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Hearing the word girlfriend, Yan Han didn’t know what Lin Jianlu was thinking.

Anyway, he had a lot of goosebumps.

At this time, Lin Jianlu had already put down his arm. He glanced at Yan Han and seemed to have guessed what was wrong with him. So, he looked at Wei Ningxin and said, “If she feels uncomfortable, she should be allowed to give up. Why do you continue to make things difficult?”

“No…” Wei Ningxin became even more angry. Although he was a little wary of Lin Jianlu because of his family background, and usually didn’t want to have anything to do with this person, at this moment he couldn’t help but get angry: “The disciplinary committee is also in charge of people playing basketball?”

His implication was that Lin Jianlu was too lenient.

Yan Han felt a little embarrassed when he said this.

One’s own affairs should be solved by oneself. Now that Lin Jianlu was protecting him when he was being harmed by others, while he himself was being buried by others, could he still be called a human being if he did not do anything?

Yan Han wanted to stand up and speak but was blocked by Lin Jianlu.

As soon as the other party turned around, he moved between him and Wei Ningxin. Then Yan Han heard Lin Jianlu say: “She’s not feeling well. You won, so what else do you want.”

“Oh, you’re like this and you still say she’s not your girlfriend? Can a school disciplinary committee member have a puppy love?” Wei Ningxin deliberately used such words to embarrass him.

Lin Jianlu was as calm as water and didn’t answer, as if he didn’t care at all what the other party said.

This time Wei Ningxin was even more surprised.

He was not only surprised that this paralyzed mysophopic had a girlfriend, but he was even more surprised that his girlfriend turned out to be Yan Han!

During this half of the basketball game, this girl’s strength, unique personality and dazzling appearance had all been eye-catching. If she hadn’t defeated him in basketball, Wei Ningxin would have even become fond of such a person.

Who didn’t like beauties, especially beauties with personality and outstanding strength.

So when he was talking just now, he was just angry, but when he really got to know that this beauty was already someone else’s girlfriend… Wei Ningxin felt mixed emotions for a moment.

Of course, Wei Ningxin was not the only one who was surprised.

The students from several classes nearby, including first and second grade students, all exploded at this moment.

Originally, it was just a gossip scandal caused by some candid photos on an anonymous forum. They thought the scandal would only last two days.

No one really thought that Lin Jianlu had anything to do with this girl.

But now!

“Look carefully, this person is really pretty. If I were a boy, I would also like to develop a revolutionary friendship with her.” A female classmate in the audience said starry-eyed.

“Don’t be discouraged, you can do Ji.”

“Hey, then the young lady must also like me for that.”

“Stop talking about it. I thought it was a scandal yesterday. Who can really make Lin Jianlu fall in love with them? Now! After seeing the real person… I am still convinced.”

Someone on the other side also commented: “But this young lady is from Class 17… She is good-looking, but her character is too wild, right? And she is not good at studying. Okay, how can she be worthy of my male god?”

“I think so too. I guess the male god is just playing with her for fun. Oooh, d**n it! Give me my male god’s first love!”

Gong Yuxue was currently standing very close to the rest area, so she clearly saw Lin Jianlu walking over to defend that person, and seeing Lin Jianlu not denying the relationship between them… She couldn’t help but clench her fists, and her teeth were almost broken. She couldn’t stand it anymore, so she withdrew directly from the crowd.

“Didn’t you say that as long as Lin Jianlu saw them playing together, he would feel disgusted with that person?”

The girl next to her was also shocked: “That’s… I originally thought this would be a casual ball game, with boys and girls playing together. Isn’t it normal to create sparks when grabbing the ball,  showing affection and so on… Who would have thought that they were actually competing…”

The most devastating thing was that Wei Ningxin was down two baskets at the end of the first half!

“What to do now!” Gong Yuxue said angrily.

Her facial features were relatively well-coordinated, and her usual dress, speech and behavior were all exquisite, so she looked like a goddess.

But her pale face and ferocious look at this moment made her look a bit scary, completely unlike the expression a student of this age should have.

“Now…” The best friend was said to be Gong Yuxue’s best friend, but in fact, it would be an exaggeration to say that, in fact she was just a follower. Her family still relied on the Gong family. She had been helping Gong Yuxue with advice since she was a child. It was even her suggestion to volunteer in the welfare home and she had contributed a lot to creating Gong Yuxue’s image.

But even so, she was still a little afraid of her.

After thinking about it, the best friend said: “Oh, I know. Didn’t you say that Lin Jianlu didn’t react when he saw her fighting with someone yesterday? Then maybe he likes this type. Since we can’t move her with this… Then give her some other gift.”

Lin Jianlu didn’t speak, but Yan Han couldn’t stand listening to the rustling discussions around him.

Although he really liked this type, he had absolutely no interest in puppy love!

That stuff wouldn’t get him any points either.

Yan Han also understood the reason why Lin Jianlu didn’t speak. This thing was like this. The more he explained, the more things would be ruined.

He simply said to Wei Ningxin: “So can I leave now?”

Then he turned back to the physical education teacher of his class to ask for leave: “Teacher, I have to go to the school infirmary.”

The physical education teacher was still in a dazed state and didn’t know what was happening around her.

But seeing that Yan Han’s face was a little pale and he seemed to be sweating, she couldn’t help but become nervous: “Are you okay?”

Wei Ningxin only realized the seriousness of the matter when he heard him say that he had to go to the school infirmary.

He just lost the match and was a little bit embarrassed, but he might not be able to win even if they continued to play. Now he was just walking down the slope: “Really, if you don’t feel comfortable, you should have told me earlier. Friendship comes first and the competition is second!”

Yan Han didn’t feel well, but he didn’t want to overemphasize his injury. It was a bit shocking for a student to be injured by a knife after all. He ignored Wei Ningxin and only rolled up his sleeves slightly to show the physical education teacher the gauze on his arm, saying that he was accidentally scratched during the weekend.

There was sweat on his arms, and there was a slight trace of blood on the gauze, which looked a little serious.

The PE teacher thus quickly approved his request.

As soon as they heard that he was going to the school infirmary, Wen Juerong and his group invited Yan Han to go, but were stopped by the physical education teacher: “What are you guys going to do with you guys? Find two girls from your class…”

“No, no, no.” Yan Han covered his arm, “I can go by myself.”

He said and walked directly out of the encirclement to the school infirmary without letting anyone follow him.

“Huh? What’s wrong?”

“Yes, what’s wrong with her?”

The voices around him started talking again. They didn’t know what happened to her, so others came over curiously and asked Wen Juerong.

The injury was a trivial matter to Yan Han. Thus he never mentioned it to anyone, so even his number one brother Wen Juerong didn’t know the real situation.

Wen Juerong touched his plump chin, glanced at Lin Jianlu in the field, and said uncertainly: “Maybe it’s because of the aunt[1]…”

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[1] Euphemism for menstruation.

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