright, with a little softness and shyness, and his eyes were blinking at him, full of love.

He could always feel his heart beating because Fu Yuanzhou was always by his side.

Xie Lin closed his eyes, hugged Fu Yuanzhou, and gently kissed his lips.


When he walked out of the hot spring, the heat on Fu Yuanzhou’s face had still not dissipated, he knew that they definitely couldn’t just kiss and it was over, but fortunately… fortunately, they didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.

But of course he didn’t dislike it. It would be better to say that because it was Xie Lin, he still liked it very much, but he had to be careful to keep it a secret when he went back, and he must not leak any words, otherwise Aunt Xie would definitely be angry with Xie Lin.

When they were going back, they changed their route. There was a piano in the hall, and there were no other people around. Fu Yuanzhou went up and played the piano keys a few times, then he suddenly remembered something, and happily said to Xie Lin, “I haven’t heard you play the piano for a long time. Now, come and play a piece for me?”


Xie Lin nodded, sat upright in front of the piano, put his hands on the keys, tried the sound, and started playing a simple melody.

Fu Yuanzhou was stunned when he heard it. Although the melody was very short, he was familiar with it because he had heard it countless times, so he recognized it at once. This was the piano piece that Xie Lin wrote to him in his previous life, as his eighteenth birthday present.

His birthday was in April, and there were still several months before then. Could it be that Xie Lin had started to create it from now? If he thought about it, it was not impossible. The song would definitely not be finished in a few days, and it would also need to be revised repeatedly later.

“What do you want to hear?” Xie Lin asked.

Fu Yuanzhou pretended to be clueless and said, “I think this melody is pretty good, just it, I want to listen to this piece.”

Xie Lin paused and said, “It’s an unfinished work.”

“Unfinished?” Fu Yuanzhou asked knowingly, “Could it be that you wrote it?”

“Yes.” Xie Lin said.

“Who did you write it for?” Fu Yuanzhou sat down next to Xie Lin with a smile, leaning on his forearm and looked up at him, “Is it…Writing for me?”

Xie Lin was silent for a moment, as if he didn’t want to immediately tell him. The surprise was broken, but Fu Yuanzhou lingered near him, and in the end he nodded and replied, “Yes.”

“Quick, play it for me!” Fu Yuanzhou pulled on his sleeve, “I want to listen.”

“It’s unfinished. It’s not perfect yet.”

“I like it, I’ll listen to it, play it for me.” Fu Yuanzhou started playing his tricks again.

Xie Lin was a little helpless, but he still played according to his wishes, because there was no piano score, and it was true that he had not finished writing it, he played it with a little bit of difficulty, and the melody seemed to be different from the previous life, but Fu Yuanzhou still listened to it with relish.

“It’s really good.”

At the end of the music, there was applause from behind the two of them. Looking back, there was a smiling face, and it was Sister Cheng’s.

“You wrote this for Yuanzhou?” Sister Cheng asked with a smile, “Have you made up your mind about the name of this song?”

In fact, it had no name, not to mention now, even after it was written, it had never had a name. …

Fu Yuanzhou thought in his heart, but then he suddenly heard Xie Lin speak.

“It’s called “Love”.”

The author has something to say: Yuanzhou finally realizes that Xie Lin also liked him in his last life…!

T/N: XL’s feelings for FZ make so much more sense now….

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