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“It’s really a misunderstanding.”

“I got it.”

“It’s really a misunderstanding.”

“I got it.”

In the backyard, Mi Wan chased Fan Chen and kept explaining, but no matter how she explained, Fan Chen couldn’t help show a doting smile on his face, and then he said lightly, got it.

Got it, got it, you said you got it when you teleported over just now, but in fact you didn’t know it at all, or your knowledge is not what I want to know~~

Mi Wan stomped her feet angrily, she felt that she had been abused by that ba****d the former demon king. She hadn’t considered whether to agree to Fan Chen, and even if she wanted to agree, it definitely wasn’t in this way.

“Okay, I know, you were trying to lie to Peng Yan.” Seeing Mi Wan’s pain, Fan Chen wanted to cover his own chest, and couldn’t bear to tease her anymore. Although he was a little unreconciled with Mi Wan’s inability to accept him, it was understandable. Demon hunters were different from ordinary humans. They knew too much about the demon race. The more they knew, the more they thought. Moreover, the more Mi Wan thought carefully and hesitated, the more she would think in the long run.

Otherwise, with the love concept of human beings in this era, they would definitely not have the idea of only loving one person in their life. I like you this year, but it doesn’t mean I will like you next year, so let’s talk about a year of love first, it was probably something like this.

“Yeah, I really did it to lie to Peng Yan.” Hearing what Fan Chen said, Mi Wan suddenly felt a lot of relief in her chest, “Just now Peng Yan came over and said he was going to kill your girlfriend. But he left because I was not your girlfriend. When I was in a hurry, I called out to him that I was your girlfriend, and I wanted to deceive him…”

Mi Wan was still talking, when suddenly, there were fallen leaves floating down from above her head, and the fallen leaves were light dark gray. First a large piece fell, and in an instant, it covered the entire backyard. Mi Wan was a little confused, and then subconsciously raised her head, only to see that the lush tree above her head now had only bare branches left.

“What’s wrong with you?” Mi Wan looked at Fan Chen in confusion. She had never seen Fan Chen like this. The Fan Chen she knew was a big demon with gentle demon power. His demon power was full of vitality, which could make a hundred flowers bloom and rejuvenate the earth. As long as he was by her side, she seemed to be living in spring forever. But at this moment, Fan Chen’s eyes were cold, and his demonic power was sharp, like a sharp unsheathed blade.

Fan Chen came back to his senses. He looked at the backyard with withered vegetation, and a flash of panic flashed in his eyes. He had just lost control. Taking a deep breath to calm down, Fan Chen’s demonic power became gentle again.

“Sorry, I’ll restore the backyard to its original state right now.” As he said that, Fan Chen approached the dry sycamore tree and patted it lightly with his palm. A wave of demonic power overflowed, spreading out from the sycamore tree as the center point, and re-dyed the withered yellow backyard green. The flowers, plants and leaves that had just fallen to the ground also turned into powder and disappeared.

She didn’t know if it was Mi Wan’s illusion, but she found some changes in Fan Chen’s demon power in the two states before and after. If Fan Chen’s demonic power in a gentle state was set at the tenth level, then Fan Chen, who suddenly became freezing just now, had about an eleventh level of demonic power, and it was still rising.

“Fan Chen.” Mi Wan shouted.


“What happened to you just now?” Mi Wan asked.

“Sorry, I subconsciously extracted the energy of the surrounding vegetation just now.” Fan Chen explained.

Mi Wan nodded knowingly, the vegetation here was basically grown by Fan Chen’s demon power, so it was not surprising that he could absorb it. And as she nodded, withered yellow leaves fell from the tips of her hair.

Seeing that there were fallen leaves on her body, Mi Wan subconsciously reached out to pull them out of her hair.

“Let me come.” Seeing a fallen leaf hidden in Mi Wan’s fine hair, Fan Chen couldn’t help reaching out to help take it off.

“Is there still something on my neck? I always feel a little itchy.” Mi Wan felt that her collar was a little itchy and couldn’t help but lower her head in front of Fan Chen, lifting her hair to reveal her white neck.

Fan Chen’s breathing suddenly became rapid, as he stared at the fair and slender neck, wanting to take a bite.

“Huh, no? But I really feel a little itchy~~” Seeing Fan Chen not moving for a long time, Mi Wan thought that there was nothing on her neck, so she shrank her neck and tried to stand up straight again. And just when she was about to get up, a pair of slightly cold hands suddenly touched her warm skin, causing a shiver. This shudder, like an electric current, rushed straight to her chest with a tingling numbness.

Mi Wan suddenly felt uncomfortable, so she took a step back eagerly, and then stood up straight.

Her speed was too fast such that Fan Chen who was bending over to help her pick up the fallen leaves around her neck, had no time to dodge, and so Mi Wan’s head hit his chin fiercely.

“Pain~” Mi Wan cried out in pain, covering her head and squatting on the ground again.

Yes, it wasn’t Fan Chen who screamed in pain but Mi Wan.

“It’s okay.” Fan Chen was startled, and hurriedly checked Mi Wan’s head.

“Why is your jaw so hard?” It hurt her to death.

“The demon body itself is already strong, and you didn’t use spiritual power to protect your body just now. Of course it hurt when you hit it directly.” Fan Chen couldn’t laugh or cry, his body was as strong as a diamond, and hitting him hurt more than hitting a stone.

“Is the skin broken?” Mi Wan felt her head throbbing in pain.

“No, it’s just a little red, I’ll help you treat it.” While speaking, a gentle demonic force overflowed, wrapping around the slight redness on the top of the girl’s hair, as he quickly repaired it. After a while, the redness subsided.


“Oh.” Mi Wan said lightly, with an uncomfortable expression on her face. Fan Chen looked down at her, smiled and said nothing. For a moment, an aura of ambiguity swirled between the two of them, making them feel uneasy.

Mi Wan wanted to sing a song very much at this time: she was most afraid of the sudden silence of the air~~~

No, she had to find something to talk about: “Then what… so Peng Yan looks like this, next time I see him, I’ll be able to recognize him.”

“Next time you see him, don’t shout like you did just now.” Fan Chen reminded.

“I told you, it was a misunderstanding.” Mi Wan couldn’t help but emphasize again.

“I know, so don’t let him misunderstand.” Fan Chen explained, “I had sealed Peng Yan for five hundred years. This time after coming out, he will definitely find a way to retaliate against me. Being my girlfriend is very dangerous.”

These words, what did it mean? Did he not want her to be his girlfriend? Mi Wan suddenly felt a little unhappy. Was he doubting her strength?

“Have you misunderstood my strength? Let me tell you, I went to Molin just to assassinate Peng Yan. If it weren’t for your Qiankun Vine, Peng Yan might have been killed five hundred years ago. I would have killed him.” Mi Wan said angrily, “Am I afraid of him? Next time I see him, I will shout, I am your girlfriend again, what’s wrong?”

“…” Fan Chen remained silent, but the flowers blooming in the courtyard had revealed someone’s true emotions.

“I… that… I want to say that I am strong and I can beat Peng Yan.” Mi Wan blushed and tried to explain.

“Yes, I know.” Fan Chen nodded seriously.

“I really didn’t mean that.”

“I know.”

Mi Wan almost cried in anger, why did the infinite loop start again: “You are not allowed to know.”

“Okay.” Fan Chen nodded solemnly.

No, Mi Wan felt her chest start to hurt again. What kind of evil had she done? She was obviously very articulate, why couldn’t she explain the misunderstanding clearly?


Peng Yan wandered around the city for a while. He felt that he knew almost everything about the world now, so he was ready to start doing things. He was sitting by the fountain in the square, with a map of China on his lap. He had circled several cities with large populations and was hesitating which city to go to, to cause trouble.

At this time, several cute girls in school uniforms were standing next to a statue not far away, blushing and whispering. But what they thought were whispers was all heard by Peng Yan.

“Look at that man, he’s so handsome~~”

“And the tattoo on his neck, so mysterious and s*xy~~”

“I really want to be his tattoo and wrap around his neck from the collar.”

Peng Yan, the boss couldn’t help but imagine that scene, and suddenly got goosebumps all over his body, ba****d, was the lonely demon pattern something you despicable humans could dare to imagine to be.

Peng Yan raised his eyes and swept his cold gaze straight over.

“Wow~~ He found us?”   

“Did he hear what we said?”

The girls were not at all frightened by his terrifying aura, but instead gathered around him excitedly. After not seeing them for hundreds of years, humans had gained a lot of courage.

“Handsome guy, you are so s*xy, can you take a photo with us?” A bolder girl asked Peng Yan with a blushing face.

Peng Yan’s face was still cold. He raised his hand and wanted to crush the heads of these humans, but then he thought of a better idea. He raised the map of Huaxia in his hand and asked, “Which of these cities do you like the most?”

What did s*xy mean? There seemed to be no adjective in this regard in the memory that Boss Peng Yan received.

“Handsome guy, if we answer your question, can you take a photo with us?” one of the girls asked.

“Okay.” Peng Yan agreed readily. When the girls heard this, they were happy for a while, and then they all mentioned their favorite cities. Finally, after taking several selfies around Peng Yan, they left satisfied.

The cities that the several girls liked were different, but one of them, called Sichuan City, was loved by most girls. Peng Yan tapped the location of Sichuan City twice with his slender fingers, and sneered slightly: “Stupid humans, you should have a brief moment of joy first, and I will make you cry in a few days. The more you like it, the more I will destroy it.”

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