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When they walked out of Ji family home, Siyu could still hear Duan Rulan’s cries from behind. Just now, after Fifth Master Lu had settled the accounts with the Ji family couple, Duan Rulan looked at Siyu with an expression of the sky falling.

Had it not been for Fifth Master Lu’s cold eyes which made sure that she would not dare to talk nonsense, Siyu was sure that Duan Rulan would still speak out as a mother, but even if she could not say, Duan Rulan would still have another way-she would use her own son, Ji Lin and say that since Siyu and Ji Lin fell in this way, it’s better to simply recognize each other as sister and brother.

After all, she was still reluctant to abandon the title of being Siyu’s mother, and she had to maintain her face.

Siyu laughed angrily when she heard it. She had originally thought that Duan Rulan was Ji Lin’s mother. If she really cut Duan Rulan’s retreat relentlessly, Ji Lin would not feel good, so she thought of a compromise. The method, unilaterally and completely cut off the mother-daughter relationship with Duan Rulan. She did not expect Duan Rulan to be so difficult, courageous, and a person with such a crooked mind.

If it weren’t for the matter involving Ji Lin, Siyu planned to accept it after listening about him.

Siyu had a soft temper and rarely got angry. After noticing the anger on her face, the air pressure on Fifth Master Lu’s body instantly sank. He slowly turned the Buddha beads in his hand, and a smile appeared on his lips. In one sentence, Duan Rulan went silent:

“Do you want to keep Ji family, or keep your identity?”

Ji Wenhan immediately paled. He didn’t doubt the authenticity of Fifth Master Lu’s words. He was scared to death. To be honest, the Ji family might be considered a ground snake in Jiangcheng, but compared with the Lu family, it was a world of difference. They were not on the same level at all. If they wanted to kill them, they could just be pinched to death like an ant. It was as simple as that; how could he dare to play tricks with Fifth Master Lu!

At the same moment, Ji Wenhan’s complaints against his wife soared to the extreme. Was she blind and couldn’t see the attitude of Fifth Master Lu? At this time, she dared to be clever!

If he wasn’t forced by the situation, Ji Wenhan really wanted to give up and let Duan Rulan die. But unfortunately, in the eyes of outsiders, they were husband and wife, and so they were bound together. If Duan Rulan was unlucky, then he and the Ji family would not end up well as well. Therefore, no matter how much he swore in his heart, Ji Wenhan still had to pull off his old face to go and save her.

Therefore, Ji Wenhan pushed Duan Rulan away, sweating all over, nodding and bowing to apologize: “Sorry, Fifth Master Lu, don’t listen to her nonsense. I already understand what you and Miss Zhou mean, and I promise to take care of it in the future. Rulan, I will absolutely not let her cause you trouble. Those words just now, please don’t take them to your heart…”

Ji Wenhan talked for a long time, Fifth Master Lu still looked indifferent, as he cast his eyes down and turned the Buddha beads. Ignored, Ji Wenhan glanced at him, got that it was useless to ask Fifth Master Lu, so he turned around to look at Siyu, and pleaded: “Miss Zhou, Rulan is not clear-headed, she usually cares about you… Rulan is A Lin’s mother. You spare her this time, I promise you that she will never show up in front of you again in the future!”

Ji Wenhan was clever, he didn’t dare to say that Duan Rulan was Siyu’s biological mother, he only mentioned Ji Lin. After all, he knew very well that his son had a very good relationship with this Zhou Siyu, and he was much closer to her than to his father. Ji Wenhan only hoped this time his using his son would work and persuade Siyu to stay, and then Siyu would go to persuade Fifth Master Lu to stay.

Yes, Ji Wenhan observed for a long time and found that Fifth Master Lu was the master, but the fact was, Siyu was the big boss hiding behind him. Didn’t he see that Fifth Master Lu listened to Siyu’s words? He thought that it was better to please Siyu instead of begging this difficult boss.

Ji Wenhan thought with anxiety, Siyu is a girl, shouldn’t it be easier to get her to relent?

Facts proved that he was right. Sure enough, Siyu had deep feelings for Ji Lin. After thinking for a while, she finally pulled the corner of Fifth Master Lu’s clothes. After the two looked at each other for a few seconds, Fifth Master Lu’s eyebrows slowly began to unclench.

He softened down, and said: “You decide for yourself.” Upon hearing this, Ji Wenhan’s eyes brightened, staring at Siyu scorchingly, the begging color in his eyes almost flying out.

Siyu glanced at Duan Rulan, who was hiding behind her husband and who was already dumbfounded. Suddenly she felt a bit dull. Duan Rulan was a typical bully and was fearful of hardship. When she had the upper hand, she was awe-inspiring and did not put others in her eyes at all. When the situation reversed, she immediately persuaded others. She didn’t even dare to say anything. Siyu always felt that it was too much to care about such a person.

She retracted her gaze and did not pay attention to Duan Rulan’s movements. She only blinked at Fifth Master Lu, clasped her hand silently, and said softly, “That’s it, I don’t want to see her again.”

Fifth Master Lu didn’t seem surprised. With Siyu’s choice, he gently stroked her long hair, and a phone call went over to tell Lu Xingzhou to deal with it personally, and then without saying anything, he took Siyu and left.

Ji Wenhan looked at their backs blankly, wanted to ask something but not daring to stop them, he was scratching his heart and lungs. The waiting before this torture came was too tormenting, but he really didn’t have the courage to speak.

Duan Rulan sat on the sofa for a long time, then suddenly recovered, crying and screaming and chasing towards the door. Ji Wenhan’s scalp became numb, and he hurriedly got the housekeeper to stop her and said viciously: “You stop making trouble for me! Just now you heard clearly, don’t you dare go to provoke Zhou Siyu, if you cause trouble again, you will be thrown out of here!”

Ji Wenhan had already raised the idea of divorce in his heart, but he was afraid that the speed of leaving his wife was too fast and it would provoke criticism, so he tried not to mention it for the time being, but his attitude towards Duan Rulan was too bad, and he directly ordered the housekeeper to put the person back in the room and lock it.

Duan Rulan struggled, her eyes gradually showing a look of despair.

When Siyu left Ji family home, she discovered that Ji Lin was standing at the door waiting. He was leaning on the wall, with his head lowered and kicking the small stones on the ground with his feet, looking a bit dejected. Siyu was taken aback for a moment, and then called out: “A Lin?”

Hearing his sister’s cry, Ji Lin raised his head and looked at the empty yard behind Siyu, barely showing a listless smile, and whispered: “Sister, have you talked about it?”

He knew that Siyu was coming to have a showdown with Ji family couple today, because before that, Siyu had consulted him in advance. After all, she had fabricated a fake mother to keep Siyu’s relationship with Duan Rulan clean. It would inevitably make them unable to recognise each other as brother and sister in an upright manner. Siyu knew that Ji Lin was looking forward to making their relationship public, so she did not conceal her plan from Ji Lin, but told him. If Ji Lin would have disagreed, then she would have just thought of another way.

But Ji Lin agreed.

It was not without regrets, but compared to those fictitious names, Ji Lin still more liked seeing his sister’s smiling face, and didn’t want to see her frowning and depressed because of Duan Rulan’s affairs.

“It’s finished.” Siyu answered calmly. Ji Lin observed her secretly, and saw that her complexion was good, and her face even had a faint feeling of relief, which immediately relieved him a lot.

Siyu asked him, “Aren’t you going to go in and see them?”

Ji Lin hesitated, but finally shook his head quite resolutely: “No, the previous meeting was a quarrel. It felt like between me and my parents, there is nothing to say… Besides, I have already moved out to live, and besides, I am an adult, and they can’t control me.”

Siyu was actually a little worried whether this would have a bad effect on Ji Lin. He was the most innocent, and he had such careless parents, but although he had no choice in his birth, he still had to take his own path in the future. Now that Ji Lin had made a decision, Siyu would not say much.

“I’ll go back in a while, sister, I want to tell you something.” Ji Lin glanced at Ji home again, and finally withdrew his gaze, but instead of looking at Siyu, he looked at Fifth Master Lu, his brother-in-law in name.

Yes, nominally, only Ji Lin was left now who still stubbornly refused to admit it, but after seeing Fifth Master Lu quietly taking care of everything for his sister, Ji Lin’s attitude was slightly better towards him.

Siyu naturally agreed, and took her hand out of Fifth Master Lu’s arms, pushed him, and urged him to get in the car as soon as possible and not hinder the exchange of feelings between the brother and sister: “Then you go back first.”

Fifth Master Lu: “…” He has never been driven, it was a novel experience for him.

But his own girl still had to be indulged. Fifth Master Lu glanced at Ji Lin who was gloating, but he didn’t say anything. He actually turned and sat into the car obediently. Ji Lin watched from the side and awkwardly admitted that this man was okay for his sister. Well, at least he was willing to listen to Siyu’s command.

Siyu hadn’t been alone with Ji Lin for a long time. Her free time these days was almost all occupied by Fifth Master Lu, so she happily took Ji Lin straight to the supermarket. The two bought a bunch of ingredients and Siyu personally cooked with her sleeves folded and prepared a bunch of good dishes for him.

Although Siyu still lived in her previous house and did not move out, but the inside and outside of the community had almost been completely changed by Fifth Master Lu -this man with a strong desire for control had to clean up everything he thought was unstable. Of course, it also included the ubiquitous paparazzi. Therefore, the community was the safest place. After Ji Lin came in, he didn’t even need to pretend. Anyway, no media could enter the gate of the community.

In addition to food, Siyu opened a bottle of wine. She herself was strictly forbidden to drink. After thinking about it, it might have been brought here by Fifth Master Lu. Seeing that it was of great value, she asked Ji Lin if he would drink it.

Although Ji Lin was an adult, he was usually very self-disciplined. He had never drunk alcohol. But he was desperate to save face. He was not willing to say that he couldn’t drink in front of his sister.

A minute later, Siyu watched him drink and smile at her stupidly, while his eyes were already misty.

“Sister, elder sister… your paintings are the best, but why haven’t you painted me lately?” Ji Lin placed his face on the table, muttering dazedly, not knowing what he was talking about, “Are you not in love with me anymore? You used to only paint me alone. Now, why is it Han Tiantian, why is it Chu Shuangyan… You would rather draw a picture of a fan than me! I…I still give you your Weibo comments and likes every day, and I’m still your fan group’s leader!…”

Ji Lin said nonsense, he just poured out the things that he had been holding in his heart these days, but he did not think about who the person sitting opposite was, and whether this should be said.

The object of Ji Lin’s complaint, Siyu, who was reprimanded for “falling in love with someone else,” had been stunned.

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