TCYEC Ch. 94

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All Weibo posts and communications are in bold…

Yu Siyang praised Mr. Xue in a fancy way on the show. The people who were watching the show were very good at finding out about Mr. Xue’s past experiences. It was organized into a long Weibo and sent out, which immediately attracted a lot of attention.

The long Weibo included Xue Chengxiu’s family background, the awards he won while studying, when he started his business, the current scale of the Hengsheng Group, and the charity he did every year, it also especially emphasised how Father Xue disregarded his marriage vows and gave birth to an illegitimate child. And how he did everything possible to suppress the marriage-born son Xue Chengxiu to support his illegitimate son.

Netizens, especially female netizens, expressed their distress for Mr. Xue, saying that Old Man Xue had a bad sight.

“Distressed. Chairman Xue is a super winner in life. He does not need you to feel bad about him [laugh cry] It is his dad who you really should feel bad about it. He is blind, and he still doesn’t go to the ophthalmology department. What kind of taboo is this? [Laughing sneakily] [Laughing sneakily]”

The people who were eating melons looked at it and felt that it was the truth. They all praised this comment wildly.

Immediately afterwards, some netizens pulled out the employee benefits of Hengsheng Group, which immediately attracted envy on the Internet, with netizens shouting that this is “other people’s company[1]“, and a Hengsheng employee came out to say that they had more benefits and other benefits came out, causing netizens to line up torches to burn him.

It was supposed to be more than 11 o’clock in the middle of the night when the traffic dropped, but because Yu Siyang praised Xue Chengxiu in “To Tell the Truth”, many netizens chose to “Cultivate”.

There were people discussing the Xue family in the capital, there were those who were discussing two or three things released about the Xue family, those who had received charity from Xue Chengxiu for so many years, those who envied and hated Hengsheng employees, and those who simply worshipped winners in life, no matter what kind they are. They brought the topic #China’sGoodBossXueChengxiu# on the hot search list in the middle of the night.

After recording the show, Yu Siyang went back to the hotel and swiped his Weibo to see what the netizens said about tonight’s show. He didn’t expect that the first hot topic was #China’sGoodBossXueChengxiu#.

When he clicked on the topic, the whole page was full of fancy compliments from netizens to Mr. Xue. Yu Siyang looked happy and couldn’t help but lie down on the bed with his mobile phone, rolling all over the bed happily.

A few days ago, because of Yu Silong’s scandal and Xue Chengji’s case in which Xue Chengxiu was involved, Hengsheng’s stock price had fallen. Although he didn’t say anything and seemed to be in a good mood every day, but Yu Siyang felt that he must be under great pressure.

Yu Siyang didn’t know how he could share Xue Chengxiu’s troubles, so he had to find opportunities to praise Mr. Xue as much as possible, because he was really a very good person.

Judging from the reactions of netizens, his taking the opportunity to praise Mr. Xue in the live broadcast was very witty.

“Hehehe.” Yu Siyang smirked and rolled around on the bed. As a result of being so excited, he couldn’t sleep anymore.

After lying on the bed and playing with the phone for a while, he was really not sleepy. He got up and turned on the TV.

After one o’clock in the morning, there were hardly any good programs. Yu Siyang casually found a channel that was showing TV dramas and looked at it while being bored.

The TV drama was full of fresh young meats and fresh flowers. It was estimated that it was an idol drama. After watching it for a while, he found that one of the male characters in it had amnesia, and another female character actually pretended to be his fiancée and Xiao Baihua, his actual fiancee always looked at him with hesitant eyes.

——It turned out to be a thunder drama.

Yu Siyang yawned clearly.

Sure enough, watching dramas when you can’t sleep could help you sleep.

On TV, the man with amnesia held his fake fiancé and looked at Xiao Baihua in a daze. Even though the fake fiancée didn’t leave, he was still thinking “Why do I think this person is so familiar”. The scene changed from day to night. The man with amnesia leaned on the sofa, holding a glass of red wine in his hand, staring straight at the gorgeous night view outside the window, still continuing his inner monologue-“Why did I find that woman very familiar? Why do I always want to see her? Why do I feel upset when I don’t see her? Why don’t I want to see her crying? Why do I want to be nice to her, as long as she is happy, I am willing to do anything?”

“How can there be so many whys…” Yu Siyang closed his eyes uncontrollably, muttered in his mouth, closed his eyes, and fell asleep in seconds.

He forgot to turn the TV off, and the amnesia man in it was still asking a series of thunderous and hypocritical “whys”. Perhaps because of too many parallel sentences, which were comparable to brainwashing sentences were heard by him, but it caused Yu Siyang’s dreams to be flooded with various “whys”.

When he woke up early the next morning, the TV drama had already changed to morning news. Yu Siyang sat up from the bed with messy hair, squinted his eyes and recalled the scene in his dream, thinking of himself in the dream asking Mr. Xue “Why do I always I want to see you, I always want to make good food for you, and I always want to be nice to you.”

This…why did he ask Mr. Xue like this in his dream? Ahhhhhhh… this dream was so strange!

Yu Siyang was confused, and always felt that there was something wrong with him, such as… psychological abnormality or something.

He hurriedly found his cell phone, opened a side account in the 818 community and posted a message for help.

Original poster: “A friend is very good to me. I always want to see him. I miss him even if I don’t see him for a day. I always want to make him delicious food. I don’t like others saying he is not good. Okay, what kind of psychology is this?”

He posted the post early in the morning, when there were not many people in the forum. He refreshed it several times but no one had responded, so he put down his phone and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

It must be the thunder drama he watched before going to bed. The lines were so magical that he was brainwashed in just a few minutes.

Well, that’s it, that’s right.

When Yu Siyang finished washing and had just changed his clothes, Luo Peng knocked on the door and asked him to have breakfast.

He came to Xinshan City to record the show. Jin Ce arranged the road show in Xinshan City on Sunday and also held a small movie fan meeting. In Jin Ce’s words, it was to arrange time and resources reasonably.

Jin Ce arranged the time reasonably, and Luo Peng also did the same. The time for the movie fan meeting was set in the afternoon. In the morning, Luo Peng arranged an interview with an online media, and they would fly back to Yunzhong City in the evening. There was no free time during the day.

As a result, the post he posted was temporarily forgotten.


After a night’s rest, the next Sunday, the melon-eating crowd continued to gossip about the “things that the Imperial Xue family had to say” with full spirits.

And they didn’t know if someone in the know broke the news, or if the netizens’ technology was really strong enough to go against the sky, not only the “famous” Xue family’s illegitimate son’s black material was dug clean, even the brothers of Xue Li were not spared.

All kinds of black materials burst out in an endless stream, and there was no one to curb the development of the situation.

Xue Li and his brothers couldn’t stop it and asked someone to contact the poster to delete the posts on Weibo, but the person who they contacted just said a few vague perfunctory words and hung up the phone.

The Xue family in the imperial capital, had really been turbulent in the past few months. Xue Li also felt that the wall was pushed down by the people some time ago, but he was wrong. Now it was the real wall that was pushed by the people. There was a prevailing opinion that since the elders were like this, the youngsters from the family would naturally be the same.

The younger brothers naturally resented. They hated Xue Chengji, the illegitimate son for causing the downfall of the Xue family, hatef Xue Li’s inability to save the crisis, and hated Xue Chengxiu for being selfish and ruthless.

At the same time, more and more people were worshipping Xue Chengxiu online.

First-class ability, handsome, nice to employees, and keen on charity, coupled with the not-so-good childhood experience, Xue Chengxiu’s perfection had a slight flaw. It was this flaw that made netizens feel that he was real. They felt distressed for him, and some netizens even said that “Xue Chengxiu could be listed as a model for strugglers.”

Mr. Xue became an internet celebrity inexplicably, and Hengsheng Group also became the “most wanted company” in the survey of netizens. As a result, at the opening of the stock market on Monday, Hengsheng’s stock rushed upward. A few days ago, shareholders who went to the company to find faults felt very painful and thought that they really weren’t calm enough. Look at how slippery the chairman’s public opinion operation was and thinking about how they were still organizing a group to find faults with him. Oh, their face hurt even more.


In such a good situation, Xue Chengji’s case finally opened.

Standing in the dock, Xue Chengji looked around in the courtroom and found that Xue Chengxiu hadn’t come, and suddenly felt that he was being mocked.

What did Xue Chengxiu mean? He felt that he had been sentenced, so he was not worth paying attention to?

Xue Chengji didn’t get angry. Although he did not want to plead guilty, he took the initiative to plead guilty in the face of the hard evidence. He thought maybe the judge would see his good attitude in pleading guilty and won’t make the sentence so heavy.

The bastard Xue Chengxiu must have deliberately not come, just to provoke him and make the judge severely sentence him.

This person had been so sinister since he was a child.

Naturally, Xue Chengxiu didn’t know about Xue Chengji’s inner thoughts.

Chairman Xue, who had suddenly become an Internet celebrity, had no time to pay too much attention to a person who was destined to spend half his life in jail. He was secretly poking open a post called “Cod Bar”, and there were a lot of comments under it. CP fans were sending out short essays that could be explained clearly.

Yes, it was the CP fan, the CP of Xue Chengxiu and Yu Siyang, not other people’s cats and dogs.

The cause of the incident has to be seen from a few days ago, that is, last Sunday, after Yu Siyang praised his boss, Mr. Xue, on the show, some netizens found out Mr. Xue’s photo, and when they saw it, they were shocked that he was so handsome.

Then there was a rotten woman who photoshopped Mr. Xue’s photo and Yu Siyang’s photo together, and the same person immediately said: ah ah ah ah, the head of my family and the good boss of China are just a match.

Therefore, after the “Hongyu CP” and “Zheyu CP”, another “Cod CP” came out. The rotten girls were happy to match Yu Siyang with another CP. The CP fans were divided into several factions, and each faction said that theirs was the best. It was the kingly way, the others were cults, and they were too noisy, but when girlfriend fans attacked CP fans, the three groups would combine and fight strongly with the external threat of girlfriend fans.

Xue Chengxiu accidentally saw a four-frame short manga when he was scanning Weibo. The accompanying text on Weibo read “I am a faithful cod CP powder. The cod is more adorable and lovely, better than everything else.”

After he clicked on the big picture, there were two Q version figures with big heads and small bodies. The shorter figure was Yu Siyang. After reading the manga carefully, Xue Chengxiu was sure that the taller one was him.

The short manga was very cute. The content was that his child was bullied and came to him crying. He immediately patted his chest to help him get back at the bully. His child stared at him happily.

Xue Chengxiu didn’t expect Yu Siyang’s fans to be so cute. He secretly registered a Weibo account and gave the manga a thumbs up. He also read many PO articles about “Cod CP” based on a Weibo, and then according to the Weibo Guided path, found “cod bar”.

Since then, Mr. Xue opened the door to a new world.

T/N: Poor deluded Xue Chengji!!!

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[1] Referring to the fact that everything others have is better than what one has.

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