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The morning air had its own coolness, which made the brain that had not yet woken up a little more awake.

Running all the way facing the first ray of morning light, like an unbridled youth, Yan Han couldn’t help but feel a sense of joy in his heart.

As expected, Xiao Wu’s wake-up call came in time, and this time he ran into the classroom before 7:15.

The students in Class 17 were full of youthful vigor early in the morning. A group of people came to the classroom early to copy their homework as usual, while others ate and played around, so much so that the head teacher was still chattering when he entered the classroom.

The mobilization meeting which had just finished last week turned into nonsense again. The class teacher simply called the class monitor and the school committee member again, and criticized them in public, because one of them couldn’t manage the discipline well, and the other couldn’t guide the students to study.

It was just that everyone was about to become an adult, and they were all classmates. They were equal, so it was not so easy to manage them.

The vast majority of students in poor classes like Class 17 were poor students. They usually pretended to be decent in front of the teacher. But who would listen to the class cadres when the teacher was gone.

The cadres in this class were also aggrieved.

Feeling a little emotional, Yan Han silently reviewed the English text he memorized last night without listening to the short and fat head teacher scolding the other students.

His arm was injured, and his reason for going to the school infirmary to go to the toilet had become more grandiose, and he wasn’t nervous about peeing anymore. He sat in his seat to study all morning and didn’t move. He only went downstairs when the national flag was raised.

His determination was stronger than that of adolescent students, so he was not affected too much by the noisy environment of Class 17.

On the contrary, when he looked up occasionally, he found that there were always several people looking at him, both boys and girls. When he raised his head, they glanced away conveniently, which made Yan Han feel a little baffled.

As for Wen Juerong, who couldn’t sit still, he came to look for him after each class, and at first he came to harass him, but Yan Han ignored him.

Later, when he saw that Yan Han really ignored him, he didn’t lose interest. Instead, he brought over the practice questions after class, disgusted the monkey in front of Yan Han, and rode on the stool to do practice questions with him, all the while asking him questions.

Yan Han didn’t want to talk about those useless things, but he wouldn’t refuse someone coming to study with him.

He also answered every question, even if he didn’t know many things at this stage, whenever he encountered a question that he didn’t know, he would write it down and study it over and over again until he solved the question correctly.

Wen Juerong clung to him like this, until no one else could see it.

“I say, Wen Juerong, why are you so mean? Why are you so clingy to others when they ignore you?” “Yes, people still have to cling to top students when they have time. Don’t use your big face to cling to others.” said the two girls sitting in the back row.

The class was chaotic, but their voices were very loud.

Wen Juerong had a good personality and was very popular in the class. He could strike up a conversation with all kinds of people and tell them about their big faces. Everyone usually made fun of each other like this.

This was usually nothing.

But the two people who were talking now were obviously targeting Yan Han.

Wen Juerong smiled to smooth things over: “Whatever you say, I’m happy to cling to my brother Yan, and my brother Yan is also willing to let me cling, isn’t it Brother Yan?”

Yan Han didn’t say anything.

The fourth period was physical education class, and they were about to go to the gymnasium to gather. Instead of talking to this group of irrelevant people, he should quickly solve this problem and pretend that he didn’t hear what others said.

So, he grabbed Wen Juerong, drew his attention back, and stuffed the straw paper over to give him a lecture.

“I know, look here…”

Wen Juerong: “D**n it, you actually asked me to do this question? Brother Yan, you are so awesome!”


Such ignorance made the two girls look for trouble. The one who flirted first was cheap, and the other people who made trouble first could clearly see it at a glance. Yan Han’s ignorance was more face-slapping than her arguing with them violently would have been.

The two looked at each other, got up and walked out of the classroom together.

“I never knew that Yan Han was so good at jumping around, and even Lin Jianlu fell in front of her…!” “Speaking of which, didn’t she provoke Sister Jing before… let’s go find Sister Jing!”

Sister Jing was Yu Jing from Class 18. Yan Han made her lose face last time and she was thinking about how to get back at her since then.

At that time in the square, they didn’t believe that Yan Han could be related to Lin Jianlu, thinking that Lin Jianlu came to her just because he wanted her to be the leader for the exercises.

Unexpectedly, just one weekend had passed, and a photo of the two of them going to the cafeteria to eat together had started circulating on the anonymous forum!

They had to say, even Yu Jing’s eyes almost fell out when she saw those photos!

Although academic scumbags disdained to associate with academic masters, Lin Jianlu obviously could not be compared with ordinary academic masters.

First of all, the handsome appearance of the other party had made many men and women fall into obsession, not to mention the other party’s family background, character, words and deeds were full of gentlemanly demeanor, how could anyone not like such a person?

Originally, because he was a high-cold male god, Lin Jianlu had never had any “gossip” with anyone, and he always politely rejected the other party when he was confessed to, so all the girls in the school defaulted to the fact that the school bully didn’t want to fall in love, and after a long time, no girl dared to chase him anymore.

But what was going on now!

Why did Lin Jianlu go to the cafeteria with a girl! And even bought her milk tea?!

They had to interrupt here. For some reason, even though usually, due to the high price, no one paid attention to Dodomi milk tea. But today, the front of Dodomi milk tea was crowded with students, both boys and girls, such that many people had a large cup of milk tea on their table all morning.

The topic was brought back, and it was said that the two girls were walking out of the classroom with their arms linked. Before they could walk out of the door, a tall shadow appeared at the door of the classroom, and the two girls almost collided with him.

The tall boy with prickly hair, wearing a basketball uniform, sporting a sunny atmosphere accompanied by male hormones, was none other than Wei Ningxin from Class 18.

On a cold day, Wei Ningxin had his arms and thighs exposed, and the two girls who almost bumped into him couldn’t help but blush after looking at him.

Those who hung out with Yu Jing were also acquainted with Wei Ningxin.

One of the girls thought that this man was here to find them, so she couldn’t help but ask him eagerly: “Why are you in our class?”

However, Wei Ningxin said bluntly: “I’m looking for Yan Han from your class.”

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