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In the office.

Lu Ji watched with mixed emotions as Ji Juechuan finished reposting the Weibo and then looked through the comment area over and over again.

Ji Juechuan’s Weibo account had always been managed by Lu Ji. It had not been updated for almost ten thousand years, and it had long since grown weedy. But after forwarding that Weibo post, the number of comments quickly exceeded 1,000.

Just now, Lu Ji suddenly received a message from Ji Juechuan, asking him for his Weibo account and password, saying that he wanted to post something on it.

He thought there was some important cooperation to be announced on Weibo, so he hurriedly sent his account number and password, and rushed over immediately. Unexpectedly, Ji Juechuan just forwarded a Weibo post.

What he thought was a big deal was just his boss wanting to help his partner promote his new work.

Lu Ji suddenly felt like a fool who had rushed over to take a bite of dog food.

Seeing that the corners of Ji Juechuan’s lips were getting higher and higher, Lu Ji took out his phone and took a look, and sure enough he saw that the comment area under the Weibo post was very busy.

The ones rushing to the front of the comment area were a group of CP fans who were intoxicated. They occupied the front row position, shouting “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh use me” and selling Amway to the passersby about how sweet their CP was.

If you scroll further down, there were some people who didn’t know the truth. Although they didn’t know the whole story, it didn’t stop them from shouting along with the CP fans.

Lu Ji scrolled down and felt that something was missing.

It seemed too calm.

He clicked on the original Weibo post posted by Yan Yan and looked at the forwarding list again, only to understand why it was so peaceful here.

It seemed that half of the people had gone to Yan Yueluo’s side.

Lu Ji clicked on Yan Yueluo’s comment section again.

It was completely different from the New Year atmosphere in Ji Juechuan’s comment area. Most of the fans in the front row of Yan Yueluo’s comment area were speaking. Scroll down and you could still see some questioning voices.

Scroll further down, and you will find CP fans of “YueluoYan” crying.

Lu Ji exited the app and took a look at the hot search list, and said hesitantly: “Mr. Ji, it’s on the hot search…”

There were three related topics on the hot search.

#Yueluo’s Brother#

#Ji Juechuan’s Lover#

#囧Yan Yueluo is Ji Juechuan’s brother-in-law#

Ji Juechuan went to take a look at the hot search list and said “hmm”, but there was no reaction.

The popularity of these three hot searches rose so fast that Lu Ji was frightened and quickly clicked in to see if anyone was stirring up trouble.

Surprisingly, except for a lot of marketing accounts that were trying to gain popularity, the discussions in the hot searches were quite harmonious.

“It turns out that this anchor is Yan Yueluo’s younger brother, so isn’t he a good match for Ji Juechuan?”

“Indeed, I heard that Yan Yueluo’s family is not simple, right?”

“I didn’t expect that I would also use CP one day, and a sister would take care of me.”

“Show me the way upstairs to the xx platform and search for ‘Wang Yan Yu Chuan’ and you will get beautiful love!!”

Seeing that there were no negative discussions, Lu Ji felt relieved and put away his phone.

“Master Yan is really serious about this activity.” He sighed.

In the past few days, he saw that Yan Yan was uploading on time every day, and the videos were being uploaded one after another. The quality was not low, and it was hard to believe that he had done it alone.

“Well, he is very interested in the rewards of the event.”

Ji Juechuan didn’t know what he thought of? But the corners of his mouth were raised again.

“Activity reward?” Lu Ji didn’t expect it to be for this reason. “What is the activity reward?”

“Island tour.”

Lu Ji paused and looked at Ji Juechuan’s obviously raised corners of his mouth with complicated eyes.

Why did he feel that the person most interested in this reward was Ji Juechuan.

In the evening, as soon as Ji Juechuan returned home, a figure threw himself into his arms.

Yan Yan hooked his neck with both hands, pressed his soft body against his, and raised his long eyelashes, “Honey, were you the one who posted today’s Weibo?”

He knew that Ji Juechuan usually did not use a grand style when posting on Weibo, so when he saw that repost today, he was surprised for a moment, and then he wondered if Lu Ji had reposted it for him.


Ji Juechuan took the person into his arms naturally and lowered his head slightly. The two were so close that their breaths blended together.

He first looked into Yan Yan’s eyes, then gradually moved his gaze downwards, landing on the peach petal-like lips, and was distracted for a moment.

Yan Yan often kissed him recently, always in bed.

Although Yan Yan always kissed him with an instant touch and seemed to only like the feeling of lips touching lips, he would kiss him back deeper every time.

Over this period of time, he was almost used to kissing Yan Yan. The excuse of practicing or something had long been forgotten in his mind. As long as Yan Yan kissed him, he would indulge in it unconsciously, but willingly.

His arms were suddenly empty, and Yan Yan let go of him, with a tangled expression on his face.

Ji Juechuan paused and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Yan Yan bit his lip and frowned slightly.

He was just worried that if Ji Juechuan was so high-profile, it would not end well if the two separated in the future.

He didn’t care, but with Ji Juechuan’s status, wouldn’t he be laughed at by others in the future?

Ji Juechuan noticed something was wrong with his mood, paused, and changed the topic, “How was the event?”

Yan Yan’s frowning eyebrows relaxed, and his eyes brightened when he looked at him, “I’ve been promoted to second place.”

There were still a few days before the end of the event, and there was no way to produce anymore high-quality videos, so the video uploaded today was his last video.

Ji Juechuan nodded, “You should be able to catch up soon.”

This time Yan Yan hesitated for a moment, not knowing what he was thinking of, and nodded gently after a while.

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