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The deputy monitor of class 1 was named Ling Ren, who was a good student in the class before, and had a strong sense of class honor and organizational management skills. Running for class monitor, he was only picked up as a temporary disciplinary committee member in the class. As a disciplinary committee member, he did an excellent job and gradually became the veritable monitor of Class 1. Before Ji Wenfeng was airborne, he was the real power faction of Class 1.

After Ji Wenfeng was airborne, Zhao Yiheng was so angry that he jumped about, but Ling Ren, who really held the power, was calm and composed. He had a good impression of Ji Wenfeng. Although all the information about the new squad leader was currently unknown, Ling Ren was overwhelmed by Ji Wenfeng’s strong aura, and felt that he was better than Zhao Yiheng as an alpha in class 1. So, he was willing to step back as the second in command and be his deputy.

After going to school, Ji Wenfeng asked for leave almost every day. On Tuesday, he finally arrived at school on time. The first thing he did when he arrived at school was to call Ling Ren to the toilet door, and have a sincere conversation with him, asking him about the current situation of Class 1. The grand goal of building spiritual civilization was put forward.

Although this conversation had always been a bit smelly, with the peculiar smell of ammonia in the toilet, Ling Ren was still very satisfied.

From the current contact, Ling Ren felt that Ji Wenfeng was a good monitor. He had plans and ideas for the future development of the class, unlike Zhao Yiheng, who wanted to hold everything in his hands even if he didn’t use it. Ji Wenfeng also showed a high degree of trust and friendliness to his deputy and invited him to the cafeteria for lunch at noon.

Ling Ren thought: “Hehe, I have become Ji Wenfeng’s own person.”

Ji Wenfeng was the school grass, and he was very popular in school. Even if he casually stopped in front of the toilet door, he could attract a lot of people and traffic. This made Ling Ren feel honored by the envious and jealous eyes of the students around him. He had become Ji Wenfeng’s first confidant, and close friend since he transferred to this school, and he would probably eat and go to the bathroom with him in the future. He did lose the opportunity to be the monitor of Class 1, but his status in the school had risen instead of falling because of this.

Ling Ren was very satisfied with this situation.

However, he noticed that there were people whispering around, saying that Ji Wenfeng was waiting for someone outside the toilet, which made him feel a little crisis-conscious. Ji Wenfeng just transferred here last week, how could anyone in Chengnan High School have a stronger bond with Ji Wenfeng than Ling Ren?

Ji Wenfeng talked earnestly with him outside the toilet door for two breaks, but he didn’t move. Ling Ren kept observing Ji Wenfeng’s expression, and he didn’t change color because of anyone’s appearance. Ling Ren’s heart gradually relaxed: Maybe there is no such person, and Ji Wenfeng just liked to stand outside the toilet for meetings.

Ling Ren: “…”

Wait a minute, why would someone like to stand outside the toilet for meetings?

Ling Ren thought about life in the second geography class, and forcefully convinced himself that it was just a bit of a hobby, even if a perfect nobleman like Ji Wenfeng liked to talk about life while smelling ammonia outside the toilet, so what? You can’t deny his perfection just because of this preference. Ling Ren spent 45 minutes brainwashing himself and followed Ji Wenfeng like a walking dead after the third class to continue to the bathroom door for a meeting.

The meeting didn’t last long, when Ji Wenfeng raised his upper body like a rattlesnake. Ling Ren followed his gaze, and there were only a few passers-by in the corridor. Ji Wenfeng seemed to have lost his soul, and hurried to another toilet, leaving him behind without even saying hello.

“Not good, there is a situation.” Ling Ren’s heart was ringing with alarm bells. Could it be that there was really a person in this school who had a stronger bond with Ji Wenfeng?

Ling Ren followed. Ji Wenfeng walked like flying, and had already walked into the bathroom, that person must be in the bathroom!

When he rushed to the door, Ji Wenfeng had already come out feeling lost.

Ling Ren was surprised: So fast! Does Ji Wenfeng have bad kidneys?

When Ji Wenfeng saw him, he came back to his senses: “What did we just talk about?”

Ling Ren: “It’s about the weekly class activities.”

Ji Wenfeng: “Free activities.”

Ling Ren sighed again: Ji Wenfeng would be a good monitor. This strengthened his desire to find out who stole the attention of their new squad leader in the toilet?

Ling Ren poked his head into the bathroom.

Fang Chang walked towards him.

Ling Ren was the former substitute monitor of Class 1, and Fang Chang was the monitor of Class 8. The four strongest classes in the whole grade were Class 1, Class 2, Class 7, and Class 8. Every time there was a meeting of the class leaders of the whole grade, sparks flew among the four class leaders. The two of them had long been rivals.

Ling Ren smiled without laughing: “Yo.”

Fang Chang: “Hehe.”

Ling Ren: “Fang Chang in the future.”

Fang Chang: “Ling Ren is disgusting.” He made a gesture of vomiting.

Ling Ren: “…” Why would he share a persona like “the name is very funny” with such a person. Was it interesting to do this every time we meet?

“I heard that you were kicked out, ha ha.” Fang Chang shook his hand, “Your new squad leader is nothing special!” When he saw Lu Rong’s bird, he ran away in fright, tsk tsk.

Ling Ren gracefully pushed his thin-rimmed glasses with his middle finger, and the other party showed a disdainful expression: “You really owe me a lot.” After speaking, he turned around and left, following in the footsteps of Ji Wenfeng.    

After turning his head, Ling Ren’s expression became serious. He stared at the broad shoulders of the new squad leader, and thought to himself: “Could it be that Ji Wenfeng cares about Fang Chang from class 8? Why?”

Lu Rong pulled up his pants chain and walked out of the toilet silently, inconspicuously.

In the third class, there were eye exercises. Ji Wenfeng and Ling Ren went out to inspect, and Ji Wenfeng went straight to class 8. Ling Ren became more and more suspicious that he was going after Fang Chang. He really couldn’t figure out why Ji Wenfeng would notice Fang Chang, Fang Chang was just a b**ch with a bad mouth.

Ji Wenfeng entered the door of Class 8, walked slowly to stand beside Lu Rong, from Ling Ren’s point of view, he couldn’t see that he was lifting Lu Rong’s desk board. Ling Ren didn’t know what Ji Wenfeng was doing for a while, but Fang Chang was outside the two groups.

At this time, the rotten girl kicked the plastic bag under her feet.

Ji Wenfeng’s eyes suddenly turned to her!

Ling Ren: “…” Could it be that he made a mistake before? Did Ji Wenfeng actually fall in love with this woman from Class 8?

So fucking fierce.

Ling Ren was very impressed with the rotten girl. At the beginning of school, he and Fang Chang had a quarrel over the badminton court in the physical education class of Class 1 and Class 8. That night, she wrote his and Fang Chang’s high-level essay, competing for circulation among the rotten girls of the whole grade. Her Baidu cloud downloads exceeded 1,000. Ling Ren was puzzled, there were only more than 400 students in their grade, why did the number of downloads exceed 1,000?

So scary.

For Ji Wenfeng to be able to pick such a puppy love among all the girls in the school, he was really a fucking pure man.

Ling Ren was relieved, he and Ji Wenfeng shared the bonds between men, and if Ji Wenfeng wanted to have a vigorous puppy love with a rotten girl, it had nothing to do with him.

Soon, Ji Wenfeng, Lu Rong and Guo Jing began to pass the ball at their feet, and the clothes bag rolled to Ling Ren’s feet. He bent down to pick it up, but he made a big move halfway, and picked up the clothes bag.

Ji Wenfeng: “Open it.”

Fang Chang: “Why? Do you go through our personal belongings when you check the eye exercises?”

Ling Ren chimed in: “We suspect it’s garbage.” In fact, he just wanted to know what was in it, so why did Ji Wenfeng care so much.

Fang Cheng tucked the clothes bag into his clothes in awe-inspiring way, and said with his arms crossed, “We are doing a drama in Chinese class, and I will play the pregnant Du Shiniang. This is my prop.”

Ling Ren: “…”

Fang Chang walked up to Ling Ren, eye-to-eye, nose-to-nose, with his stomach straight, and said, “Thank you for picking up my baby. In addition, I would also like to remind you that our class 8 will also have its turn to check the eye exercises.”

Ling Ren: “Hehe, we’ll wait and see.” He secretly reached out his hand, wanting to abort him right away.

Ji Wenfeng said: “Forget it.” The monitor of class 8 was so embarrassing, it was too ugly to tear it up with him, and Ji Wenfeng didn’t want to get entangled with him.

Ling Ren looked at Ji Wenfeng strangely, it was obvious that Fang Chang had a ghost in his heart, why didn’t he investigate? A terrifying idea popped into his head: Could it be that the child is Ji Wenfeng’s?

Ling Ren: “…”

Ling Ren subconsciously pushed his thin-rimmed glasses up his nose. Although it was purely nonsense in terms of biology, it was really hard for people not to think about the cause and effect relationship that Ji Wenfeng put away his aggression when he saw Fang Chang who was pregnant. The pregnant Fang Chang deeply attracted Ji Wenfeng and lowered his testosterone. Ling Ren felt that this could be tested.

Walking to the corridor, Ling Ren reported: “120 points will be deducted from Class 8.”

Ji Wenfeng asked him to cross out all these messy things: “Forget it.”

Ji Wenfeng really cared about Fang Chang!

Ling Ren was very angry, and no longer had time to think about how he would keep up with his new monitor to consolidate his status in the school. The Ling Ren x Fang Chang h article that had been downloaded more than 1,000 times was circling in his mind, as he was thinking silently: Obviously I came first.

Ling Ren walked past the window, not noticing that Lu Rong, who was sitting behind the rotten girl, had finished eye exercises and opened his eyes expressionlessly.

Ling Ren didn’t go to eat with Ji Wenfeng at noon, and when Ji Wenfeng came to him, he looked at him coldly: “I won’t go.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…?”

Ji Wenfeng went to eat by himself, followed by most of the boys and almost all the girls in the class.

Ling Ren realized that Ji Wenfeng was an irrefutable alpha. He was the alpha wolf of the pack, and it would do no good to offend him. Ling Ren tried to reconcile with him. He intended to give the newly purchased stamps to Ji Wenfeng, the limited editions he bought from Liechtenstein.

Ling Ren went to the doorman’s mailroom to pick up the courier, and Fang Chang was there, and when he saw him, he said, “Oh, Ling Ren is disgusting~”

Ling Ren used to get angry when he saw his bitch-like appearance, but today he didn’t know why, his mood improved, and he joked: “Pregnant women, shouldn’t speak wild words, it’s not good for the baby.”

Ji Wenfeng walked past the window and looked at Lu Rong, who was smelling his clothes behind Fang Chang’s back, and was stunned for a moment, revealing a wicked smile.

Ling Ren: “…”

He tore up the postage stamp immediately. It was impossible to rebuild it. He walked outside the door, called Ji Wenfeng aside, and had a man-to-man conversation with him: “Obviously I came first, whether it’s the monitor or CP.”

Ji Wenfeng was still immersed in the dreamlike scene, looking at Lu Rong from afar, his eyes were in a daze: “… what?”

Ling Ren solemnly declared to him: “As long as you don’t get ideas about him, I will be your loyal deputy. But if you want to fight me—Ji Wenfeng, I can’t move you, but I can do it if you feel restricted in everything.”

Ji Wenfeng glanced at Lu Rong not far away, then at Ling Ren, his face turned cold, and he went up a step. The step released a sense of oppression condescendingly, and said with a contemptuous smile: “Who are you going to snatch someone from?”

Ling Ren resisted his domineering gaze and tried to straighten his body: “I just want my things back.”

“It doesn’t matter who came first.” Ji Wenfeng patted him on the shoulder like a warning, pretending to be indifferent, “Although I have no interest in him but he secretly put my clothes on himself.”

Ling Ren’s face was snow-white, imagining Fang Chang’s pregnancy in Ji Wenfeng’s clothes, four words popped into his mind: He is so coquettish.

“If you want to rob someone, let the horse come here.” Ji Wenfeng put down his words and walked away slowly with his hands in his pockets. His posture and aura were impeccable, which made Ling Ren despair.

When he got to a place where Ling Ren could not see, Ji Wenfeng immediately took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Lu Rong: Do not associate with Ling Ren.

Lu Rong: “…”

Who was Ling Ren?

Preoccupied, Ling Ren went to the mail room to pick up stamp fragments, and passed by Lu Rong who was clutching his phone in a daze.

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