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In the second year after the haze receded, although the interval was short, in this short period of not more than one year, the interstellar had undergone great changes.

The Hilorin Star, where the Star Alliance headquarters was located, had been restored, including some historically valuable buildings that had been restored with the efforts of relevant technicians. Now there was no trace of damage that had been suffered, and the city construction was even more perfect.

It was not just Hilorin Star, but every planet under the jurisdiction of Interstellar had corresponding development. For example, Gaia Star where Yunbao Branch was located, its development in recent years could be said to be very prominent.

Gaia was a trading planet. There were many unique auction houses on the planet, and large-scale auctions with rare treasures or new equipment as gimmicks were held every year. But now, it had become even more famous in the interstellar world.

However, the development of Gaia in recent years was not because of its characteristics as a trading planet, but because of tourism.

As for when discussing the sudden rise of Gaia Star’s tourism industry, it was necessary to mention the Yunbao Branch here.

The cause of this incident was that Xia Qi uploaded photos and videos of the cubs’ daily lives using the official account of the Yunbao Club’s social media a year ago, including a short video about the group of nox cubs.

Once this short video was released, the number of views and reposts skyrocketed within a few hours, and finally reached a rather alarming number.

Because too many people clicked into the homepage of Yunbao Branch to watch the video, for a while, the entire Youxing even had a stuttering phenomenon, which had never happened in so many years.

More than 30 years ago, the nox race was considered extinct by most people in the interstellar world, and almost no one had seen the cubs of the nox race for so many years.

For most people, the small video released on the homepage of Yunbao Club was a long-lost pleasure… Some people even saw the cubs of the nox race for the first time.

“The two little horns on the head are so cute. I beg the caretakers to post more photos and videos of Baby nox’s daily life!”

‘Round yo eyes is also very cute ah, this is still light cyan, just like Bathurst gems ah.”

“And yet all with the same caretaker behind, they look so good and clever oh I want to follow them.”

The comments below the Yunbao Branch post were constantly updated, and the refresh speed was so fast that people couldn’t keep track of it. Just from the heat of this post, the enthusiasm of the people of all races in the interstellar towards the newborn cubs of the nox race could be seen.

In the video, a group of fluffy and round nox cubs collectively followed a young man. When the young man stopped and sat down, these nox cubs seemed to be vying to nest in the young man’s arms.

Those who didn’t get the position refused to leave, they just squatted next to them and screamed. Apart from seeing the cute horns on the heads of these nox cubs, the most important thing that people couldn’t ignore was the soft cry of these cubs.

At present, in the entire interstellar, only Yunbao Club was supporting the cubs of the nox race, and there were still close to a hundred of them.

But they couldn’t be seen anywhere else. People who wanted to see the nox cubs could only squat around and wait for the Yunbao Club to update their status, so that they could see these cubs in photos or videos.

This was the offspring left by the race that protected their world. These offspring were now only small cubs. No one in the interstellar world was not grateful for this race. Therefore, they all needed to care about the healthy growth of these nox cubs.

Although it was of course impossible for the Yunbao Club to let outsiders go in to see the cubs, this did not affect the fact that there were a large number of tourists in the interstellar who specially came to Gaia Star to play because they knew that the Yunbao Club was caring for the nox cubs.

Then they didn’t know which vendor started it first, but they started selling small ornaments based on the little horns of the nox cubs to tourists who came to Gaia Star. From then on, the nox cubs began to become more and more characteristic of the Gaia Star.

“Huh.” The cub opened his round eyes and made a low whine. These nox cubs played with other cubs in the hall for a while, and then they all ran to Xie Luan to stick to him.

Now, more than a year later, although these nox cubs had become larger, they were still not much bigger than ordinary rabbits. Xie Luan could hold three of them at once.

However, Xie Luan had been a little worried about one thing recently, that is, since these nox cubs turned a year old, they became even more enthusiastic about using their tails to circle his fingers.

And because of the large number of cubs, every nox cub would hesitate when trying to attract his attention. Sometimes Xie Luan couldn’t take care of all of them.

“It’s not just the little ones who want to fight for favor.” Looking at the silver-haired nox, who had cold brows and eyes, but had firmly looped the silver tail behind him on the young man, Xia Qi shook her hair and sighed.


A nox cub put its front paws on Xie Luan’s legs, and the more obvious small horns were exposed to everyone’s sight.

Xie Luan picked up the nox cub, touched the two small horns under the cub’s sleek gaze, and then put the cub down.

This batch of nox cubs contained girl babies as well. Unlike many races that were difficult to distinguish based on their appearance during the cub period, the nox cubs’ sex could easily be distinguished by observing the horn shape on the head of the cubs.

The horns of the female cubs would be more curved, and they could find the difference by comparing them.

Xie Luan had counted it before. In this batch of nox cubs, there was not much difference in the number of babies of the two sexes. There were three more female babies than male babies.

The little horns on the heads of babies of any gender were very cute. Xie Luan usually touched the horns on the heads of these nox cubs.

It just so happened that these cubs also liked to be touched on his horns by him, so every time Xie Luan picked up a nox cub, he touched the horns first, and then started coaxing them.

Because of the care of the nox cub, the Yunabo Club, which had already accumulated a considerable reputation in the industry and even the entire interstellar, had now reached the level where everyone knew its name.

The followers of the official account on Youxing quickly broke 100 million followers. Now the Yunbao branch on Youxing was already a large-traffic account with one billion followers.

It was not just the rise in reputation. With sufficient funds, Xie Luan had aligned the various facilities of the Yunbao branch to the top cub nursing branches in StarCraft for more than a year. Now he was taking care of the environment. Basically, they did not lose to any club.

This year was the year of the Star Alliance assessment. The cub nursing branches who wanted to participate in the assessment had already submitted an application two months ago, and now was the final preparation stage.

From the beginning, since the Yunbao Club had an S-rated caretaker, other cub care clubs in the interstellar knew that Yunbao Club would definitely become a dark horse in the Star Alliance assessment this year.

Compared with the last time there was much more attention being paid to the assessment, the Yunbao Branch was the most eye-catching in this year’s Star Alliance assessment, and even the Star Alliance itself was one of their many followers.

When the Star Alliance personnel who were currently doing field assessments formally came to the Yunbao Branch, although the assessment requires observing the living conditions of the cubs, the assessors who came to the Yunbao Branch obviously shifted their eyes to a few points before shifting their gaze to the bodies of the nox cubs that were next to each other. This was the first time they had seen the nox cubs so closely.

It could be seen that the mental state of the cubs was very good. This should be a bonus item, but should the specific increase be 20 or 30 points. The leader of the assessment team was thinking this when evaluating it.

But while the assessment team leader was still considering it, his low gaze saw a nox cub approaching, with two slightly curved horns clearly showing on his head.

“Huh woo~” He whispered curiously at the stranger he had never seen before. The nox cub looked at him with round cyan eyes, and the ears beside the two small horns moved faintly at this moment.

The captain of the assessment team was obviously stunned. When he reacted, he found that the characters “+30” had been clearly written on his record board.

All the assessment items were the same as in previous years. After having experienced it once, Xie Luan and others had been able to deal with the Star Alliance assessment very skillfully this year.

The assessors were not shocked by the fact that one of the combat mentors of the Yunbao Branch was the former commander of their military department. They also silently accepted that the other combat mentor was an elite figure in the special forces of the military department.

However, when it was discovered that the doctor of the Yunbao Branch was the once quite famous life ability holder from the Physicians’ Guild, the hands of these examiners holding the record board still shook slightly.

How could this cub nursing club be so capable of having so many crouching tiger, hidden dragons[1]? This was the thinking of every examiner at the time.

The end of the second month after the end of the assessment was the time when the assessment results were announced. On this day, the rankings of the various clubs on the StarCraft Excellent Cub Care Clubs Rankings, which had not been updated for two years, changed.

Although they were confident that the results of this assessment would not be bad, but everyone in the Yunbao Branch was still as nervous as the first time when they went to check the list.

But when the leaderboard was opened, everyone had no chance to be uneasy, because the location of their branch was too obvious.

Number 1. The staff of Yunbao branch skipped the uneasiness and reached a state of joy, of course, they were also surprised. Besides, there was also a sense of unreality.

“The first place is ours…?” Even after checking the rankings again and again, Xia Qi couldn’t help but ask this question, wanting to hear someone next to her give her an affirmative answer.

Xie Luan nodded while looking at the rankings, and his voice was very positive: “Yeah.”

Xia Qi felt a little dizzy at this time. Yunbao Club became the number one Cub Care Club in StarCraft, and they had achieved her dream that was originally out of reach.

All the efforts have been rewarded. It was just like the young saplings they had worked so hard to protect from the violent winds, had one day, finally grown into the towering trees beyond expectations. Just watching them from the side could give them an unparalleled sense of relief and satisfaction.

Whether it was all the effort or the initial persistence where they refused to give up, there was a corresponding return.

This was a kind of luck, and probably the luckiest thing was this.

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[1] Hidden experts.

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