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He turned and walked in, Yu Fei closed his eyes, and walked in after him as well. When he walked in, his face had a perfect smile again, while he said hello to the elders, laughing.

After dinner, Fu Yuanzhou’s mother told Yu Fei to remember to take his medicine. Yu Fei smiled and agreed, went back to the guest room allocated to him and took out the pills from his luggage. They were not white therapeutic pills, but light blue medicines.

This was a banned drug that he bought from abroad. After taking it, he would experience slow pheromone sensitivity symptoms. In fact, he only took it once, when he went to the hospital for an examination. Because there was almost no such drug in China, the final test result was that he suffered from sensory impairment, but in fact his senses were completely normal.

He stared at the medicine for a while, put it back again, took out the medicine, put the pills that he needed to take today into the water, and poured them all into the sink.

The scent of roses permeated the room. During this period of time, it was becoming more and more prominent day by day. In order to treat patients with sensory impairment, they had to increase their sensitivity to pheromone and reduce the use of inhibitors. Their concentration of pheromones was thus much higher than that of ordinary people.

If he just got along with Zhou, he would accept and get used to him, also he could even rely on his pheromone a little bit, right?

“Papa, papa …” Yu Fei’s fingers flipped dexterously, playing with the lighter in his hand, and the flames bounced, reflecting his unsmiling face.

Since they couldn’t be exchanged, he would grab them.

The sweetest, most wonderful, the smell that made him dream.


The next morning, Fu Yuanzhou deliberately got up very early to review the materials, waiting for Ran Shutang’s arrival.

When it was ten o’clock, Ran Shutang knocked on the door of the house on time. Because he was visiting, he also brought gifts, some special products from other places, which were given to his home by relatives who came to worship the ancestors.

“It’s classmate Ran here.” Fu Yuanzhou’s mother had known in advance that he was coming, and her hospitality towards him was extremely enthusiastic. Yesterday she had just said that she wanted the opportunity to apologize to Ran Shutang, and she ran into him today. It was a coincidence.

What’s more, Ran Shutang had good grades and a calm temperament. He was a standard good student and a child of someone else’s family. He was most likely to be loved by the elders.

Not long after he came, his grandma and mother were particularly blue-eyed at him. Grandma took him by the hand and asked him with a smile: “How old is Shutang? Are you in talks with someone?”

“Grandma, he’s only fifteen, two years younger than me, don’t ask him like that…” Fu Yuanzhou’s face was red, how could they ask someone like that on the first time.

“It’s better to be younger.” Grandma said, “Being young doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt people.”

“Grandma…” Fu Yuanzhou fainted. Why did her old woman look towards him when she said this? Look? What was this implying? How could he and Ran Shutang be possible?!

Ran Shutang was also flushed red. Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t wait any longer, and hurriedly dragged the person upstairs, saying a little embarrassingly: “Don’t mind, my grandma is like this, she is very keen on these things.”

He thought for a while. Ran Shutang had been concerned about his missed appointment for so many years, and he must have a very bad opinion of him. Maybe he thought it was an insult to him to bring the two of them together, so he said again.

“I know that putting me and you together will definitely make you uncomfortable in your heart. I don’t deserve you. I’ll talk to my grandma and restore your reputation…”

“…” Ran Shutang opened his lips. He seemed to want to say something, but in the end, he just replied dully, “Yeah.”

Fu Yuanzhou: “?”

Why did he feel that Ran Shutang seemed to be even more unhappy? Was it an illusion?

Of course, this time Ran Shutang came, there was another important thing he had to tell the other party, and that was to apologize to him. Taking advantage of the fact that there were only two of them there, he said again: “There is also before, I— “

“Zhou, you guys walked so fast.”

Yu Fei followed them and said with a smile: “Wait for me.”

Yesterday, Fu Yuanzhou sent Ran Shutang a message on WeChat, asking if he could bring Yu Fei along for the tuition, and got a positive answer. Yu Fei’s eyebrows were crooked, then he looked at Ran Shutang and said, “Senior Ran, I will trouble you today.”

“Since you all have to learn, why not let Xiaolin join you as well.” Mother Fu who was giving them the fruit heard the voices of the few of them and called Xie Lin downstairs, “Xiao Lin has good grades, yes. He could be helpful to you guys.”

When he came downstairs, he heard that they were going to study together, and nodded, indicating that he could participate.

The one-on-one tutoring turned into a four-person study meeting. Fu Yuanzhou originally thought it was nothing. He heard that Yu Fei had good grades when he was abroad. Of the three academic masters, he was a scumbag. The disadvantage was that they were all Alphas.

——It should be like this, but why did he feel so stressed inexplicably?

The four people were sitting around the table, Ran Shutang chose a set of questions for Fu Yuanzhou. Fu Yuanzhou immersed himself in the writing but couldn’t concentrate completely. He was a little absent-minded. After a while, he could feel someone looking at him, and then he could smell the scent of roses around him.

It felt more and more fragrant, too, Xiaofei couldn’t take too much inhibitory medicine, it smelt really good…

Fu Yuanzhou felt feverish all over, even in the air-conditioned room. He couldn’t sit still and ran to the bathroom to wash his face with cold water, but he still couldn’t offset the heat radiating from his body.

Every time he smelled Alpha’s pheromone, he always had a similar feeling, but this time it was extremely serious.

Holding on to the sink, Fu Yuanzhou was breathing heavily. He looked at his face in the mirror which was becoming redder and redder, and his sweat fell along the lines of his cheeks, like a fire burning his internal organs. His skin was astonishingly hot, his body was weak, and he was almost unable to stand up.

A sweet and fragrant peach scent came out quietly, even with the suppression collar, it couldn’t be blocked, and it quickly filled the entire bathroom, digging out along the seam of the door.

It was so hot…really so hot…

He squatted down and curled up his body tightly, clutching the cloth tightly with his fingers, and a strong desire arose from his instinct.

He was suddenly desperate for pheromones.

Pheromones belonging to an Alpha.

The author has something to say: In the next chapter, let Yuanzhou experience what it’s like to enter estrus in front of three Alphas who like him.

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