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As Yu Fei’s former boyfriend, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t dare to say that he knew everything about her, but he still understood her. Even if she had become a handsome guy who looked down on all living beings now, certain things in her bones would still remain unchanged.

For example, Yu Fei’s tone and expression at the moment were the manifestation of his unhappiness.

It was already very obvious, so obvious that he couldn’t ignore it. Fu Yuanzhou ordered himself to let go of his hand holding Ran Shutang, but he was at a loss with a guilty conscience. He could feel that Yu Fei’s displeasure seemed to be directed at him, but he didn’t quite understand why.

Did he do something wrong? He didn’t go to Xiao Fei the first time, but was talking to Ran Shutang, did this make Xiao Fei angry?

“I’m sorry.” He apologized to Yu Fei.

“Why apologize?” Yu Fei asked.

Why? In fact, he didn’t understand why, but it was right to apologize first…

Fu Yuanzhou said: “You are not happy, otherwise you won’t go out without saying hello, but I couldn’t detect it in time.”

His eyes blinked and his tone of voice was a bit pitiful. When he made this expression, no one could bear to criticize him. Yu Fei almost immediately put on a soft look and walked over to touch his hair.

“It’s not your problem, you don’t need to apologize to me for other reasons. As I said, you will never be wrong for me.”

Ran Shutang stood by and watched them talk. At first, when Yu Fei said that they were very close, he was still a little bit shy, but now his expression had regained its calmness, so he pursed his lips, and said, “I’m going back.”

“Hey, don’t go, do you really not want to come to my house for dinner?” Fu Yuanzhou called to him. And at the same time glanced at Yu Fei. Since Xiao Fei said just now that he was upset because of other things, it should have nothing to do with Ran Shutang, right?

Ran Shutang shook his head: “I want to eat with my relatives.”

“What about tomorrow?” Fu Yuanzhou asked, “When will you go back? If you are not going back early in the morning, you can come to my house for lunch and give me tuition by the way. I have brought all the information.”

“Tomorrow…” Ran Shutang thought for a few seconds, and then agreed, “Tomorrow at ten o’clock in the morning, are you free?”

“No problem.” Fu Yuanzhou pointed to his house, “Do you see the red-roofed house? That’s my Grandma’s house.”

Ran Shutang nodded, saying that he knew it. Fu Yuanzhou waved goodbye to him enthusiastically. He didn’t know how to respond, and finally raised his hand, waved it slightly, and left from there.

“I remember that he was the one who was in conflict with you before.” Yu Fei looked at Ran Shutang’s back, “Are you reconciled?”

“No, I hope he can forgive me magnanimously.” Fu Yuanzhou sighed.

“No one can refuse you.” Yu Fei smiled softly, “You don’t know how likable you are.”

Fu Yuanzhou’s ears became warm, he felt ashamed, and he couldn’t bear this kind of praise.

“Can I listen to the tutoring tomorrow as well?” Yu Fei asked with a smile, “I want to learn with you.”

“I have no problem here. You can wait for me to ask Ran Shutang and see if he agrees.”

Fu Yuanzhou responded as it was Ran Shutang who had sorted out the content. Most of the content was for the first year of high school, and Yu Fei was in the same grade, but he also had to ask Ran Shutang whether he agreed or not.

The two of them walked back. Fu Yuanzhou sent Xie Lin a WeChat message, telling him he had found Yu Fei. After sending it, he asked Yu Fei: “Why were you in a bad mood just now, did somebody send you some news?”

Yu Fei raised his lips: “No, it’s just that I suddenly realized that I have missed something very precious when I went abroad.”

Fu Yuanzhou showed a puzzled expression.

“For example…” Yu Fei put his voice down very softly, “I missed a whole eleven years of time with you.”

Fu Yuanzhou was taken aback, and quickly said with a smile: “It’s okay, how old are we, in the future, the time is still long.”

This was also his promise to himself, this time he would definitely live well, cherish his relatives and friends, and make everyone happy.

Yu Fei smiled without saying a word, and the two walked into the courtyard. He said to Fu Yuanzhou: “Zhou, you go in first. I want to stay outside for a while.”

“Should I stay with you?” Fu Yuanzhou asked.

“It’s okay, you go in, be with your grandma.” Yu Fei smiled, “I won’t go out again, don’t worry.”

“That’s fine, but after you go in, don’t forget to take the medicine for your insensitivity.”


Yu Fei responded, and Fu Yuanzhou entered. At this time, the setting sun was sinking, and the sky was divided into two halves. One half was left with the afterglow of the sunset like blood, and the other half was stained with the darkness of the night with the silver moon riding eastward and a few twinkling stars.   


He stood in the corner, took out the lighter and lit the cigarette he had just bought. The smell of the cigarette was not good, much worse than what he used to smoke, but he didn’t care, all he needed was a cigarette, nothing more.

The blaze of light was extinguished in the night, and the white mist enveloped his eyebrows. He stood quietly until the smoke in his hand was about to burn out, and suddenly some movement came from the gate of the courtyard, and Xie Lin walked in from outside.

“You smoke?” Xie Lin’s eyes fell on Yu Fei.

“Occasionally.” Yu Fei put out the cigarette butt and smiled indifferently, “Don’t tell Zhou.”

“Have you taken medicine?” Xie Lin asked.

“Not yet, let’s go in.” Yu Fei said.

Xie Lin stopped talking and walked towards the house. He walked in front, Yu Fei followed behind him, and when he was about to walk into the door of the house, Yu Fei suddenly spoke.

“Brother, do you know? I always looked at you from behind before.”

Xie Lin stopped and looked back at him.

“You are excellent, better than everyone else. I can’t catch up with you. I’m not jealous. You are the brother who makes me proud, but he is the only one…” Yu Fei said, “only him, I don’t want to let you have.”

He didn’t name “he”, but they all knew who this “he” meant.

Yu Fei continued.

“I like him very much, I like him very much, but he likes you more.”

“When I was young, the three of us grew up together. I was the youngest. Always behind the two of you like a small oil bottle.”

“When he cried, he would find you to comfort him. If he provoked trouble, he would let you take care of him and act like a baby at you. When he faced me, he was more like an older brother.”

“He would take care of me. He knows that I like sweets. If an adult gave him a box, he would give me almost all of the chocolates, leaving only one piece, breaking it in half, and share it with you.”

“At that time, I was thinking, I would rather exchange all the chocolate for your half, that must have the sweetest taste in the world.”

Xie Lin heard him say, never saying a word, until here, when he suddenly spoke.

“It’s true.” He said, “So I won’t exchange.”

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