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Cheng Luliu was shackled and taken away, while Cheng Yangbin was too embarrassed to stay at the site and left the field in dejection amidst the barrage of boos.

[Wait a minute, Cheng Yangbin’s results will be invalidated, then what should be done with Jun Tongchen’s results?]

[Yes, didn’t Jun Tongchen also know the final big question of Volume A in advance? This is unfair to other players]

[There are also so many zeros in the money Cheng Yangbin gave Jun Tongchen, I hate the rich!]

[Cheng Yangbin is miserable, he spent money to find someone to slap him in the face]

Lieutenant General Mo saw the questioning sound of the barrage, so he subconsciously looked at Tang Bai, and met those bright and firm eyes.

When Tang Bai exposed Cheng Yangbin to him, he had communicated with Tang Bai that the military could not directly crack the citizen’s optical brain and probe into the other party’s privacy without sufficient evidence.

Tang Bai’s existing evidence could only prove that Qin Jun purchased the drawings from him.

Unless Tang Bai and Cheng Yangbin took the A paper, and Cheng Yangbin used the drawings Tang Bai handed in for Cheng Yangbin’s last big question in the examination room, it would be impossible to prove that Cheng Yangbin cheated, but this method would have a certain impact on Tang Bai.

After seeing the omega wearing a human/leather mask nod slightly to him, Lieutenant General Mo said: “In order to ensure the fairness of the competition, Jun Tongchen’s results on paper A are invalidated, and Jun Tongchen will answer paper C again.”


Lieutenant General Mo’s words shocked everyone.

The duration of the final was 12 hours. This time Tang Bai and Cheng Yangbin handed in the papers ahead of time, and it only took seven hours. The other 18 contestants were still answering the questions in the examination room.

If Tang Bai started the exam again now, without the big questions that he had foreseen in advance, it would take at least several hours, and they didn’t know if his body could bear it after the exam.

After all, Jun Tongchen was a beta, and his physique was not as good as that of an alpha.

The judges present were a little worried. They appreciated Jun Tongchen’s talent and did not want Jun Tongchen’s performance to be affected in the competition due to overwork.

Bai Zhi frowned and said: “Jun Tongchen exposed Cheng Yangbin’s cheating and maintained the fairness of the competition. Can we appropriately relax the rules for meritorious officials and give Jun Tongchen ample rest time so that he can regain his energy before competing again??”

“Thank you, Mr. Bai Zhi, for your kindness, but I have signed a letter of commitment with the official investigation team before, promising to complete the final tasks as soon as possible without affecting the progress of the competition.” Tang Bai expressed gratitude to Bai Zhi.

Tang Bai turned to look at the live broadcast ball, “I have already donated all the money Cheng Yangbin paid to the omega relief activities in the slums, subsidizing the omegas in the slums to receive education, and improving the living environment of the omega in the slums. If you are interested in this plan, you can learn more about the ‘Warm Spring Project’ launched by Mr. Bai Zhi to help every lost omega return home.”

His green eyes not hiding his surprise, Bai Zhi looked at Tang Bai with a slightly surprised look, only to see Tang Bai bowing deeply to the camera after he had finished speaking.

His waist was bent very low, as if he was about to sink into the dust. By the time he straightened up again, turned around gracefully and entered the examination room, the barrage still hadn’t come to its senses for a long time.

“Paper C is actually the most difficult.” Professor Li sighed.

When the other judges looked at each other, they all saw regret in each other’s eyes. Paper C was more difficult than paper B, and the results of someone answering paper C would definitely be at a disadvantage compared to paper B.

Moreover, this contestant Jun Tongchen was said to be self-taught, and the C paper he drew happened to test some tricky and little-known knowledge points.

Sure enough, Jun Tongchen, the person in the examination room, did not write for a long time after seeing the test paper.

Professor Li shook his head. He had read the contestant’s test paper. Jun Tongchen only knew about the big mech design question at the end of test paper A in advance. So, it was not easy for Juan to perform so well.

The overall champion of the mecha manufacturing competition could go to the Federal Mechanical Department for further study. Professor Li had been thinking about accepting such a student for a long time… What a pity.

Tang Bai opened the test paper, and from the first question to the last big question, the difficulty of the test paper had obviously increased. There were some theories that were not mentioned in the self-study tutorials on general websites, but Grandpa Tang had taught them to Tang Bai some time ago. The national level curriculum standards in mecha manufacturing were formulated by Grandpa Tang. No matter how biased the knowledge was, they could not escape the scope set by Grandpa Tang.

Tang Bai had thoroughly studied the knowledge that Grandpa Tang thought was biased. Naturally, the knowledge points in these examination papers would not be a problem for him.

What really surprised him was the last question. This design question actually examined space combat mechas.

The idea of the space combat mecha was just proposed this year, and it was not taken seriously in the Federation, because many mech manufacturers thought that the need for space combat was already completed by starships, and it was a waste of resources to study the same type of space combat mecha.

Even Grandpa Tang thought so too.

If Tang Bai hadn’t read the novel in his mind, he would probably have agreed with the mainstream trend of thought in the country.

But it was mentioned in the book that when the Federation and the Empire were at war, an unheard-of creature appeared in space. It looked like a giant cockroach. It ate metal and energy spar. If it stuck on a giant starship, it was enough to bring down the entire starship. Only space mechas were the best weapons to destroy such creatures.

Unfortunately, because the Federation’s initial investment in space mechas was too low, it suffered heavy losses when encountering this kind of bug the first few times and suffered several defeats in succession.

Tang Bai took a deep breath.

He hoped that this time, he could make the federation avoid some detours.

[Jun Tongchen has been in a daze for a long time. Could it be that he was dumbfounded because the question was too ugly?]

[Space combat mechas are really unpopular, and our teachers skip them in class]

[Wait a minute! Look!]

Then they saw a scene on the live broadcast screen that surprised everyone— the thin beta stared at the test paper for a moment, and started writing quickly, and the speed was even faster than when he was doing the A paper!

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