THCFCF Ch. 65 Childhood Sweethearts

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The owner of the dog was a little girl with two ponytails. She ran over quickly, grabbed the golden retriever, put a leash around its neck, and scolded angrily: “Why are you so disobedient? You won’t get food tonight.”


The Golden Hairy was aggrieved and howled twice, but his wet eyes kept looking at Song Yu unblinkingly.

The little girl stood up holding the golden retriever, her face full of apologies: “I’m sorry, I let it run without paying attention, I will pay attention next time. I’m really sorry, I scared you.”

Of course, Song Yu had no face to admit that he was scared by a dog. He was too embarrassed. He looked around for someone to help him out.

Xie Sui regained consciousness, and his thoughts jarred instantly.

The bizarre memories were returned to blankness, concealing the coldness and deep thoughts in his heart.

He glanced at Song Yu, adjusted his mind, tilted his head and said casually to the little girl: “It’s okay, anyway, the person who was frightened–“

However, the three words “not me” were not spoken from his mouth.

Song Yu pinched his arm fiercely.

Through the thin school uniform, he twisted vigorously, making his hands hurt.

The corners of Xie Sui’s lips raised, and he calmly changed his words: “Oh, no one was scared. You quickly take it away. I remember that the school does not allow pets into the playground.”

The little girl looked at Song Yu who was hiding behind him in confusion, “Then this little brother…”

Xie Sui smiled and said, “Don’t get me wrong, he is not afraid of dogs, he just likes to stay behind me.”

Song Yu: “…”

The little girl walked away holding the golden retriever.

Song Yu finally breathed a sigh of relief, and then realized that he lost his face in front of Xie Sui and scratched his hair, depressed.

Xie Sui turned his head and asked, “Are you afraid of dogs?”

Song Yu had already wanted to open up and admit that he was afraid and embarrassed after seeing the dog. Anyway, a real man would never be too cool to face his weakness.

He nodded, his eyes rolled up as if he was reminiscing something, but he couldn’t remember it clearly, and said with a vague impression: “Well, the shadow of my childhood, I think I saw a mad dog biting someone, I remember.”

Xie Sui’s dark eyes were thoughtful, and once again he heard Song Yu mention “when I was a child”.

Song Yu talked to him last night, and when he talked about the past, he was also vague like this.

“Come with me,” Xie Sui said suddenly.

Song Yu was stunned, wondering why he suddenly made this request: “I haven’t run yet.”

Xie Sui: “Then I will wait for you to finish.”

“Forget it, that’s it anyway, I’ll just chat with you for the rest of the time.”

Generally, “walk with me” meant that person had something to say in his heart. It was rare for Xie Sui to make such a request. Compared with sports, of course, good brothers were more important.

Xie Sui nodded: “Okay.”

There were no people left on the playground now, the sun was dim, and was slowly setting over the horizon.

Xie Sui looked ahead, was silent for a while, and suddenly said, “Song Yu, what kind of person have I always been in your eyes?”

“Huh?” Song Yu was stunned. He was ready to hear Xie Sui talk about his young man’s concerns, but it turned out to be such a problem?

He opened his eyes slightly, his light brown eyes filled with confusion. “Which aspect? Cold? Abstinent? Kaolin flower? High IQ genius?”

“Too exaggerated.”

Xie Sui smiled: “In all aspects, what you think is what is true.”

He was serious about this question.

Song Yu also accepted the playful reply, met his eyes, and his uncontrollable thinking emerged again. Why did Xie Sui ask him this question? Generally, asking others about their opinion was mostly a manifestation of low self-confidence? Ha, Xie Sui was hit?

…Who could give him such a blow?

Song Yu furrowed his brows, hesitated for a while, and began to organize his words seriously, “I think- very good personality, gentle and considerate, super patient, and very kind.”

Xie Sui chuckled at his evaluation: “Is this the me in your dreams?”

Song Yu: “…” These were all compliments to him.

Xie Sui didn’t know why Song Yu’s impression of him was “kind”. He admitted that he did not have the “cruelty” and “unscrupulousness” that was associated with him in the rumors spread through city A in his previous life, but he also had nothing to do with the word “kindness”.

Song Yu was not reconciled and decided to give him an example to convince him: “But when I first met you, you were saving people. The first time you were in Linshui, didn’t you just save a woman? Drinking for her? Didn’t you save your co-worker when you got into a fight with that gang?”

Xie Sui was slightly taken aback and found it rather funny.

Saving the co-worker, it happened before he was reborn; as for the drinking afterwards, that was because he had a plan.

“What if I am not what you think?”

Xie Sui asked him in a casual tone, as if making a joke.

Song Yu reacted quickly: “That’s not possible.”

What he liked was Xie Sui, a real person, not a false phantom from his imagination.

Xie Sui was stunned for a few seconds, then laughed a few times, and restrained his confused look from being seen by Song Yu.

His peach blossom eyes were curved, the eyes were thin and cold, but the look in the eyes was deep and gentle.

Xie Sui: “Maybe my self-introduction last time could be more complete.”

Song Yu looked at him.

Xie Sui slowly said, “Not cold, not abstinent, not a genius. Not kind, maybe I’m pretty bad.”

Song Yu was stunned for a moment, and was amused by him: “You, how can you say that you are bad?”

Xie Sui asked, “Who said I said it?”

Song Yu: “Huh?”

Xie Sui looked deeply into his eyes and smiled and said, “A child said it.”

Song Yu was surprised: “What did you do to him?”

Xie Sui: “Secret.”

Song Yu began to scorn him: “Didn’t you just beat others. I couldn’t see that you have a habit of bullying the weak. It’s too bad. I didn’t think you would do so, classmate. Would you like me to enlighten and educate you?”

Xie Sui smiled: “That’s not it.”


After running back to the apartment, taking a shower and eating, Song Yu took out the textbook and papers and began to sort out the wrong questions.

After all, the sports meeting was just an interlude, and the midterm exams were his home court.

Halfway through the writing, the phone rang, and it was his father.

Song Yu had good grades and had enough confidence now. Before when he saw President Song on the phone, he only felt that the phone was hot, but now he could get through the call with peace of mind.

“Hey Dad.”

On the phone, Mr. Song said, “I have asked someone to send the watch you want to Jing Cheng.”

The hand that was turning the pen paused, ecstatic.

Song Yu: “Okay, thank you dad. You’re always so fast, reliable, and efficient!” At this time, he didn’t just mean the words as a rainbow fart[1].

Mr. Song was so refreshed and comfortable, but he wanted to save face: “Do you think I will be happy if you say so much? You only have these two words to praise people. Read more.”

Song Yu was in a very good mood and didn’t want to talk to him, but said enthusiastically, “Then I will give it away.”

President Song: “Is it really a gift for a classmate?”

Song Yu: “Well, it’s his birthday present.”

President Song, who had not received a gift from his younger son, was immediately upset, and his tone was a bit sour: “You are so generous giving birthday gifts worth millions of yuan.”

Song Yu smiled and said, “Friendship is priceless.”

Anyway, Mr. Song had a busy schedule and was going to a meeting soon, so he didn’t talk much.

After Song Yu hung up the phone, his whole heart was excited, and the corners of his mouth rose uncontrollably.

Looking at the chemistry question about making oxygen from potassium permanganate for a long time, there was no answer in his mind.

His head was full of imaginations about Xie Sui’s expression when he would receive the gift.

He would be flattered, and then he would smile and say, “Thank you Brother Yu.”


Now even the little rising arrow of oxygen looked extremely cute.

In fact, he was not a person who paid attention to details. If he wanted to send Xie Sui a watch, it was because that dream impressed him too deeply. The man in the black suit who got out of the car was tall with the elegant and luxurious watch on his hand, and the rain made the diamonds on the watch shimmer. It almost blended with the cold temperament of the whole person.

He felt that Xie Sui would like this birthday gift.

Of course, Song Yu could not be happy alone. Unable to hold back, he put the homework aside and went to poke Xie Sui.

After typing a line, he immediately woke up and deleted it silently.

Wasn’t the birthday gift a mystery and surprise? ——If he said it in advance, it would be boring.

He just clicked on the chat page, and he stayed there, without saying a word.

After hesitating for a while, Song Yu decided to set the atmosphere first.

[When is your birthday?]

[I will give you a very impressive gift on your birthday】

[You can look forward to it from now]

The gift hadn’t been given yet, but it was his style to make people look forward to it first.

When receiving this message, Xie Sui was looking through the information of the Song family, and his gaze fell on the words “Song family’s young master fell into the water when he was six-year-old on a private island”, and his eyes became as deep as a cold dark pool.

As soon as he bowed his head, seeing Song Yu’s three messages, the coldness in his heart instantly disappeared, and he smiled.

【It is good】

【I will look forward to it】

Song Yu couldn’t hold back, grinning at the phone, and said in his heart: A gift costing millions is worth looking forward to.

He didn’t know if it was because of the chat with Xie Sui before going to bed, or that he was startled by the dog during the day, but when he went to bed after drinking milk, a dream about the memory of the original owner in the book began to appear again.

A place of pure white light and shadow, and his mother was talking to him.

“Aunt Xu will come here later with her son, he is one year older than you, control your temper, be sweet, be good, remember to call him brother.”

The child chewed the candy and was very dissatisfied: “Why, why should I call him brother when he is only one year older than me!”

“I asked you to call, what are you doing talking so much nonsense.”

“I won’t. In school, we all call a person brother if he fights well. This brother can’t be said casually. It’s a matter of face, unless you let me fight him.”

His mother laughed angrily at him: “I see that your rebellious period came a bit early? I don’t need him to fight you, I will convince you first.”

“… Actually, it’s not impossible to call him brother.”

When he was a child, Song Yu was very delicate. His light brown hair was soft and long, his skin was milky white, and his eyes were clear and transparent like glass beads.

As it was summer at the manor, he was wearing a white T-shirt and gray loose shorts, his legs were white and straight, he was holding his water gun, and was unwillingly being dragged by his mother.

“Yuyu, call him brother.”

Next to the fairy-looking Aunt Xu was an equally exquisite young boy.

Only one year older, but a head taller than him. He was wearing shirt and trousers, had black hair, looked well-educated, and was polite when facing his mother. When he kept looking at him, he stopped holding his mother’s hand.

Impatience and indifference could hardly be hidden from his dark eyes.

At first glance, it could be seen that he had a bad attitude. Song Yu could not bear to call this boy brother.

The child tugged his face coldly.

His mother looked down on him for a long time, staring at him, and whispered: “If you don’t call, you will lose all the toys in your room.”

Song Yu: “……”

He was so angry that he wanted to shoot the water gun on the face of the opposite person. Gritting his teeth, he called: “Brother.”

Xie Sui did not encounter those bad things when he was a child, and his personality was not so silent. The two were stunned to meet each other, and neither of them was satisfied. Song Yu’s “brother” was shouted reluctantly, his eyes looked to be fierce, as if he was threatening him, and he would die if he dared to answer him.

How could Xie Sui be threatened by him, even though he felt a little bad in his heart, he still said, smiling: “Well, little sister.”

Song Yu: “!” He was so angry that he couldn’t speak.

Aunt Xu was taken aback for a moment and said to Xie Sui: “You called him wrong, it’s a younger brother.”

Xie Sui pretended as if he had a sudden realization, although he didn’t at all, and said insincerely: “Ah, sorry, I thought he was a girl.”

Song Yu: “……..”

Damn this one must be fought.

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[1] Flattery.

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