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Lu Rong was intimidated by Ji Wenfeng not to associate with Ling Ren, and he was totally confused. However, Ji Wenfeng took this matter as a red warning, and asked him to write a letter of guarantee when he returned home that day.

After Lu Rong finished signing, he handed back the letter of guarantee: “Is this Ling Ren a loan shark?” He could only think of such a ruthless character.

Ji Wenfeng put away the letter of guarantee: “It’s more serious than this.”

It’s more serious than usury… “Online business loan?” Lu Rong could only think of this.

Ji Wenfeng hid the letter of guarantee in his shirt pocket and put it away properly: “Anyway, he is the type of person you don’t want to meet. I heard that he is after you now, so you can do it yourself.”

Lu Rong: “…?”

Ji Wenfeng walked to the door and turned around: “By the way, you will wash my clothes from now on.”

Lu Rong’s face sank like water: “…What did you say?”

With a look of showing kindness, Ji Wengfeng gave him a look of “we know each other well”: “Don’t thank me too much.”

Lu Rong spent a lot of time wearing his clothes and went to the school to sniff them secretly in a corner where no one was around. It was so pitiful, it was better to promote him to be his own little laundry expert. In this way, he would have a lot of time to be with the clothes he changed, which were very fresh.

Although Lu Rong didn’t know what Ji Wenfeng was thinking, he guessed from his contented and benevolent expression that it should be something special about him. He silently carried his clothes to the laundry room, then disgustedly tossed them all in the washing machine and silently watched them spin into nothingness.

At this time, the laundry lady came in to collect the clothes, and the two met in the laundry room. Judging by how much the laundry lady hated him, she hadn’t found that shipment yet. Lu Rong stared at the spinning washing machine and thought, he must find a way to get the goods out quickly.

Lu Rong had already thought of the location of the temporary warehouse. The tube building where he and Fang Qing lived before was now free, and he planned to take the goods to his home. There were two rooms in the house, one for renting out and one for storage.

The question was how. Fang Qing and Ji Tong won’t come back for another half a month. During this time, he and Ji Wenfeng were looking after the house together, and there was also a laundry aunt watching over them. No matter the big or small at home, he couldn’t escape the eyes of the two of them. He had to wait until Ji Wenfeng and the laundry aunt were not at home, and he happened to be at home alone, and then call a car to move all the things away. He was at home either at night or on weekends, and he didn’t want to skip class anymore. Just this week, he used up all the skipping quota for this semester. With the idea, the next step was to collect intelligence and formulate a battle plan.

For the Laundry aunt, he went downstairs to talk to Lao Song. As a driver, Lao Song should know the relationship between the characters in the Ji family mansion like the back of his hand.

Lao Song was planning to drive the Bentley out to have fun, when he saw Lu Rong come down wearing slippers and lit a cigarette.

As soon as Lu Rong came up, he hit the snake seven inches: “Does Uncle Ji know that you smoke in the carriage?”

Lao Song froze, hanging his hand outside the window, he flicked the cigarette butt away, and looked at Lu Rong expectantly: “Speak, what do you want.”

Lu Rong: “All the information about the Laundry aunt.”

Lao Song: “Wang Xiufang, female, 53 years old, 153cm, 53kg, from the next village, quick in work, unclean in hands and feet, aggressive in character, has two sons and a daughter, didn’t want to carry the grandchildren for them, and doesn’t want to deal with her own old man, so lives in Ji’s mansion all the year round, while eating delicious food and drinking spicy food, and not going home. Hobbies: mahjong, skating, chasing ancient puppets and big heroine dramas.”

Lu Rong: “Where does she usually play mahjong?”

Lao Song: “Qq mahjong.”

Lu Rong: “…where does she usually skate?”

“It’s hard to say.” Lao Song fell into the driver’s seat, lost in memory, “She skates on real ice, and looks down on roller skating rinks. She only goes out when invited by a real indoor ice rink.”

“Invitation?” Lu Rong went ice skating a few times, but no one invited him, they all paid to go in.

Lao Song said: “Wang Xiufang is the champion of the over 50-year-old group of the women’s skating competition in S City. There are countless people who want to challenge her. Only the challenge of the strong will make her take out her own skates and want to fight.”

Lu Rong hummed: “Wang Xiufang will receive an invitation from a strong person to go skating at the skating rink in the city this weekend. Can you send her there?” He said and took out a box of Ms. Zu Malone’s perfume.

Lao Song glanced at the goods in his hand: “Why do you think I need this thing.”

Lu Rong: “After you went to the reservoir, you left a long flaxen hair in the back seat of the car, and Ji Wenfeng and I both have short hair. This is one. Second, the screen saver on your mobile phone is a photo of you with a short-haired woman, wearing your current uniform, which means it was taken recently. She would not go to get fashionable flaxen curly long hair in a short period of time, she should be your wife. Third, you still have injuries on your face. To sum up, you drove Uncle Ji’s car to the reservoir with other women on weekends and were beaten by your wife when you came back.”

Lao Song: “…”

Lu Rong: “I saw you sleeping in the car yesterday.” After that, he forcefully stuffed the Zu Malone perfume into his hand. Whether it was coaxing a wife or a girlfriend, Lao Song would need it.

Lao Song accepted Ji Wenfeng’s Ms. Zu Malone’s perfume with eyes that wanted to kill someone.

“After sending off Wang Xiufang on the weekend, you will drive back, since there are other tasks.” Lu Rong ordered.

Lao Song: “I can’t just use Mr. Ji’s car to help you do your work.”

Lu Rong: “I still have unexplained information in my hand, such as why the flaxen long curly hair did not fall on the passenger seat but on the back seat.”

Lao Song pinched the brim of his uniform hat with both hands, pressed it down slightly, and said full of vicissitudes of life: “From now on, you are my boss.”

After dealing with the driver and laundry lady who coveted the goods, he knocked on the door of Ji Wenfeng’s room: “You, what are your plans for the weekend?”

Hearing this, Ji Wenfeng leaned arrogantly on the door frame, looked at Lu Rong and said, “Is there a hurry? It’s only Tuesday today.”

Lu Rong hummed: “Got it.”

Ji Wenfeng meant that he could cling to him again on weekends. Had he nothing else to do?

Lu Rong turned around to leave, but Ji Wenfeng stopped him, raised his eyebrows, and asked ambiguously in his eyes: “Are you happy with the washing?”    

Lu Rong: “…?”

Then with a smile, he said graciously in his ear: “When I take a shower in the future, you can wash clothes in my bathroom.” He took a shower inside, and Lu Rong held his clothes outside and covered his face. All while listening to the sound of water washing against his muscles through a layer of frosted glass, he was really kind to Lu Rong.

Lu Rong didn’t understand what Ji Wenfeng was thinking at all, but judging from his expression, it should be something abnormal about him. Lu Rong felt that it was necessary to arrange for Ji Wenfeng to do something else, so that he would not be so neurotic all day long.

Lu Rong called Deng Te: “Is it convenient to talk now?” There was a lot of noise on the other side, and the muscular man could still be heard yelling, probably in the boxing gym.

As soon as Deng Te received the call from Lu Rong, he immediately jumped off the ring and ran outside, pretending to be calm and cool and said: “Yes.”

Lu Rong: “Do you still remember Ji Wenfeng?”

Deng Te: “I don’t remember, it’s gone.”

Lu Rong: “……he is our school grass, he just transferred to be the class monitor in Class 1, and everyone calls him ‘Musical Fountain’.”

Under Lu Rong’s persuasive guidance, Deng Te finally remembered: “He has a mole behind the left ear.”

Lu Rong: “…” Deng Te’s memory also had a little problem, but it was not a big problem. Lu Rong told Deng Te about his plan, and Deng Te expressed that he would try his best to support it. When Ji Wenfeng was going to school the next day, he ran into Deng Te in physical education class. On Wednesday, Class 1 and Class 6 of physical education class went together. Deng Te joined the basketball team for the first time in his life. When he was holding the ball for the third time, he finally caught Ji Wenfeng’s attention and reminded Ji Wenfeng of the battle of Boyue Longhu.

Ji Wenfeng had a good impression of Deng Te: “Are you from Class Six?”

Deng Te fixedly looked at him with his only remaining right eye from behind his bangs.

Ji Wenfeng glanced at his strong biceps: “You are…”

“Practice boxing.” Deng Te said coolly.

“The school has a boxing club?” Ji Wenfeng was very interested.

Deng Te shook his head: “I’m training in a nearby boxing gym.”

That night, Ji Wenfeng sent a WeChat message to Lu Rong to report that he would not be back that night, and then sent a few pictures of the boxing gym. Lu Rong thought of the forever blurred fitness photos in Deng Te’s circle of friends. It was the first time he saw the whole picture of the boxing gym. Lu Rong got rid of Ji Wenfeng, put the phone aside with a smile, and lowered his head to do his homework.

Plan pass.

After doing homework for five minutes, Lu Rong suddenly remembered something, grabbed his phone and called Ji Wenfeng: “If they ask you to apply for a card, don’t do it anyway.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Lu Rong: “You, is it over?”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Lu Rong: “How much is the annual card.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Lu Rong: “You have done it for more than a year, right?”

Ji Wenfeng: “…” Why could Lu Rong deduce so much information without him saying a word?

Deng Te, who was next to him, looked at Ji Wenfeng’s dignified expression, felt that he had an obligation to clarify, and said to Lu Rong in the microphone: “Five-year card, really, it’s a good deal.”

Lu Rong went crazy: “Ji Wenfeng, are you here? You will only be in Chengnan high school for three years. Have you paid the money? Wait for me to come.”

Ji Wenfeng hung up the phone and looked at Deng Te reproachfully: “You drove him crazy.”

Deng Te said coolly: “I’m sorry.” Ji Wenfeng accepted his apology generously but felt that it was not entirely Deng Te’s fault and felt a little ashamed. This kind of shame was the kind of shame where you went out with a good friend but suddenly received a phone call and was scolded by his hysterical wife, which ruined the atmosphere of the party.

Ji Wenfeng introduced Deng Te, “He is mine…”

At this point, he suddenly couldn’t continue. Who was Lu Rong to him? Since he once swore not to tell anyone that Lu Rong’s mother—actually, his aunt—married his father, what else could he have to do with Lu Rong?


He was in class 1, Lu Rong was in class 8, why would he let a class 8 student interfere with his freedom to buy a 5-year boxing gym card? No.


Let a friend interfere with his freedom to buy a 5-year boxing gym card? Not only couldn’t it work, maybe Deng Te would follow suit.


These three words suddenly popped up in Ji Wenfeng’s mind, and he froze in place. Ji Wenfeng was distracted halfway through his words, and Deng Te couldn’t help asking: “Who is it?”

He recognized that the voice on the phone was Lu Rong. Lu Rong, who went to the Three Treasures Hall for nothing, came to him on purpose and told him to have a good relationship with Ji Wenfeng to attract his attention. Deng Te was full of doubts. Now he heard Lu Rong calling Ji Wenfeng and not letting him apply for a fitness card.

Why? Ji Wenfeng shook his head in embarrassment: “God, we are not yet adults.”

He walked away in a trance. Deng Te: “…” Deng Te stretched out his arms speechlessly and said, “Who is it?”

Ji Wenfeng returned home after punching out and didn’t tell him who Lu Rong was to him. Deng Te lost sleep that night.

Curiosity was killing Deng Te.

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