MGSGW Ch. 252

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“Oh. Yes, then you straighten your arms.” Lin Mumu still biting the lollipop refused to let go, and ordered vaguely.

Not to mention, undressing was quite tiring, so she broke out in sweat after tossing for a long time, but she didn’t even take off his shirt…

Yun Ting straightened her arms obediently.

What’s wrong?

Lin Mumu obviously meant to let him stretch his arms above his head so that she could undress him.

However, Yun Ting’s straightening meant stretching forward.

His two arms were straight and strong, just stretched out on both sides of Lin Mumu’s body, as long as he exerted a little force, he could hug people.

This was the straightening that Yun Ting liked.

Lin Mumu didn’t have the energy to fight for the correct posture with him, so it was fine, it won’t hinder her from taking it off.

After Yun Ting’s hard work and cooperation, the clothes were finally settled. His muscles were tight and powerful, and his abdominal muscles were arranged one by one, like a work of art.

Lin Mumu stretched out her small hand, touched him restlessly a few times, and then turned her attention to the belt.

This she would do! The speed must be accelerated!

There was light in Lin Mumu’s eyes, and she muttered in a low voice: “I don’t care, I want a child. Then no one can return me.”

Yun Ting’s heart warmed up, and his arms clenched tightly with the urge to hold this person in his arms again.

“Don’t worry, I won’t return you.” Yun Ting whispered in her ear, and the fine and dense lip prints also fell on her neck bit by bit.

Lin Mumu’s hands were still restlessly fighting against the belt.

This time it went really well, and she quickly undid his belt and pulled it out.

Yun Ting was very patient and enjoyed Lin Mumu’s initiative and her torment.

Lin Mumu blushed and took off his camouflage pants.

“Wait a minute.” Yun Ting just remembered to bolt the door.

When he went to bolt the door and came back, Lin Mumu had already fallen asleep heartlessly hugging the quilt.

She was too tired just now!

“Little fool!” Yun Ting smacked her on the forehead, and wrapped her in his arms helplessly, seeing the person in his arms sleeping peacefully, his body temperature rose again.

“You can sleep peacefully, and you won’t be responsible for the sins you committed?” There was really nothing to do with this little girl, Yun Ting looked at something that was getting harder, and could only peel back Lin Mumu with malicious intentions.

“We will help each other,” he said.

Too bad she couldn’t hear it.

Lin Mumu seemed to have a dream. In the dream, Yun Ting and her were desperately in love in the fire, desperate and passionate.

Her heart also had ups and downs following his powerful rhythm, but she was unwilling to wake up.

With Lin Mumu’s cooperation, Yun Ting was encouraged to go straight ahead and fight more and more courageously.

Lin Mumu still woke up later, staring at Yun Ting in a daze.

She seemed to want to overwhelm Yun Ting and forcibly mo**st him.

Now it seemed that she has succeeded.

It was just that the order of up and down was a bit reversed, and now Yun Ting was on top. She seemed to have been defeated and there was no way to save the battle.

Lin Mumu could only rely on her body’s instincts to hug him with her backhand to show her initiative and encouragement.

After getting Lin Mumu’s enthusiastic response, the flames of war in Yun Ting’s body were completely ignited, over and over again, until she begged for mercy exhaustedly.

When she woke up in the morning, Lin Mumu was still a little dazed.

She obviously wanted to fight back, as if she was being eaten up again.

When would it be her turn to fight back!

“Want to fulfil you?” Yun Ting stared at Lin Mumu’s fair shoulder with sharp eyes.

In the early morning, there was another reaction somewhere… He didn’t mind being pushed back by Lin Mumu once again.

“No. I’m going for a morning jog.” Lin Mumu put on her clothes stiffly, she didn’t have the strength now! Even the strength to be eaten was gone.

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