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After seeing the only remaining tape, Liang Dao’s face suddenly became darker than the bottom of the pot.

Xu Qingwan’s burns were not at all accidentally received when fighting a fire, but because she deliberately harmed herself! Director Liang recalled Xu Qingwan’s tearful performance in the selfie video, where she kept saying that her wounds didn’t hurt and that it was worth it to save people and immediately felt a little nauseous.

How did she come up with such high-sounding words?

Director Liang was an old-fashioned director who paid great attention to the quality of the actors underneath. This time he couldn’t help but regret picking up the other person. This Xu Qingwan was not only disrespectful to the crew, but also a liar. She had caused her own injuries. She also sold it horribly on Weibo, this person was simply – simply unreasonable!

He was furious at Xu Qingwan’s hypocrisy, and even had an impulse to immediately publish the contents of this video so that everyone could look at this person’s face, but after he calmed down, he realized that it was impossible to do so.

Because he was responsible for the entire crew, and Xu Qingwan was also the second most important female in “Qin Guo”. Due to the fire accident, everyone from the outside world was already slandering them. If there was another incident, he didn’t know what else would happen.

Xu Qingwan alone is not important, and even Director Liang felt that she has a problem with her conduct and should be taught a lesson. But what if it affected the crew and the reputation of the film after it was made public? As the person in charge, Liang Dao had to consider this practical issue.

The editing staff nearby accompanied Director Liang to watch. He was stunned when he saw Xu Qingwan reaching into the flames. He subconsciously turned his head and glanced at the gloomy expression of Director Liang, and asked carefully: “Director Liang, This…what are we going to do?”

Director Liang said nothing. This matter was a little bit smaller, but Xu Qingwan’s self-harm stunt hyped up this issue. After all, she was not the person who set fire, and it was not illegal to pursue it, right?

“…Change the script.” Director Liang thought for a long time and decided not to gamble with the entire crew, but he had the persistence of an old director. After seeing Xu Qingwan’s face clearly, how could he still want to continue give her the treatment of the second female lead? So, he said blankly, “From the period when Yun Meng burned the underground palace, it is changed to that she wanted to harm people but accidentally caused herself harm as well. Yun He was rescued by the new emperor from the secret road, and Xu Qingwan was killed!!”

“Well, this tape …… ” The staff was very embarrassed, whether to delete the recording or not?

Director Liang remembered that Siyu had asked to look through the video at first, but…this kind of thing was not easy for others to watch.

Before, he promised Ji Lin saying that it would be sent to them, it seemed he was going to break his promise. But Director Liang was a little puzzled. Why did Siyu suddenly remember this incident? Did she already know that Xu Qingwan had a problem?

Originally, Xu Qingwan still had a few major scenes behind, but after this incident, Director Liang was completely disappointed in her. Although, he couldn’t make the video public and let her drag the crew into the water, but it was not difficult to fix her during the shooting.

So, Director Liang immediately called the screenwriter team. After repeated consultations, he changed the original script overnight and directly promoted Yun He, played by Siyu, to the second female lead. After all this was done, Director Liang slowly distributed the new script to everyone. Here, a statement was released saying that this was the final version that was finalized after discussing with the screenwriting team in order to achieve the most perfect effect. Originally, “Qin Guo” had the practice of making changes while filming, so everyone didn’t say anything. When other actors got the new script, they went back and looked at it as soon as possible. However, Xu Qingwan was the only one who knocked on the director’s lounge door with an ugly expression after discovering that she had been written to death in the middle.

“Director Liang, I want to ask why the script was suddenly changed? “Xu Qingwan didn’t know what was going on, but as soon as she stepped in, she saw Director Liang’s unhappy face, so she suppressed the anxiety in her heart and smiled reluctantly, “Can you think about it again? I think that if Yun Meng died in this plot, it would be a bit too abrupt.”

She didn’t know if Director Liang did it on purpose. Everyone got the new script, and it finally reached Xu Qingwan’s hands. She almost fainted after reading it. This was to sweep her out immediately! Her highlight was at the back, has it been deleted now?

What was this! She also hoped to earn her a wave of fame after the release of “Qin Guo”!

Director Liang had long expected that after the script would be changed, Xu Qingwan would definitely not be able to sit still. The old director was drinking tea sitting on the ground and said, “This is also decided after careful discussion with the screenwriter. Although the drama has been reduced, the original promised pay is still not changed. Besides, weren’t you the one who raised the problem and changed it at the beginning? I remember the falling water scene very clearly.” He remembered it clearly and thought of Xu Qingwan crying in that video about how she fell into the water. Director Liang felt that this person turned black into white very easily. It was obvious that Siyu had been soaked in the water for most of the scene. He later learned that Siyu had a fever during filming the scene, but she didn’t make a fuss at all. On the other hand, Xu Qingwan, this whole person was alive and kicking, but there was no shame!

Director Liang had a good official reason, and Xu Qingwan couldn’t put a knife on his neck, forcing him to return her role. She would continue to lose her face, and she was too suffocated.

“Director Liang, can you tell me why?” Xu Qingwan was not a fool. She was the only one in the whole crew who was cut off. While that woman Zhou Siyu soared up and became the second female. Someone must have deliberately targeted her!

Director Liang glanced at her unwilling look, sneered in his heart, and aimed a look at her! Let her know what’s wrong!

“Your injury… are you recovering well?” Director Liang didn’t answer directly, but instead glanced at Xu Qingwan’s bandaged arm and asked meaningfully.

Xu Qingwan was taken aback for a moment: “Huh? Ah, yes, yes… the doctor said that the bandage could be removed soon.”

She wondered, why did Director Liang suddenly mention this? But this gave Xu Qingwan another good reason to sell her misery. She immediately pretended to touch the wound unintentionally, tears in her eyes and said, “But Director Liang, I have prepared these high tide scene for a long time, because of this accident…I don’t know if there will be scars on my hands…”

Xu Qingwan did mention it. It’s okay, when Director Liang mentioned how the injury came, the disappointment in his heart grew stronger and stronger. Unfortunately, he thought Xu Qingwan was good at first; he was really blind!

Director Liang became more impatient with Xu Qingwan’s fake misery. In fact, apart from considerations about the influence and thus not being able to make the video public, Director Liang could come forward and accuse Xu Qingwan of slandering the image of the crew. But he did not so, since he saw that she was an actor of the crew and was merciful, but Xu Qingwan was doing well, and she had to take a mile after being given an inch!

“Is your injury accidentally caused when saving people? You know in your heart.” Director Liang put down the teacup heavily and looked at her coldly, “I don’t care, it’s to give each other face. Your scenes over and you can leave at any time. Of course, if you are still not convinced, you can continue to make trouble, but at that time public opinion will not be on your side, it doesn’t necessarily matter.” Director Liang pointed out. Xu Qingwan panicked when she heard it. What did he mean? Does it mean that Director Liang knows that this wound was problematic? Impossible…impossible, it was so messy, who would notice?

Zhou Siyu… By the way, it must be that woman!

Xu Qingwan didn’t know what evidence Director Liang had. It would be okay, if Siyu just said it verbally, in case, in case there is an image remaining… then it will destroy the persona she created for herself in the neitzens’s eyes!

“Director Liang, I didn’t mean that. I was just worried that changing the script would make the following plot unsmooth. Since you have said so, of course I have no opinion.” Xu Qingwan changed her words quickly. She didn’t dare to offend Director Liang and could only knock down her teeth and swallow blood. Obviously, this was a great opportunity!

Director Liang watched coldly and waved her out impatiently. Xu Qingwan didn’t realize her problem at all. Originally, she relied on self-injury to get attention first, then she did not listen to the crew’s command and acted without authorization. It was relatively light to cut off the scenes behind her. After being disciplined, she still didn’t know how to repent!

Xu Qingwan’s role had been finished, and she had no reason to stay in the crew. She packed up her things and left the studio the next day.

As soon as she left, Siyu was finally released from the nursing home by Fifth Master Lu and returned to the crew with Ji Lin.

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