SLDH Ch. 77.2: Recuperation

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Seeing that all the demons from the demon clan were gone, Mr. Wei supported his waist and walked over: “Master, were those the demon protector and demon king just now?”

“Yes.” Mi Wan nodded.

“Are you and the Demon King dating?” Although he didn’t intend to care about it, he did intend to gossip about it.

Mi Wan turned her head and looked at Mr. Wei silently.

Mr. Wei felt that he might be talking too much, so he quickly changed the subject: “What, let’s go back to Sichuan City as soon as possible. This tree needs to be dealt with by someone from the Demon Hunter Association, otherwise there is suddenly such a giant tree on the top of the mountain. It’s really hard to explain. There is also the chef lying there. He must have been brought here by Peng Yan. We have to find a way to deal with it.”

“You handle it.” Mi Wan had a bad relationship with the Demon Hunter Association, so let’s leave this matter to Old Man Wei.

“Okay, let’s go back to Sichuan City first, rest for one night, and then go back tomorrow?” Mr. Wei suggested.

“No, you hand the person over to the Demon Hunters Association and we’ll take a helicopter back. I have classes tomorrow.” Mi Wan replied.

“It’s all up to you.” Mr. Wei took out his cell phone and contacted the people from the Demon Hunter Association. After a while, six demon hunters in uniform came over from the mountain. They took away the unconscious fat chef and sent a car to take Mi Wan and Mr. Wei to the tarmac so that they could take a helicopter back.

Two and a half hours later, the two returned to Cannes successfully.

“Master, let me ask the driver to take you back.” When the two got off the plane, a special car was waiting there.

“No, I’ll just take a taxi.” It was just one car. If it took her back first and then transferred him back to Xuanwu Mountain, it would probably be one or two o’clock. Old Wei was very old and it was not good for him to stay up late.

“Okay.” Mr. Wei thought for a while and then said, “Is the leader free during the weekend?”

“What for?” Mi Wan asked.

“Ahem… I saw the leader show off her great power today, and the old man admires you a lot, so I want the leader to return to the sect and give some pointers to the young disciples.” Mr. Wei said carefully, with a look of expectation on his face.

Mi Wan thought about it and felt that it was not a big deal, so she said, “Okay, have someone pick me up at the pet store on Saturday afternoon.”

“Hey!” Mr. Wei didn’t expect Mi Wan to agree so readily, and he was immediately overjoyed. The tip of his eyebrows was raised as he said, “I will definitely send a car to pick up the leader on time.”

After coming out of the airport, Mi Wan used her mobile phone to call a car to go home. After returning home, she subconsciously glanced out the window and saw that the yard next door was dark, and then she suddenly remembered that Fan Chen had gone to recuperate again.

Again? Yes, Fan Chen also went to recover from his injury at the beginning of spring. It seemed like it lasted two weeks. She didn’t know how long it would take this time.

While thinking about it, Mi Wan took out her cell phone and sent Fan Chen a message: (How long are you going to recuperate this time?)

Fan Chen did not reply immediately as usual. After waiting for a while, Mi Wan guessed that Fan Chen might be in the critical moment of healing. It was a critical moment, so she didn’t wait any longer. She put down her phone, took her pajamas and went to the bathroom to wash up. After she finished washing, her phone received a reply from Fan Chen.

Fan Chen’s reply was a long message: (Don’t worry, I’m fine. I can recover in a week at most. Also, don’t worry about Peng Yan. He was hit by your sword this time and used the blood escape method to escape. His origin must have been injured, he won’t cause trouble again in a short time.)

“I don’t want to ask you about Peng Yan.” Mi Wan poked at Fan Chen’s profile picture on the phone unhappily.

The last sword strike Mi Wan used almost all the available spiritual power in her body, and the Black Iron Sword was a tenth-level magical weapon. In addition, Peng Yan had lost a lot of demonic power in setting up the magic circle, so she knew only too well how lethal a sword strike in such a situation could be. Peng Yan was not dead, but he would definitely not be able to bear it in a short period of time, and the spiritual energy of heaven and earth was thin now, so it would take a long time for him to recover from his injuries.

“Chichi~~” At this time, the little squirrel was woken up by Mi Wan again, rubbed his eyes and crawled out of the tree house, shouting dissatisfiedly.

“Sleeping every day, when will you be able to cultivate into a human form?” Mi Wan reached out to poke the little squirrel’s tail and said as usual.

“Jiji~~” (I just went to bed after practicing.)

Seeing the little squirrel, Mi Wan felt the desire to talk again: “Today, Old Man Wei said that Fan Chen and I seemed to be having an affair.”

“Chi!” The little squirrel was so excited that hair all over his body rose. (Human, you haven’t given up on your wishful thinking yet.)


In the early morning, a dark bird fell from the sky and landed on a leafy sycamore tree.

Finally returned to Cannes.

The dark bird looked around warily, and after confirming that the people around him were just ordinary people, he immediately felt relieved.

This pitch-black bird was none other than Peng Yan, the former demon king who was injured and had escaped. Peng Yan was seriously injured and needed a place with sufficient spiritual energy to recuperate. As the patron saint of the demon clan, Kangcheng, where Fan Chen lived all year round, who was one of the most powerful demons in the world today, was the place with the most spiritual energy. The so-called most dangerous place was the safest place. Fan Chen would never have thought that he would dare to come back to Kangcheng to recuperate. Moreover, in his current form, as long as he carefully restrained his aura, even Fan Chen would not be able to sense him.

After experiencing a big battle and flying all night, Peng Yan was extremely exhausted. After relaxing, he leaned on the tree trunk and slowly fell into a deep sleep.

As time passed, the sky gradually became gray, the sun rose from the horizon, and a bird flew through the treetops. They found this dark bird between the trees and instinctively avoided it without landing. Then the road not far away began to become lively, and humans woke up from their slumber to start the day’s activities. Some were getting ready to go to work, some were getting ready to open their doors for business, and some were holding their children’s hands and sending them to kindergarten.

The tree where Peng Yan rested happened to grow in a kindergarten.

At the entrance of Popcorn Kindergarten, children were handed into the hands of their teachers one by one by their parents. The children seemed to have become accustomed to it. They waved goodbye to their parents and happily ran in to play.

A dozen children were playing under a big tree in the center of the playground. Luo Li, a small class girl who was only three and a half years old, walked unsteadily. Her left foot flipped over her right foot, and she fell to the ground with a splat.

“Woo~~” and a burst of heart-rending crying echoed throughout the playground.

A certain demon king who was resting with his eyes closed was frightened by the demonic sound. Then his hold became unsteady and he fell to the ground with a snap, landing right in front of the crying little Lolita.

“Hey, little bird~~” Little Luo Li grabbed it with her small hand and accurately caught a stunned demon king.

“…” Peng Yan.

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