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Lu Rong placed Deng Te by Ji Wenfeng’s side on the one hand, and on the other hand began to place people by Wang Xiufang’s side.

He first found Old B: “Is there any ice skating master who you can recommend to me? It must be a real skater, and roller skating is not counted.”

Old B: “Boss, aren’t you talking about me?”

Lu Rong: “Why do you still have this skill?”

Old B took a sip of Coke, then, full of vicissitudes of life he said: “I used to be a delinquent boy.”

At that time, he as the former school bully was still in power, and he was still a typical and inconspicuous bast**d in the whole villain group. He fought, brawled, burned his head, flagrantly violated the law on the protection of minors, infringed on the private property rights of minors, and went to the KTV, ice rink, and Internet cafes to have a good time.

Old B recalled that old time, when he was a wanton youth, arrogant and domineering, killing Buddhas when seeing Buddhas, killing gods when seeing gods, all of this seemed to have happened in the first half of his life.

Now he was just an administrator of dozens of proxy groups, running several Taobao shops, doing pimping business, dealing with Party A and Party B at the top, and facing Party B at the bottom, all of them were grandpas, making money every day with a smiling face, just a regular social animal.

Old B recalled his glory days with Coke, then with a smile filled with vicissitudes of life on his face, he said: “Finally, what’s the matter.”

Although his life was no longer bloody, but he had money in his pocket, and on Q, everyone all called him Boss B with dignity, all of this was given to him by Lu Rong. Lu Rong had something to do, so he would take a knife in both sides.

Lu Rong: “It’s no big deal, you just have to meet a skater on the weekend.”

Old B: “Who is it?”

Lu Rong asked Lao Song about Wang Xiufang’s WeChat and dumped it to Old B: “It’s her. You can add her, get to know her well, and ask her out for ice skating on weekends.”

Wang Xiufang’s WeChat nickname was Ke Gexili’s Fragrance, her profile was female, and her WeChat profile picture was a hand-painted girl with long hair fluttering and seductive eyes like silk, and the Old B was excited: “I can.”

Lu Rong: “She is a master, so be careful in everything.”

Old B said with emotion: Lu Rong is really his reborn parent, not only giving him a job, but also introducing him to a skater girl. Wow skater girl, how cool and punk. Old B imagined that she had light and silky hair, a nimble figure on the skating rink but cold eyes, a tear mole hanging from the corner of her sharp eye, and the BGM was still “letgo” when she was spinning on the ice.

After Old B hung up on Lu Rong, he immediately sent a friend request to Wang Xiufang: Beauty, please add.

Wang Xiufang was looking at the puppet with her feet on the coffee table, so she glanced at it casually, and ignored it indifferently. The head portrait of Old B was him wearing a black vest with the green dragon tattooed on his right back and shoulder exposed. He had well-developed biceps that shone brightly under the light. Coupled with the perfunctory “beauty, please add”, Wang Xiufang felt that he was just a ruthless and boring wretched man whose avatar was searched on Baidu.

Old B didn’t get a response, so he continued to work hard: master, please add, friend introduction.

Seeing the word “master”, Wang Xiufang became suspicious: Is this person from the ice skating circle? Ice skating rookies sometimes called her that. Coupled with the words “friend introduction”, she became more and more suspicious that a middle-aged or elderly sister might have introduced him to her.

This man knew her, at least he had heard of her, and he was still in the ice skating circle. But it was not certain that the shiny green dragon arms on the profile picture was really his own.

Wang Xiufang became excited, a strong male wh**e!

But Wang Xiufang was a master after all, she couldn’t be so easily moved by the words “master”, “beauty” and the strong and shiny green dragon arms. She glanced at the wall clock on the wall, continued to watch TV, and glanced at the screen from time to time, but no new messages came.

After an episode of the TV series was finished, Wang Xiufang passed it at random, and 23 minutes and 17 seconds had passed since the application time, expressing her casualness and carelessness.

The person on the other side immediately spoke: Master, I heard that you are very good at ice skating, and I want to compete with you.

Wang Xiufang sneered in her heart, not bad? She was the king.

Ke Gexili’s Fragrance: Where did you hear that?

Old B: Just a friend

Old B: He said you are a real strong man, I must not be able to compare with you

Old B: I am not convinced, how can I lose to a woman

Old B: Such a beautiful woman.

She went to the mirror and used the lipstick she found in Ji Wenfeng’s room—there were a lot of lipsticks in that batch. She chose one and put it in her pocket, but when she turned around, Lu Rong snatched it all away. This was the only one she had left. Chanel Maple Leaf Red—with painted red lips, she smiled evilly at the mirror, returned to the seat, sat down, and picked up the phone. After putting on lipstick, she seemed to be wearing armor.

Wang Xiufang: Tell me, when is the appointment?

Old B: It depends on when you are free on weekends.

As he spoke, he sent her the address of the skating rink he frequented.

Wang Xiufang felt it was a little far away.

She went downstairs and walked to the parking lot. Old Song was making a bed in the back seat of the Bentley. He was homeless and planned to spend the night here tonight.

Wang Xiufang: “Old Song, I’m going to the city this weekend…”

Lao Song answered quickly, “I’ll see you off.”

Lu Rong had already informed him that he was going to send Wang Xiufang to the city this weekend.

Wang Xiufang narrowed her eyes. When did Lao Song, a selfish slacker, become so helpful? She tentatively said: “The destination is a bit far.”

Lao Song looked at her sincerely: “It’s okay, we will provide transportation.”

Wang Xiufang went upstairs in a daze, and she actually felt the warmth of colleagues from Lao Song. Did the sun come out from the west?

She went into the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth to get ready for bed, when she suddenly caught a glimpse of her red lips in the color of Chanel maple leaves in the mirror.

Wang Xiufang smiled charmingly: “Hehe.”

She finally knew why Lao Song was so considerate tonight.

I see.

Lao Song usually ignored her, but today he fell in love with her because of the color of Chanel maple leaves!

The phone was still vibrating, she glanced at it, it was full of Old B’s flirting.

She Wang Xiufang, she really was young!

After Wang Xiufang took a shower, she clutched her mobile phone and went back to sleep, but she didn’t find Lu Rong’s calm figure emerging from the shadow behind her. Lu Rong just received a report from Old B that the appointment was successful. He also received a report from Lao Song that he would send Wang Xiufang into the city on time at one o’clock in the afternoon on Saturday. He even wished him all the best.

This incident also brought some additional impacts. For example, when Wang Xiufang went to sleep, the corners of her mouth were crazily raised while holding her mobile phone, her fingers were ticking and typing, and the haze of being robbed for the past few days was swept away.

Although he didn’t know exactly what happened, and he didn’t want to know, but… the plan worked.

Wang Xiufang’s place had been finalized, and the next step was Ji Wenfeng’s place. When Wang Xiufang went out, Ji Wenfeng also had to go out, and it was best not to come back for a whole day.

Lu Rong ordered Deng Te to invite Ji Wenfeng for boxing on Saturday afternoon.

Deng Te: “Why.” Why was the task assigned to him by the group to be friends with Ji Wenfeng? He didn’t have any opinion on Ji Wenfeng. After boxing yesterday, Ji Wenfeng bought him a chicken breast salad. The chicken breast salad in the boxing gym cost 45 yuan a piece, and he never bought it himself. With the help of chicken breast salad, he believed that he would gain another 3kg of muscle this month.

However, this made him feel like a tool man.

Liang Wendao, Li Nanbian, Yan Gou, they were all actively generating income for the whole villain group, but he, he was just boxing with Ji Wenfeng and eating chicken breast salad. Deng Te felt he was overqualified.

Lu Rong felt his loss and frustration from Deng Te’s low tone.

He comforted Deng Te and said, “Your work is very important.”

Deng Te remained silent.

Lu Rong: “The last time we had a fight in Boyue Longhu, do you remember? After that…”

Deng Te said coolly: “I don’t remember.”

Lu Rong: “…”

Lu Rong: “It was last Saturday, when the gang from No. 4 Middle School and Zhao Yiheng came to attack us, and Ji Wenfeng helped us.”

Deng Te thought for a while, and suddenly opened his right eye wide.

Lu Rong: “Yes.”

Deng Te: “He…”

Lu Rong: “What’s wrong with him?”

Deng Te: “There’s a gap in the cover of his camera.”

Lu Rong thought King Chuang’s memory was indeed a bit problematic, it was not a small problem, but let’s put it aside for now, he had too many things to take care of.

Lu Rong: “Anyway, we didn’t know Ji Wenfeng after that, and Ji Wenfeng even had a cordial meeting with me.”

Deng Te: “And then.”

Lu Rong was silent.


To be honest, he hadn’t figured out how to make it up.

He searched his brains and remembered a notice: “The school notified the student union that there will be a new term. Ji Wenfeng may run for the chairman of the student union. If he succeeds in being elected as the chairman of the student union – the chances of which are very high – the existence of the whole villain group depends on him. If he wants to mess with us, we will die.”

Deng Te: “Is that so?” The current student council president didn’t even know the existence of the all-member villain group. He also bought homework from Li Nanbian and copied it.

Lu Rong used a firm tone to increase his persuasiveness: “And if he is on our side, we can use his position to actively generate income – he likes you very much now.”

Deng Te’s eyes dimmed: “You are giving me to him?”

Lu Rong: “…Don’t talk like this.”

Deng Te said sadly: “I will do what you say.” He was about to hang up the phone.

Lu Rong was well versed in the way of being a master. He knew that Deng Te had a knot in his heart. He stopped Deng Te: “Wait.”

Deng Te listened to him quietly.

Lu Rong: “Listen, King Chuang, I just hope that there is someone in the team who can have a good relationship with Ji Wenfeng. Li Nanbian, he can’t, he is so shrewd and philistine, Ji Wenfeng won’t like him; Liang Wendao, he is a school bully, he is too proud, and Ji Wenfeng is also very proud, two arrogant people can’t be friends; Yan Gou, Yan Gou can only communicate with others by typing, in Ji Wenfeng’s eyes, he would a freak. In our group, you are the only one left here.”

Deng Te: “And you.”

Lu Rong pretended to smile bitterly: “Ji Wenfeng doesn’t like me at all.”

Deng Te said coolly: “He’s blind.”

Lu Rong listened to him and understood that he was not so depressed anymore, and he punched hard: “King Chuang, you are the cutest among us.”

The phone in Deng Te’s hand snapped and broke.

Lu Rong listening to the busy voice on the other side: “…?”

Ji Wenfeng outside the door clenched his fists.

He was hungry and wanted to ask Lu Rong to make small fish cakes for him. He was about to knock on the door of Lu Rong’s room when he heard Lu Rong call someone and say, “Ji Wenfeng doesn’t like me at all.” Then he personally said, “You are the cutest.”

Why did Lu Rong feel that he didn’t like him?

Who was that person on the other side? Could it be cuter than him? Was it that bast**d Ling Ren?

Half an hour later, Deng Te sent a WeChat message to Lu Rong from Old B’s mobile phone: “I’ll go.” He ran across half the city to Old B’s place, and found Lu Rong’s WeChat, because he couldn’t remember Lu Rong’s phone number.

Lu Rong: “It’s up to you.” All the while pushing Ji Wenfeng’s phone number to him.

Deng Te used Old B’s phone to call Ji Wenfeng: “Will you go to boxing on Saturday afternoon?”

Ji Wenfeng: “No!”

Deng Te coolly asked: “Why?” Lu Rong clearly said that he was the cutest, why didn’t Ji Wenfeng want to go out with him.

Ji Wenfeng said absently: “My little slave is going to run away with someone.” He had to watch him closely.

Deng Te repeated word by word: “Small, slave.”

Ji Wenfeng: “Yes.”

Why did Ji Wenfeng still have small slaves in his family? Deng Te couldn’t think about it and ran back to the boxing gym for half an hour and found a history textbook from his schoolbag. The textbook said that China passed from the era of slavery to the era of feudalism 3,000 years ago.

Deng Te suffered from insomnia again that day.

Curiosity was killing Deng Te.

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