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Three days had passed in the blink of an eye. During these three days, Comrade Demon King Peng Yan did not take any action. He was instead learning the knowledge of this era. Like Mi Wan, he had been sealed in the depths of the jungle for five hundred years and knew nothing about this rapidly changing world. Even if he wanted to do something, he had to understand the world first before he could do it.

After swearing harshly at Fan Chen that day, Peng Yan found a nearby city to settle down, and then caught a hundred-year-old little demon to absorb the memory and knowledge of the other party’s hundreds of years and completed the information synchronization of this era.

From the memory and knowledge of the little demon, Peng Yan got to know many things. The rapid development of human civilization was at the expense of the demise of nature and the demon race, so this was what the high priest predicted at the beginning. The demon race would eventually perish because of the human race.

That’s why he said that there were too many human beings. If there were fewer human beings, their demon race would not degenerate so quickly. And what had Fan Chen been doing for the past five hundred years?

With this doubt, Peng Yan set his second destination at Cannes, a city full of Fan Chen’s aura.

As soon as he arrived in Cannes, he landed in Wanwu Park. Demon loved nature by nature, and he had an instinctive feeling for Wanwu Park, even though the park was full of Fan Chen’s atmosphere.

At this time, a mouse demon was limping over from a distance. He walked to a field of flowers, then squatted down, using his hands to heal a tulip that was about to wither.

“What are you doing?” Peng Yan walked over curiously.

The mouse demon saw Peng Yan at this time, and he could perceive the powerful demon power of the other party and understood that the other party was a great demon. So, he immediately replied respectfully: “I am treating this tulip.”

“The root of this flower was trampled off. You can’t cure it with your demon power.” Peng Yan glanced at the Mouse demon and said.

That’s it~~” the mouse demon was a little disappointed, “I have been taking care of this flower since it was planted, and I was wondering if I could try to cure it.”

“Gu can help you cure it, as a condition, you let Gu read your memory.” Peng Yan said.

“Ah?” The mouse demon was a little confused, could the memory be read? Wait, even if he could read it, he couldn’t sell his memory for a flower.

The mouse demon was about to refuse, but he saw Peng Yan pointing at the tulip with the broken root. The tulip quickly sprouted and bloomed under the powerful demon power, and a beautiful flower bloomed again in a short while.

“Okay, give your memory to Gu.” Peng Yan took a step forward, not giving the mouse demon a chance to speak, and pointing at the mouse demon’s eyebrows, began to read the memory.

Was this… strong buying and strong selling?

No matter what the mouse demon was thinking, he couldn’t resist Peng Yan with his strength, and the memory of the mouse demon was read by Peng Yan after a while. The mouse demon was not very old, only sixty years old, and his life was very simple. When he was born, his demon power was not strong, but he lived a peaceful life. At the age of twenty, he developed demon poison in his body. At the age of thirty, his body degenerated and he could not complete the transformation. In the same year, he was dispensed as a gardener by the Wanwu group. Until half a month ago, when he got the best employee award of Wanwu Park and was arranged to go to a place called Wanwan Pet Hospital to cure the demon poison on his body.

What was interesting was that this girl named Wan Wan seemed to be someone Fan Chen liked.

“Interesting…Fan Chen can also fall in love. In the past, Gu wanted to kill all human beings, but he said that the demon race would also perish after human beings died. Well, he had a little reason. Now Gu said that he should only kill some of them, but he still stopped me. I wondered why, it turned out that he fell in love with a human.” Peng Yan suddenly became very interested in this girl named Wan Wan, and he planned to meet the girl Fan Chen liked before doing anything. Or solve it easily.

Turning around, Peng Yan disappeared from Wanwu Park again, and flew to the pet hospital in the university city following the memory of the mouse demon.

After a while, the mouse demon whose memory had been read came back to his senses. He shook his head, looked left and right, and then looked confused: What happened just now, hey, this tulip was cured by himself?


University town, pet store.

A Roujiamo online celebrity restaurant recently opened in the food street next door. Taking advantage of the fact that there was no one in the store, Sparrow Jing went to queue to buy Roujiamo, so Xu Zhuang was the only person in the store at this time. When Peng Yan came in, Xu Zhuang was clipping the nails of a stray cat in his arms.

“Hello.” Seeing the customer, Xu Zhuang quickly got up and greeted him.

Ordinary human.

With just one glance, Peng Yan determined Xu Zhuang’s identity. This person was just an ordinary human being, not a demon hunter. And this person had a lot of animal gratitude. Although the demon race was different from ordinary animals, they would not trust this human unconditionally because of this gratitude, but it would still increase their favorability.

Because of this good impression, he decided not to take action against this human being for the time being.

“Are you looking for our boss?” Xu Zhuang knew that this person must be looking for his boss when he saw the other person’s temperament, because every day, some people with this kind of temperament would come to look for his boss.

Peng Yan nodded slightly.

“Then you go to the backyard and wait, our boss will finish class soon.” Xu Zhuang ran over and opened the backyard door. He remembered that every time a man like this man came, the little sparrow would lead them directly to the backyard of.

Peng Yan followed his advice and went to the backyard without saying thank you.

“Huh, this guy is so powerful.” After closing the door, Xu Zhuang couldn’t help but exhale.

Entering the backyard, Peng Yan noticed the swing in the yard at a glance. The vigorous demonic power on the vines showed the master’s strength all at once.

“Is this a mark left on purpose because he was afraid that a powerful demon would come to provoke here?” He remembered that this human girl named Wan Wan charged a lot of money to treat the demon clan, so he guessed that Fan Chen did it to protect her. This mark must have been left on purpose.

At this moment, a wave of spiritual power suddenly came from not far away, demon king Peng Yan was too familiar with this wave, it was the breath of a demon hunter.

“Boss, you have a guest in the backyard.” Xu Zhuang said to Mi Wan who had just finished class.

“Guest?” Mi Wan was taken aback. Wasn’t today’s guest scheduled for the evening? How come he came now?

Thinking of this, Mi Wan opened the door and went to the backyard, and then, a powerful demon force rushed towards her unexpectedly.


Mi Wan reacted very quickly. Using her palm as a knife, she split off the oncoming demon power impact, and at the same time closed the backyard gate with her backhand to prevent the demon power from spreading to Xu Zhuang in the front hall.

“Cultivation is good.”

“Who are you?” Mi Wan looked at the strange man in the courtyard warily. This was a very powerful demon with at least nine levels of cultivation.

Peng Yan didn’t answer, he first looked at Mi Wan secretly for a while, and then asked aloud: “Are you Fan Chen’s girlfriend?”

Well, that’s what people nowadays seem to call their future wives.

“You…I’m not.” Mi Wan retorted subconsciously, while guessing in doubt, he knew Fan Chen, could it be Fan Chen’s old friend?


“Of course not.”

“Could it be that Fan Chen is secretly in love?” Peng Yan suddenly felt this was even more interesting. It turned out that it wasn’t that Fan Chen fell in love with a human, but that this guy fell in love with a human, and the human still didn’t like him? Just because of this, Mi Wan became much more pleasing to Peng Yan’s eyes.

He decided to let this human demon hunter named Wan Wan live a few more days.

“Very well, I won’t kill you today.” Peng Yan said mercifully and got up to leave.

What the hell? Kill me?

“Wait, what do you mean?” Mi Wan asked.

“Since you are not Fan Chen’s girlfriend, I will let you live for a few more days.” After Peng Yan answered, he spread his wings and flew into the sky.

“Wait, you are…Peng Yan?!” Apart from Peng Yan, there was almost no other demon who dared to kill the girlfriend of the current demon king. Moreover, what do you mean, if she wasn’t Fan Chen’s girlfriend, she was not to be killed, but instead you would run away? Mi Wan suddenly became anxious, and she yelled at the sky in a hurry: “Come back to me, I am Fan Chen’s girlfriend, come and kill me~~”

At the same time, the air twisted, and Peng Yan felt Fan Chen, who emanated demon power, teleport behind Mi Wan.

“I’m really Fan Chen’s girlfriend, don’t leave.”

“I see.” Fan Chen replied instead of Peng Yan.

“…” Someone who was still roaring just now crashed on the spot.

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