JHTW Ch. 42

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Xiao Yan was sitting on a chair, with his legs folded, staring at the figure almost scared enough to roll down.

Xiao Jing stared at the man who appeared without a word, gritted her teeth, and stared angrily, “Why did you come to me again?”

“I heard that you had a test today. I thought about it. I didn’t expect you to be so weak that you were made to lie half dead by Shen Yanwang all at once, but what made me curious was how you got it.”


“People don’t even dare to get close to Shen Yanwang. How did you get enough courage to kiss him?”

“That was just an accident, not to mention we didn’t, our lips didn’t meet.” Xiao Jing gazed away in guilty conscience.

Xiao Yan smiled interestedly, “If it wasn’t because we grew up together, I’m really worried about what you’ve concealed. Look at your cowardly appearance, I have to wonder if you weren’t going after Shen Yanwang.”

“I think the captain is right in saying that you are not only lacking in muscles, but are also stupid!”


Xiao Jing lay back on the bed, covering herself, and said, “If you’re done, you can go back.”

Xiao Yan did not leave. The smile on the corner of his mouth grew wider. He leaned over to Xiao Jing and stared at her eyebrows like a torch.

Xiao Jing felt even guiltier under his weird eyes. She rolled over and deliberately avoided his contact, pretending to be serious: “What else do you want to say?”

“Why did you want to kiss that Shen Yanwang?” Xiao Yan could hardly conceal his pride.

Xiao Jing shoved him away and said sharply, “I said it was an accident. Physical contact in the fighting arena is inevitable. Could it be that I am not a man or deliberately went after the chief?”

Xiao Yan stared at her deeply, “I don’t think things are so complicated, after all, there are so many people present, even if you want to further negotiate with Shen Yanwang, you will not do it in the presence of so many people.”

“Get out.” Xiao Jing said while hitting her fist over, expecting that her fighting power was not enough to fear, and sure enough, her fist was caught by Xiao Yan without any effort.

Xiao Yan held her wrist and pouted provocatively. “I feel that Shen Yanwang released water for you. Look at your ability, even with a slight injury, it is normal to break your hands and feet.”

“You’re so disappointed in his integrity?”

“I was just thinking that Shen Yanwang had been tarnished by you, a recruit in the large court, but he did not kill you in shame and anger?” Xiao Yan pinched his chin thoughtfully, and then his eyes fell more and more on Xiao Jing’s thin body.

Xiao Jing saw from his eyes another attempted four words and frowned, “What on earth do you want to say?”

“He’s very nice to you.” Xiao Yan sighed, “I told you that Shen Yanwang was not pure, you didn’t believe it, now he’s eyeing you.”

“…” Xiao Jing glared at him, really wanting to use his fist like a sandbag to kill this brain residue.

Xiao Yan sighed, “People always say that the married female cannot be kept at home. I did not expect that one day, I will have a brother who could not be kept. You tell me if you are looking at Shen Yanwang, who is majestic and handsome?”

Xiao Jing didn’t hesitate. She lifted the quilt and kicked out. Even if her legs and feet were sore, she was holding her breath and was stunned in anger.

Xiao Yan clasped her leg and pulled it hard to pull her directly from the bed. Then he buckled her backhand and tied her into a ball like a twist. Then he smiled, “I’m not Shen Yanwang. I won’t release water for you, don’t sneak attack me with your three-footed cat’s effort.”

Xiao Jing struggled a bit, convinced that he would not let go of his restraint, she angrily roared, “Let me go.”

Xiao Yan leaned his head against her ear and spit out a sentence: “My good brother, your results have come out. This time you should be honored to be at the bottom again. In accordance with the special rules of the special team, you should pack up tomorrow and return to 525, lest people see your joke, today you go back with me, I will make another arrangement for you.”

Xiao Jing turned her head and opened her mouth to bite Xiao Yan’s ear without thinking.

“Ah.” Xiao Yan screamed in pain, his hands loosened, and his body under control shrank, freeing her from his control.

Xiao Jing was free. So, the raised leg was kicked directly between Xiao Yan’s thighs with her knees.

“You are.” Xiao Yan mechanically wanted to avoid it, but hesitated for only a second, the next instant of devastation struck, and the severe pain made him stunned, letting him kneel directly on the ground.

Xiao Jing stood up, squeezed her fists, and stared at Xiao Yan who had exchanged positions with her. She grinned and showed big white teeth. Then she smiled: “I won’t bother my brother when I’m idle. I won’t waste your thoughts and prayers. As a general leader, you should work for the well-being of the people. I can solve this problem by myself.”

Xiao Yan took a deep breath, trying to calm his body’s pain, and gritted his teeth, “Okay, I won’t care about you.”

“Don’t tell the family this story, you are not ashamed, but I am ashamed.”

“Even if I don’t say this, some people will return it. After all, Shen Yanwang was kissed by someone. This is not a trivial matter. I am afraid that Xiao Jing has left a strong mark on the hero list.”

“…” Xiao Jing clenched her fists, and she explained herself. “I said it was an accident.”

“This kind of accident seems like a deliberate plan.”

Xiao Jing narrowed her eyes, she felt it was necessary to kill.

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