BCFE Ch. 1.2: Time Travel

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Ye Ning was confused at the time and asked for leave in a confused manner. Instead of returning to her hometown, she went to find her boyfriend Sun Yaojun first.

Sun Yaojun was from the city, and his father was from GW. In those years, life was very prosperous. Now things had changed drastically. His father was afraid of someone settling the score with him afterwards, so he asked Sun Yaojun to find a country woman to marry, in case anything happened. He could hide in his father-in-law’s house, but he wouldn’t want to find a village girl who couldn’t read a single word, so he hooked up with Ye Ning, who was in high school.

When he learned that Ye Ning’s father had passed away, Sun Yaojun’s father was even more anxious than Ye Ning. He immediately packed his things and asked Sun Yaojun to take Ye Ning with him.

When they arrived at the place, they found out that Ye Qingshan was mining in a mine. Several people went down but didn’t come up. The mine boss was afraid that if things got too big, he would be in trouble, so he secretly paid several family members a lot of money to keep them quiet, 60,000 yuan per person. It was definitely a huge sum of money in 1982.

Seeing neither life nor death of her father, Ye Ning cried and packed up Ye Qingshan’s things to go home but was stopped by Sun Yaojun. He sadly told her that his family was framed and his parents were in jail, so he couldn’t go back home, and said that it would not be safe for her to go back with such a large amount of money, so she might as well go with him to live with his relatives. As for her younger brothers and sisters, there were grandparents and uncles in her hometown, and they would definitely take care of them. They would get married later. When it was over, she could take her children back, and then she would be able to bring her younger brothers and sisters to the city and let them become city dwellers.

The delicate and fragile Ye Ning didn’t pay attention at all, but was frightened and coaxed by Sun Yaojun and nodded. As a result, she caught a cold and had a fever the next day after getting on the train. The fever disappeared and she became her.

So, she transmigrated and became 19-year-old Ye Ning in 1982…

Ye Ning opened her eyes and looked blankly at the bed board on the upper bunk. Her name was also Ye Ning. She was 29 years old and came from Nanjiang Province. A very ordinary countryside girl, with parents who loved her, a brother who occasionally bullied her, but actually loved her very much, a gentle and kind sister-in-law, and a cute little niece.

She worked in a small company. As the New Year was approaching, everyone in the company was busy, and she was no exception. Last night was the fifth day in a row that she worked overtime. As long as she finished last night, she could go home to celebrate the New Year. But it seemed she wasn’t able to go back.

Sudden death at work? She never expected that this would be the way that she would die.

Her nose was sore, and she wondered what must have happened when her parents found out that she was dead? They must be heartbroken, but fortunately they had her brother, sister-in-law and little girl with them. She was considered to have died in the line of duty. In addition to insurance, the company would have to pay them some compensation, which could be treated as the last repayment from her as an unfilial daughter.

Blinking, Ye Ning slowly calmed down. She had died once and knew the feeling of death. Even if she wanted to return to her own world, she did not dare to risk her life. God gave her a new life. She should be sure to cherish it.

Just now, she just glanced at the original memory, and she planned to sort through the memory carefully to avoid being confused.

She was originally a spoiled young lady by her parents. She usually only helped wash the dishes at home, and her younger sister Ye Lan did most of the work. Her younger brother and sister were all sensible and obedient children. This was good, as it saved her a lot of trouble.

Ye Ning frowned slightly. Her original grandmother died when Ye Qingshan was fifteen years old. The next year, his grandfather married a woman with two children, and then gave birth to a son and a daughter, so their family was very complicated. The uncle and second aunt were brought by the step-grandmother, and there was the uncle and aunt who were born by their grandfather and the step-grandmother. None of the three pairs of children had the same father and mother. The only eldest aunt who had the same father and mother as Ye Qingshan had been married far away. Was there really no problem with orchids and eucalyptus in her hometown?

Suddenly, Ye Ning’s whole body stiffened. She had felt something was wrong before, but the names and things in her memory were too familiar.

She couldn’t sleep a few nights ago, so she randomly found a romance book to kill time. Because the name of a female cannon fodder in it was the same as hers, she just finished reading that book.

The mother of the female cannon fodder was an educated youth who never came back to the city. She had a younger sister named Ye Lan, a younger brother named Ye Yu, and a father who died in an accident. The most important thing was that the male protagonist was named Sun Yaojun. He was caught in an early incident and eloped with the female cannon fodder Ye Ning. The names of people, places and the plot of the story all matched up. Not only did she travel through time, but she also travelled into a book!

After confirming this, Ye Ning quickly recalled the plot in the book, not daring to miss anything.

Shortly after her father died, the female cannon fodder ran away with the male protagonist with her father’s compensation, and used the money to help the male protagonist do business. The male protagonist’s business grew bigger and bigger. During this period, the male protagonist met a white, rich and beautiful woman from a prominent family. But because of the female cannon fodder, the male protagonist suppressed the throbbing in his heart. A series of stories happened in the middle. The relationship between the male protagonist and the female protagonist became deeper and deeper. All the feelings originated from the female cannon fodder, and the male protagonist never expressed his feelings to her.

At this time, the second male protagonist appeared. The female protagonist had an affair with the second male protagonist. The male protagonist misunderstood and took the female cannon fodder back to her hometown to prepare to formally marry her. Only when the female cannon fodder arrived home did she find out that her sister had gone missing in order to find her, and her younger brother disappeared because of being bullied by the uncle’s children. After learning about this result, the female cannon fodder couldn’t bear it and fell ill, and finally died of depression. After learning this bad news, the female protagonist appeared next to the male protagonist in time to accompany him, to let him get over the emotional pain and be happy together.

Ye Ning clutched her chest. She had read the book and knew that her original sister was deceived and sold by an old lady at the train station. She was tortured by an old man in the ravine for three years. In the end, he killed their whole family and lit a fire. The original brother was bullied by their step-grandmother and uncles. Finally, he couldn’t stand the hunger anymore. He ate a piece of sweet potato containing rat poison and died silently. As for the original person, although she had a fragile personality, she was not unable to withstand a little bit of wind and rain. Knowing that her younger siblings were missing, she must have tried to find a way to find them. Why did she end up depressed? I’m afraid there’s a lot going on here.

All in all, Ye Ning in the book was a cannon fodder who helped the male and female protagonists to sublimate their relationship. After she died, many readers left messages saying that she died well. Ye Ning just felt angry at the time. Even though they had the same name, she still felt that the female cannon fodder had only herself to blame. But her siblings were so innocent and pitiful.

The nineteen-year-old body now contained the soul of a twenty-nine-year-old. She was not her original self. She was as dependent on men as a dodder flower. What was more, hypocrites like Sun Yaojun should be thrown aside as soon as possible.

Counting the time, it was now the third day since the original girl eloped with Sun Yaojun. She was afraid her family hadn’t received the news yet. She had to go back quickly to prevent another tragedy like that.

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