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The two girls were stunned on the spot, not understanding that person… Why did Wei Ningxin come looking for her?!

At this time, seeing that the two people were not talking, Wei Ningxin had already shouted into Class 17, “Is Yan Han here?”

“I’m here, what’s the matter?” Yan Han also planned to call it a day and go downstairs after explaining the topic to Wen Juerong. It was time for physical education class after all. So, he stood up and glanced at the door of the classroom with his delicate and beautiful eyes. For a moment, he didn’t even remember who this person was…

“Let’s go play ball.” Wei Ningxin shook the basketball in his hand, “Isn’t this your class’ physical education period?”

When Yan Han heard him mention playing ball, he remembered who this little guy was.

He just agreed casually at first, but he didn’t expect this man to be so sincere and actually come to play with him.

Yan Han walked out of his seat, walked directly to Wei Ningxin and said, “Don’t you have to go to class?”

The school may arrange for two classes to take physical education classes together, but the probability of putting Class 17 and Class 18 together was probably not big…

Wei Ningxin stared and said, “You don’t know that I’m a physical education student?”

Yan Han: “Huh?”

He really didn’t know.

Wei Ningxin took a deep breath, it was unbelievable.

He thought Wei Ningxin was one of the best in terms of figure, appearance and family background, and that he was one of the top ten high school figures in the province. But this person didn’t know?!

“So are you coming or not?” Wei Ningxin asked through gritted teeth.

“Let’s see what the physical education teacher arranges. If we can move freely, I’ll come.”

“Who has a physical education class that doesn’t allow students to move freely?”

“Then I’ll come.” Yan Han was quite calm. He shrugged and said nonchalantly, “You have to understand, I am a good student who listens to the teacher.”

After saying that, he staggered out of the classroom.

It took Wei Ningxin a long time to react, then he shouted at his back: “Who the hell is not a good student!”

He completely ignored the two female classmates who were still standing in front of him in a daze.

All the classmates during recess ran to the corridor. Yan Han didn’t look back even after he shouted, but many others looked at Wei Ningxin suspiciously.

“You’re all looking at me?!” Wei Ningxin never had a very good temper. He stared with such a fierce look that others really didn’t dare to look at him.

“Brother Yan, you are really like this.” Yan Han entered the locker room opposite the classroom, and Wen Juerong, who had caught up with him, gave him a thumbs up.

“Huh?” Yan Han didn’t quite understand what he meant.

“You even dare to fight Wei Ningxin, and he can’t do anything to you, hahaha!” Wen Juerong smiled happily. Obviously, Wei Ningxin’s embarrassment was a very happy thing for him.

“Is he that scary?” Yan Han asked.

“It’s not bad.” Wen Juerong scratched his head, “The sports students in our school have always been very unreasonable, you know, and Wei Ningxin’s brother is a big gangster from the school next door, so he can be even more unreasonable. If he really gets anxious, he might get someone beaten up in traffic. This has happened before…”

Yan Han said that he knew but didn’t take it seriously.

All he could think about was performing well in physical education class. After all, he only had three achievement points in the “Physical” category.

But after thinking about it, Yan Han was suddenly stunned again when he walked to the door of his locker.

The daily uniforms of Luze High School were similar to uniforms, a standard four-piece suit inside and outside. Although it was high-end, it was very inconvenient for physical education classes. Therefore, the school had customized sportswear for the students. Before physical education class, they had to change into them.

Some careless male students would change directly in the locker room, but out of some convention or tradition, girls would go to the bathroom to change their clothes. Yan Han felt that he could have been one of the group who solved it on the spot.

But now he had to go to the bathroom with other people to change in order not to be too shocking.

But another problem was that he couldn’t go to the women’s room.

Especially when everyone was changing their clothes, what if he saw something he shouldn’t see after entering…

Yan Han quickly took out his clothes from the cabinet. He wasted time doing the questions just now, so if he took his clothes to the infirmary to change, it would be too late.

Not to mention how pretentious it would seem.

He gritted his teeth and simply decided to change in the locker room.

Wen Juerong next to him was stunned for a moment: “…Brother Yan, you are too strong. You are a girl after all. Can you still pay attention to your image?”

While the other party was talking, Yan Han had already stretched out his legs to pull up his sportswear pants.

The sportswear was roomy. He wore leggings underneath and a skirt outside. If he put it on directly, he would not be exposed.

If that was the case, what was there to be afraid of?

“If you have the skills to speak, why not come over and help me block.” Yan Han raised his hand to greet him.

“Ah?” Wen Juerong pointed at himself.

The other boys who were changing clothes were also stunned.

Although Luze High School was a public school, it was no worse than a private aristocratic school. The students there had received an elite education. The school rules said that boys were required to be gentlemanly and polite, and girls were required to be dignified and elegant.

…Although many students were far from achieving this, students influenced each other, and others would not do things that no one had ever done before.

So a female classmate changing clothes in the locker room?

This was really the first time they had heard about it.

It was… too shocking!

Only Yan Han had different ideas from them.

Not to mention that he was actually a man, but even if he was really a girl, as long as he didn’t get naked, it was okay to change clothes on the spot. Why go all the way to the bathroom to change?

What a hassle.

Besides, if you want to be a true gentleman, shouldn’t it be the boys who make room for the girls at this time?

He didn’t care what others thought of him, he was just such a rough guy with no quality anyway.

As long as the system did not deduct points for him and his identity was not revealed, Yan Han didn’t care about the eyes of others.

After fastening his belt, he removed his skirt, took it off and stuffed it into the cabinet. Yan Han called to Wen Juerong again: “Don’t be stunned, come here.”

“Ah? Ahhhhh…” The overall design of the school was very atmospheric and user-friendly, with a locker room for every student in each class, just opposite the classroom.

The locker room was far smaller than the classroom. There were two rows of back-to-back cabinets on both sides of the door. The cabinets were divided into upper and lower floors. Beyond that was an aisle that only allowed one person to pass.

Yan Han now walked to the innermost side of the aisle and asked Wen Juerong to stand with his back to him.

There was no surveillance in the locker room, and Wen Juerong’s generous frame was fully utilized at this moment. He was standing across the aisle, blocking Yan Han behind him.

Behind Wen Juerong, Yan Han took off his uniform jacket and put on the loose sportswear over his white shirt. His movements were as clean and quick as lightning.

In many ways, Wen Juerong was like a child who had not grown up and was very playful, but he still knew the difference between men and women. At this time, he would not turn around to peek or suddenly walk away.

In fact, Yan Han was not afraid that he would peek.

He was just afraid that when he was changing his clothes, others would discover something they shouldn’t.

For example…that he had no breasts.

Wen Juerong was inexplicably embarrassed standing in front of him, and he felt it was very funny. His Brother Yan was so talented that he couldn’t help laughing. His strong body was shaking, and he couldn’t help laughing, but he still had to endure it. I have to block for him, Brother Yan.

Outside the door, Wei Ningxin, who was holding a basketball, was dumbfounded.

The girls in the back row of the two classes looked at each other, and both went into the locker room to get their sportswear. Passing by the row of aisles where Yan Han was, they glared fiercely in Yan Han’s direction, and then took their clothes to go to the toilet.

“What, so many boys are here, and she changes her clothes openly? How shameless!”

“I think she’s just trying to impress the crowd!”

While the two of them muttered, there was a burst of laughter behind them.

Others who were still stranded in the locker room and had witnessed the whole process, they all joked at this moment: “Wen Juerong, your physical fitness has finally come in handy. It’s just right to block it here.”

“Oh my god, Brother Yan, you are doing this, great, I will do the same in the future!”

“Hahaha, Yan Han worked hard to avoid walking a few steps!”

Wen Juerong rolled his eyes: “I have seen lazy people, but I have never seen someone as lazy as Brother Yan. Yes!”

The monkey even shouted loudly: “What the hell? My sister Yan is changing clothes in the locker room?!”

“What are you shouting for?” Yan Han had already finished putting on his clothes at this time, and he had a pair of pants folded on his slender wrist, as he pulled down the hem of his sportswear, and kicked the monkey on the butt. At the same time, he said to the person who was looking around not knowing what was going on: “Isn’t it a physical education class? Let’s go quickly.”

As he said that, he glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. There were only two minutes left before class, so he had to hurry up.

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