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Waking up the next morning, Lu Rong opened the curtains of the floor-to-ceiling windows in his pajamas, stretched out on the sunny balcony, swayed from side to side with his waist supported, performed twisting movements, and extended his arms to do sideways stretching movements. After stretching, he took the toothbrush and towel then went downstairs to the kitchen.

The aunt who cooked was not around these days, so usually he would boil water first, make a cup of honey lemon tea for himself and Ji Wenfeng to drink on an empty stomach, and then turn on the fire to cook breakfast. He would wash his face and brush his teeth between boiling water, which saved the most time.

But today, when he walked into the kitchen with the towel and a washbasin with a mug in it, he found that Ji Wenfeng was already there. Not only was Ji Wenfeng already there, but he had also toasted bread, fried eggs, and was heating milk: “Did you sleep well last night?”

Lu Rong: “…” What happened? Why was Ji Wenfeng in the kitchen? Was Ji Wenfeng possessed?

Ji Wenfeng handed him the honey lemon tea: “Go and wash your face and brush your teeth and come back to eat.”

Lu Rong drank his morning tea in a daze, went upstairs to wash up in a daze, packed his schoolbag and came downstairs, by this time, Ji Wenfeng had already sat down on the dining table.

While reading the newspaper, he bit the egg sandwich, and asked Lu Rong who was sitting opposite, “How are you doing at school?”

Lu Rong: “It’s pretty good.”

Ji Wenfeng: “I remember your English is a little difficult? I can teach you.”

Lu Rong still remembered the scene of being trapped in the back seat of the car yesterday where he was trying to strip his clothes: “I can’t afford your tuition.”

Ji Wenfeng glanced at him: “It’s free.”

Seeing disbelief written all over Lu Rong’s face, Ji Wenfeng took a sip of milk: “Who told you to be my little slave.” He bit the word “mine” quite hard.

Lu Rong: “…”

Ji Wenfeng pretended to turn over a page of the newspaper: “What about other things besides studying?”

Lu Rong: “What do you mean?”

Ji Wenfeng: “Do you want to be the monitor of the squad?” If he greeted Zhu Renliang, it was easy for Lu Rong to become the monitor of Class 8.

Lu Rong: “…I don’t want to.”

Ji Wenfeng hummed, expressing his understanding.

Ji Wenfeng put down the newspaper, crossed his hands, and looked at him seriously: “Is there anything I can help you with in terms of interpersonal relationships?”

Lu Rong: “…I’m fine, thank you.”

Ji Wenfeng tried his best to be calm as he said: “Really? Is there someone pestering you such that you have to praise him as cute?”

Lu Rong: “…”

Ji Wenfeng felt that his words were very ambiguous, so he even said: “It’s not that you really think he is cute, but he forced you to praise him for being cute, and you are very troubled by it.” Ji Wenfeng still couldn’t believe that Lu Rong boasted that Ling Ren was the cutest on the phone, Lu Rong must have been forced.

Lu Rong looked at Ji Wenfeng silently for a while: “Oh, there is indeed one.” Ji Wenfeng also forced him to praise him for being handsome.

Ji Wenfeng’s face was full of “I knew it”: “He is so obscene and shameless, you can use the method I taught you to deal with him.”

Lu Rong couldn’t remember what method Ji Wenfeng taught him to deal with himself.

Ji Wenfeng started tempting: “You can tell him that Class 1 Ji Wenfeng is your boyfriend.”

Lu Rong: “…”

Lu Rong dropped the fork in his hand, got up and left.

Ji Wenfeng failed to negotiate, so he dropped the fork in his hand, and fell on the back of the chair in a state of agitation—why couldn’t Lu Rong sever ties with the damned Ling Ren. Was he not good enough for him? He even allowed Lu Rong to wash clothes in the bathroom while he was taking a shower. There were not many male gods who were so generous.

Ji Wenfeng decided to give Lu Rong more.

When Lu Rong came home that night, he received a mountain bike and an Apple three-piece suit.

He first jumped on the mountain bike and rode around the open space in front of the door, then dropped the bike, unpacked the box ecstatically, and hugged the iphone X, ipad and macbook air in his arms lovingly: “This is for me, is it?”

Ji Wenfeng looked at his excitement with his hands in his trouser pockets, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly: “Hmm.”

Lu Rong immediately wanted to call Ji Tong: “I want to thank uncle, he is out on honeymoon, but he remembered to give me a present.”

Ji Wenfeng took away his iphone X: “He didn’t buy it for you.”

Lu Rong: “Is it my mother? It was his money too.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Ji Wenfeng: “I bought it.”

The ipad and macbook air in Lu Rong’s hand dropped. Ji Wenfeng caught it, contentedly enjoying Lu Rong’s surprised expression. Be happy, cheer, throw yourself into my arms and weep with excitement.

Lu Rong frowned, feeling that the matter was not simple: “It’s you? Why?”

Ji Wenfeng looked elsewhere: “…Because you are my little slave.”

And he didn’t want others to snatch his little slave away.

Lu Rong stared straight at him, as if saying “Is that all?” Ji Wenfeng cleared his throat, and solemnly declared: “It’s no big deal, serve me well, and I’ll give you more.” After speaking, he pretended to be careless and left.

Walking to the door, Ji Wenfeng turned his head, and said coldly, “Don’t think I care about you, this is just a routine benefit.”

Lu Rong: “…” You are really arrogant.

Lu Rong, who received a lot of presents for no reason, called Deng Te: “Did you make an appointment with Ji Wenfeng yesterday?”

Deng Te had asked him to go boxing on Saturday.

Deng Te: “An appointment.”

Lu Rong asked: “Did Ji Wenfeng agree?”

Deng Te was silent for a long time: “He agreed.”

Lu Rong: “Good job.”

After dropping the call, he said to himself: “So that’s it.” Deng Te invited Ji Wenfeng for boxing, and Ji Wenfeng originally decided to spend the weekend with him to go out to play, but he must be going out with Deng Te temporarily instead, so he was bound to let him down. Ji Wenfeng’s conscience still persisted, and he must feel guilty about releasing the pigeons, so he must be trying to compensate him with money.

“Wonderful.” Lu Rong thought to himself. Killing two birds with one stone. Thinking this, he pushed the mountain bike into the underground garage, and moved the Apple three-piece suit into the bedroom. These were all good things, he wouldn’t sell them anymore, he wanted to keep them for himself.

Deng Te put down the phone and continued to call Ji Wenfeng: “Saturday, boxing, can you go?”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Ji Wenfeng: “You asked yesterday.”

Deng Te: “Go, or not, one word.” This was a trap, one word, he could only say go.

Ji Wenfeng: “I won’t go.”

Deng Te: “…” Ji Wenfeng saw through his trap, and it was so terrifying.

Deng Te: “Why?”

Ji Wenfeng: “I want to accompany my little slave.”

Deng Te asked the question that troubled him all night: “Why do you have a little slave in your family?”

Ji Wenfeng said casually: “I raised it.”

Deng Te: “Does it eat a lot?” He had always wanted to raise something.

Ji Wenfeng: “…he’s human.”

Deng Te gave a cool oh, paused, and asked, “Does he eat a lot?”

Ji Wenfeng: “…let’s talk about boxing.”

Deng Te: “Saturday, boxing, whether to go or not.”

Ji Wenfeng: “No.”

Deng Te put down the phone and said to himself, “It’s over.”

He failed to ask Ji Wenfeng out for boxing, and he didn’t complete the task that Lu Rong gave him, but he lied to Lu Rong.

Deng Te never lied. It was just that this was the first time he had the opportunity to contribute to the whole villain group. His mission was to box with Ji Wenfeng and be invited to eat chicken breast salad. If he couldn’t even complete such a trivial matter, Lu Rong should be so disappointed in him? Could he continue to stay in the all-villain group with peace of mind and call himself a member of the school bully group?


Deng Te must complete this task. He picked up the phone and continued to harass Ji Wenfeng

Deng Te: “Saturday, boxing, can you go?”

Pulling Deng Te into the blacklist, Ji Wenfeng regretted buying a 5-year VIP diamond gold card in the same boxing gym with Deng Te. He suspected that Deng Te was a perverted idiot who had a crush on him.

It would have been great if he had listened to Lu Rong’s words.

For the next few days, Ji Wenfeng treated Lu Rong as gentle as spring breeze turning into rain. Lu Rong accepted all the orders, and waited for Ji Wenfeng to tell him that he was going out on the weekend. Then he would generously forgive Ji Wenfeng for leaving him to play boxing, and everyone would be happy.

But on Friday morning, Ji Wenfeng suddenly asked him to prepare his swimming trunks: “After school, let’s go directly to the hot spring hotel in City H.”

Lu Rong was puzzled: “…go today, come back tomorrow morning?”

According to the plan, tomorrow afternoon, Ji Wenfeng must be going boxing with Deng Te.

Ji Wenfeng: “How is that possible. We will spend the whole weekend there.”

Lu Rong: “…”

Deng Te lied to him.

After Lu Rong went to school, he couldn’t wait to call Deng Te to the rooftop: “Are you going boxing with Ji Wenfeng tomorrow afternoon?”

Deng Te: “Yeah.”

Lu Rong said coldly: “Lie.” They were going to the hot spring hotel.

Deng Te: “…”

Lu Rong questioned: “Why didn’t you ask him out?”

If Deng Te had told him in time, he still had time to deal with this unexpected situation, but Deng Te had been dragging on until now, and even now he refused to tell the truth. If Ji Wenfeng saw everything in the car when they went out, what should he do then?!

Seeing that Lu Rong was angry, Deng Te silently lowered his head. He was carrying an old schoolbag and was wearing a dirty school uniform. Under his thick bangs, he was hiding from people’s eyes, staring at the toes of his shoes.

Lu Rong looked at the 1.87-meter Chuang Wang standing in front of him suffering from an autism attack, no matter how angry he was, he still asked him softly: “Do you have anything to explain?”

Deng Te was very embarrassed and refused to speak.

Lu Rong: “If you don’t tell me, I’ll leave.”

Deng Te endured for a while, then took out old B’s old mobile phone, which was full of red outgoing calls, where he was tirelessly harassing Ji Wenfeng until five minutes ago.

Lu Rong was taken aback.

“I thought it would be successful.” Deng Te turned his head to look at the vast blue sky, “I don’t want…to let you down.”

Lu Rong never pushed others, for him, attitude was the most important thing, so he patted him on the shoulder comfortingly: “You worked hard. It’s over, it’s my fault that I yelled at you.”

Deng Te breathed a sigh of relief.

The bell rang for early self-study, and Lu Rong rushed to class. He had just opened the handle of the roof door when he heard Deng Te whispering behind him: “Then, am I still the cutest?”

Lu Rong turned his head, and Deng Te put his hands in his pockets, looking at him coolly. He had lied because he was afraid that Lu Rong would not want him anymore.

Lu Rong: “…Yes, you are still the cutest.”

Deng Te was completely relieved, and a smile appeared on the face of the pale and gloomy sick and beautiful boy. He turned his head to face the rising sun and the wind and vowed that next time he would succeed in meeting Ji Wenfeng—for the sake of the boss.

When Ji Wenfeng passed by the door of Class 8 to check the sanitation, he heard Fang Chang in front of the window gossip happily: “Just now I was cleaning the stairs to the rooftop, and I heard Lu Rong confessing his love to someone on the rooftop.” The stairs on the roof were cleaned by Class 8, no one wanted to go there, so Fang Chang had to go up by himself.

The rotten girl rushed to Fang Chang from thousands of miles away, and asked vigilantly, “Who was Lu Rong confessing to?”

Fang Chang: “I didn’t see it. I just heard him say, ‘You are the cutest’.”

The rotten girl: “How dare you fail to see such an important historical moment, are you a pig?”

Fang Chang held the broom and argued, “He was coming down! I ran away quickly.”

Ji Wenfeng crushed the sanitary inspection form in his hand and squinted at Ling Ren who was on the sidelines. Ling Ren came late today, so he was on the rooftop with Lu Rong.

“How can I, Ji Wenfeng, be inferior to him?” Ji Wenfeng looked at Ling Ren coldly, thinking to himself.

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