RCFS Ch. 138: We are Family 3

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Hey, Dad, how much can you benefit from being so upright?

When was it not our family who suffered?

Ye Lanshan’s lazy eyes calculated all kinds of past events of his family’s disadvantages, and the girl’s proud face at the family banquet flashed in front of him, and he couldn’t help laughing out loud.

“Why? What are you laughing at?”

Ye Wanjia snatched the phone back with great difficulty, and asked while playing games.

“Little Jiajia, believe it or not, our family’s big drama in the future will definitely be better than the movie!”

Ye Lanshan yawned as he turned and went upstairs.

“Brother, let me copy your homework! Summer vacation is coming to an end!”

“Do you think brother is someone who can write summer homework?”


Ye Wanjia gave a small wave and game over again.

Also, her brother never did his homework, because some younger sisters did his homework one after another.


This lazy man was just a bit more handsome, but he was useless other than that. Were those girls all blind?

Ye Wanjia was deeply moved, she was also so cute, why didn’t a prince come to save the beauty and help her with her summer homework?

It was really embarrassing.

Ye Wanjia swallowed the lollipop, she decided to clear the game first, and then go to sleep, if she woke up and still had time, then she would work hard on her summer homework.


On the day “Latent” was released, it was just in time for the last few days of the summer vacation, and many big movies in the summer vacation were about to be released, but there were no powerful movies coming out to grab resources.

Ye Yunxi spent money, and the movie theatre placed a huge poster in the most eye-catching position, which was the most popular one that the marketing team hyped up on the Internet.

The still photo of Ye Yunxi and Di Junxie, the one showing the domineering confrontation with their hands torn clothes revealing their flesh.

Anyone who knew Di Junxie was shocked by this poster.

When it first came out on the Internet, everyone looked like the end of the world was coming, and they were anxious until it was released. When they went to the cinema and saw this poster again, they didn’t feel so anxious.

They thought it must be that their mental quality had sharpened a lot.

Therefore, without anxiety, looking at this poster, they were full of pure appreciation.

Hey, Young Master Di is Young Master Di, so handsome, this naked, so fucking sexy!

A group of nympho girls surrounded the poster, drooling without image.

They didn’t know who Di Junxie was, but when they saw this poster, they were also attracted by the two handsome guys above, and continued to radiate nympho light.

Ye Lanshan brought Ye Wanjia to support his Uncle’s movie, she thought that there was no need to advance, after all, there were no movies that people would watch, so she was afraid that she might not be able to get a ticket?

So for the movie at 2:30, they came to buy tickets at 2:15.

“Two copies of “Latent”, give me a place in the middle.”

Ye Lanshan yawned, thinking about whether to buy popcorn or not. After thinking about it, he decided not to buy it. He would definitely fall asleep, and the popcorn would definitely be cheap in the end.

“I’m sorry, the tickets for “Latent” are sold out today.”


Ye Lanshan had a ghostly expression on his face.

Do you want to be so weird?

All sold out today?

People actually came to watch this movie?

Looking down at the screen, sure enough, the seats were all red, even the front row and the corners, which were said to be the worst seats, had no gaps!


He couldn’t find a single empty seat!

Why the hell?

Was this movie so good?

People all had a cheap personality, the more they couldn’t get it, the more they wanted it.

Ye Lanshan propped his hands on the counter, feeling completely at ease: “Then I’ll order for tomorrow!”

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