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Siyu naturally received the new script. She went to Director Liang as soon as she came back. She frowned and asked, “Director Liang, what happened, does it have anything to do with the video?”

Director Liang saw that she was a little frustrated, after all he was the one who has decided that this video would not be made public for the sake of not causing any more incidents-at least until the release of “Qin Guo”, it could not be made public, but he couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed that he had not done what he had promised.

“Siyu, I’ve watched the video. Xu Qingwan does have a problem, but it has nothing to do with the arson incident, and she has already left. Do you think we should put it aside first?” Director Liang cautiously ask.

Siyu raised her eyebrows, “She did what?”

Ji Lin had been unhappy for a long time, and also chimed in next to her, “Director Liang, the two of us are old friends, and you will even hide such a thing, is it right?”

Director Liang said with a wry smile, “Actually… Xu Qingwan’s injury was caused by herself. She was also unlucky, and the camera that survived was aimed at her position.” Bai Mi finally had a stray eye, and he didn’t know if it was true.

“…” Siyu really didn’t expect Xu Qingwan to be able to do this.

Ji Lin was dumbfounded, and after a long while he burst out into curses, “Fuck, is she sick?”

Not only was she sick, the three people present felt that her brain was flooded.

Director Liang sighed, “Our crew is troubled now, Siyu, I hope you can understand. I know you and Xu Qingwan have a little friction in private, but these video materials should not be made public immediately.”

This meant that he wanted to take it lightly, and Ji Lin frowned suddenly, “Director Liang, you are a bit unkind.”

Siyu was silent for a while before whispering, “Director Liang, you can give me the video. You can be rest assured that I know how to act and won’t let these things affect “Qin Guo”, but if I need these things, you should look at the Lu family’s face too, can you?”

The Lu family had invested a lot of money in this drama, and Director Liang knew that the funds were actually only for Siyu alone, which was equivalent to her being their biggest benefactor. Siyu brought out the Lu family, and he could not refuse, so he had to hand over the videotape, but then he told her, “Don’t be too impatient.” The Lu family’s name was really useful at certain times. If Siyu hadn’t used the Lu family, Director Liang might have turned the big things into small things, and simply let it pass vaguely.

“Sister, do you want to punish Xu Qingwan?” Ji Lin didn’t feel that his sister had done too much but was instead eager to assist her. Anyway, when he was determined to block Xu Qingwan’s upward path, he had already made his position clear. How did Xu Qingwan have anything to do with him? As long as his sister was happy.

Siyu squeezed the tape, thoughtfully, “A Lin, you find someone to cut out the useful things in it. Sooner or later, we could use it. I only promised Director Liang not to speak before the movie was released, but I didn’t agree that I won’t say anything later.” She had a hunch that Xu Qingwan would not be so eager to give up, and these things would be the most powerful evidence by then.

There was no Xu Qingwan in the crew. Instead of feeling any discomfort, everyone felt more at ease. After all, Xu Qingwan bought a variety of snacks to share with everyone every day. It was okay once or twice. If there were more, it seems deliberate. The news about her on Weibo caused everyone’s impression of her to drop to a freezing point. Everyone was overjoyed when she left, and everyone no longer had to hide and spit in private.

Siyu’s role had been doubled and she also replaced Xu Qingwan as one of the main characters in the later stage. The limelight almost overshadowed Han Tiantian, who played the heroine. Originally everyone in the crew was waiting for Han Tiantian to be angry… However, Han Tiantian didn’t have any grudges, but treated Siyu more intimately than anyone else.

“Siyu, thank you, thank you for reminding me that day.” Han Tiantian, the leading actress, was naturally assigned to a separate dressing room. She invited Siyu in while she was resting. She blushed just as she said this.

Siyu glanced over her head, and her previous grey luck had changed to light pink. It seemed that she should have escaped the bad luck smoothly and turned the crisis into peace.

Han Tiantian still had lingering fears. She went to the reception at the time, and the other members of the group were there, but the negotiation with the company did not go well, the captain Su Mingxue came to persuade her to make peace and offered her a glass of wine. Han Tiantian was about to drink it, but Siyu’s warning flashed in his mind, so the wine couldn’t be drunk anymore.

Later, while Su Mingxue was not paying attention, she swapped this glass of wine with the glass in front of Su Mingxue, and watched Su Mingxue drink it unconsciously, but after a while, she didn’t see any anomaly, so Han Tiantian still thought that she was careless.

But an hour later, a large number of reporters suddenly rushed in, as if aiming at the target, they rushed to the guest room and started smashing the door. Then, Han Tiantian saw Su Mingxue wrapped in a towel screaming from the room. She rushed out, the bed in the room was messy, and a strange man was still asleep. She yelled “It’s not me, you made a mistake” while escaping from the reporter’s chase, causing her to accidentally fall down while walking down the stairs. She hit the floor and fainted.

This series of farce ruined the entire cocktail party, and Su Mingxue herself became a joke. After all, there was both human and physical evidence. Even if the company’s senior executives desperately helped her whitewash, it was absolutely impossible to do this under Su Mingxue’s conditions. It happened, but the media didn’t believe it. They had pictures with the truth in their hands, and they exploded as soon as they were posted on the Internet.

Before Su Mingxue was regarded as a house goddess, how popular she was, now she was being spurned by others. Fans couldn’t accept that the pure goddess in their hearts was actually messing with old men, and the evidence was solid, and she wanted to wash herself clean. No more. As soon as this matter fermented, Su Mingxue got out of the entertainment circle and immediately boarded the hot search. The company had to temporarily hide her because of the pressure, and in order to prevent the team from being without a leader, they turned their head and found her. The despised Han Tiantian was begged, hoping that she would temporarily assume the role of captain.

Han Tiantian didn’t remember it at first, but after a few days of thinking about it, she was suddenly afraid. Although she didn’t like this Su Mingxue, she knew that Su Mingxue was cautious and would never seek death on her own, so the problem could only be…that glass of wine.

She exchanged the wine that Su Mingxue handed back, and then something went wrong with Su Mingxue… Wouldn’t it be that if she was the one who drank that glass of wine, Su Mingxue’s fate would be replaced by her?

“You asked me to be careful of Su Mingxue at the time. Is that what you meant?” Han Tiantian said in detail about what happened at the time. After reacting, she immediately remembered Siyu’s warning, but how did Siyu know about Su Mingxue? Curiosity was going to kill her.

“It’s fine, if you are fine.” Siyu heard that Su Mingxue was likely to be forced out of the group because of the scandal, and sighed softly, “It was self-inflicted.”

If there was no bad intention at the beginning, how could it bear bad results?

Han Tiantian saw Siyu didn’t want to go into details and didn’t ask her wittily, but this didn’t prevent her from being grateful. If it hadn’t been for Siyu’s two reminders, she might have been ruined…

“The company wants me to take charge as the captain They said that they are willing to give me all my strength to support me, I don’t know whether to agree.” Han Tiantian subconsciously equated Siyu with a godly assist, after all, she was an unknown prophet and saved herself once, so, she was indecisive and first thought of seeking Siyu’s opinion.

Siyu looked at the light pink luck on her head. Since the color showed her good fortune, no matter what choice Han Tiantian made, it would be beneficial to her. Therefore, Siyu only said, “According to your own heart.”

Han Tiantian actually had the idea of quitting the group a long time ago. The company’s resource allocation was unfair, and they have been stepping on her to support Su Mingxue. Now, that Su Mingxue had fallen, they remembered to compensate her. What was the point of staying there?

But she was afraid that after leaving the group, she would be worse than now, so she wavered, but Siyu’s words were like a reassurance, giving her the courage and Han Tiantian made up her mind in an instant.

She wanted to fly solo!

“Siyu, I don’t know how to thank you…” Han Tiantian threw off a big burden and immediately became refreshed. Therefore, the more she looked at Siyu, the more pleasing she felt. Why didn’t she know her earlier? No wonder, some netizens liked to call her little angel, she was simply the angel’s messenger!

“I have some resources at hand, should I recommend you a few? Oh, yes, I also know how many variety shows are looking for people, I can also help you ask…” Han Tiantian thought to herself, as for how to repay others, who expected Siyu to be unmoved, she flatly refused.

Han Tiantian was immediately anxious: “Don’t, you helped me so much, I’m sorry!”

Seeing Han Tiantian looking at herself persistently and expectantly, Siyu thought for a while and reluctantly asked, “Do you really want to repay me?”

Han Tiantian nodded sharply.

So, Siyu took out her mobile phone and said calmly: “Then help me promote this painter. Weibo’s name is Koi for 500 years. You have so many young girls among your fans. You should be able to attract them. Many people come to see…” In the previous confession incident, the editor Muyan praised the marketing work well. Siyu learned from other things and suddenly thought, yes, the number of celebrities’ fans was unmatched by ordinary people. If they advertised, presumably her comics could be even more popular, right? Very good, she decided to start with Han Tiantian!

Han Tiantian: “???”…… The recent Weibo was very lively, with major events one after another. The fire incident in the “Qin Guo” crew had not subsided, and then the house goddess Su Mingxue’s scandal was exposed and turned into everyone treating her like the mouse on the street, and then, Han Tiantian, the second in command of the Angel Wings, openly confessed that she wanted to thank a special person on her Weibo?

@Han Tiantian: I hate it! Your little angel, Siyu, amusing me for a comic called “Fashion Guide”, which caused me to spend two whole nights watching it all night, and the dark circles under my eyes couldn’t be covered during the filming! @ Five hundred years of koi, this person asks for update! You are responsible for digging a hole, you know!!

Netizens: …what the hell?  They had the impression that this koi carp has just been publicly confessed by Zhou Siyu a few days ago. Why did it suddenly appear on Han Tiantian’s Weibo?

What was going on, had the entertainment industry been poisoned by this koi? How come there were celebrities who were selling Amway[1] for her!

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[1] Pyramid scheme where everyone who buys the products also promotes or sells them.

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