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Although Yan Han was not good at studying, he actually practiced good calligraphy when he was a child. It was neither regular script nor running script. If he had to speak, it would be like the young round script that became popular on the Internet later.

He just thought that kind of font was good-looking and cute, so he imitated it and learned it, and after so many years, it was still at the level of the two “dog characters”.

Someone still said it looked good?

…That’s not the point.

The point was that the eldest brother neither showed his face nor his skirt, so why did some people still think he was a girl!

Yan Han began to wonder if he was under some kind of curse.

The number of visitors and bullet screens in the past three hours was more than one hundred and less than two hundred. Although it was not much, the overall popularity was still in several thousands.

Compared with the popularity of the big anchors on other channels, although it was a drop in the bucket, at least it was a good start, which showed that there were still people watching his stuff.

Gaining some motivation, Yan Han first ran to the toilet to pee, and then returned to the front of his seat to memorize the English text.

With the so-called combination of arts and science, learning was not tiring.

His brain had been studying science for three hours, so his response to logical reasoning was no longer as good as before. Thus, it was better to take advantage of this time to memorize some liberal arts stuff.

And English was also one of Yan Han’s least favorite subjects.

He had a problem with learning since he was a child, and he could never memorize words.

Maybe it was not enough hard work, or maybe it was not enough IQ, this Yan Han also agreed with, after all, he just couldn’t memorize it, and after a while he stopped struggling.

The eldest brother simply gave up this subject. Anyway, he was not good at other subjects at that time, and the whole thing was useless.

But now that he had to do it all over again, Yan Han was still counting on this subject to give him food, so he could only wipe away his tears and start on the road again.

The courseware teaching of the Top Student live broadcast system came in handy again. There was a special lesson on the learning method for English. It was said that it was better to memorize the text directly than memorize the words when there was not enough time.

It could not only cultivate a sense of language but also bring familiarity with the words. As long as you could recite the text backwards and then practice dictation, the words would naturally be learnt after a long time.

Yan Han thought this courseware was very reasonable. Then he thought how he gave up this subject because he memorized one word and forgot another. However, although foreign language words were the foundation of the whole system, they were still a very small part!

Thinking this, he dug out the English textbook, and planned to recite the entire text from the first lesson until he could recite it fluently without thinking.

And once he read it, each text was not very long, so Yan Han set a hard target for himself, and every day he had to memorize a new one on the basis of reviewing the previous content.

However, although the goal was lofty, every step was full of thorns.

——Yan Han didn’t know many words, and he didn’t know anything about grammar and sentence patterns. He could only look up word by word, check the translation and pronunciation, and then translate the sentence patterns as a whole. The process was very difficult, and the progress was quite slow.

When the visitors who watched the live broadcast found out what he was doing, several barrages was posted again. Some people sprayed him saying that he was illiterate and didn’t even know basic words.

But more people admired his seriousness and patience.

It took one or two hours for him to look up the whole text of a text, plus the energy required for reciting and memorizing, most people really couldn’t do what he was doing.

So Yan Han not only gained 19 more fans, but also received some tips.

Although since he didn’t have time to look at his phone at the moment, he didn’t know about this situation at all.

He recited until eleven or twelve o’clock in the evening and accompanied several groups of people to finish their homework, until Yan Han finally memorized the first textbook.

He was still not proficient in memorizing it, but it should be almost the same after reviewing it tomorrow morning.

After stretching his muscles a little, Yan Han originally planned to study another course before going to bed, but Xiao Wu suddenly appeared with a sledgehammer: “Staying up late for a long time will cause symptoms such as endocrine disorders and hair loss. The system recommends that you immediately wash up and go to bed.”

Yan Han blinked, he was actually sleepy, and he had to get up early for class tomorrow.

The most important thing… As a barber, he was well-informed. No one knew the horror of hair loss better than him!

He didn’t struggle and simply followed Xiao Wu’s suggestion to turn off the live broadcast, then went to wash up and climbed into bed.

The intensity of activities on this day was too great, especially the excessive use of the brain. So, Yan Han fell on the bed and fell asleep quickly.

The next day, he was woken up again by Xiao Wu.

“Don’t make trouble, let me sleep for a while.” Yan Han was still in a daze and wanted to say more. When he realized what he was doing, he looked at the time. It was six forty. If he didn’t get up, he would be late for school. Then he suddenly awoke and sat up.

Beside his bed, a busty cute girl was holding a hammer in one hand with her other hand on her hip, looking at him fiercely.

Yan Han was stunned again.

“What…what’s wrong with you?”

“I’m sorry to inform you that the host has a pimple on his face because he stayed up late at night…”

Yan Han’s heart skipped a beat, “What?”

“Because he stayed up late at night continuously!” Xiao Wu was getting excited as she spoke, and she swung the big hammer in her hand: “If you continue like this, you will only get points deducted, points deducted!”

Yan Han: ???

He lifted the quilt and got out of bed and went to look in the mirror. The skin on his face was still smooth and fair.

After searching for a long time, he found a red pimple on his right eyebrow.

The bulge had just popped out, but it hadn’t popped up yet, and it was almost integrated with the eyebrows… Could this little thing also affect the appearance?!

[So Xiao Wu is just warning you now.] Xiao Wu returned to the voice in her head: [You are just lucky this time, next time… hum.]


So you have to look at your face if you have acne? There will be no points deducted if it is in a hard-to-find place, but points will be deducted if the face is dark?!

How could there be a reason such as this!

Brother Yan was a little unconvinced.

“According to your statement, if I have acne, I will lose points. Then when will I achieve the achievement of ‘beauty’? After all, I am already in the prime of beauty!”

[This depends on whether the host is willing to work hard.] Xiao Wu became even angrier than him: [It has been a few days since you came to this world. Have you ever put on a facial mask? Have you ever had a face lift? Have you ever exercised?]

Yan Han: “…”

Forget about the facial mask, what is up with exercise?

Xiao Wu: [Have you ever taken a physical education class? Have you paid attention to drinking water and eating fruits? Or used essence water cream eye cream… You go out every day without even wiping your face, and you have the nerve to ask me for points?!]

Yan Han: “…”

Under the questioning like a barrage of firecrackers, Yan Han gave up.

Well, just pretend he never asked this question.

There was no time to say too much. After hurriedly washing up, he reluctantly put on his school uniform and skirt with his eyes closed and started running towards the teaching building.

This was how the new week began.

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