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While they were chatting, a tall man suddenly walked over, stood in front of Xi Wei, and politely said: “Director.”

Xi Wei nodded to the other party and introduced: “Yize, let me introduce you, this is my nephew, a loyal fan of the original novel “The Replicant Project”.

The man’s eyes turned to Luo Ning, and Luo Ning also looked up at him.

This Alpha was simply the darling of the Creator, his tough facial features didn’t have a single flaw. Nowadays, young students with double eyelids and big eyes were popular. Most of the popular stars now were cute little fresh meat, but this man was completely different. He was tall and strong, his facial features were as sharp as knives, and his eyes had an obvious single eyelid, while being long and narrow, and his pupils were dark and deep. Luo Ning had seen countless handsome guys since childhood, but Qin Yize’s looks and temperament were outstanding and unforgettable.

His face looked a little grim, but his attitude was very polite. He nodded politely to Luo Ning and stretched out his hand: “Hello.”

Since his uncle’s vest was called “Lin Weixi”, Luo Ning also made up a name for himself just like his uncle. He gave himself a name, smiled and shook hands with him, and said, “Hello, Mr. Qin, my name is Lin Luo.”

The moment his hand was held by the man, Luo Ning felt his scalp tingle, and his heart began to beat violently and uncontrollably – could it be the influence of adult Alpha pheromones?

There were many investors and other actors in the first row, Qin Yize greeted them and sat down beside Luo Ning. Luo Ning looked at his handsome profile, his heart beat faster and faster, and he didn’t know what was wrong with him. He had never experienced such a thing before.

Luo Ning took a deep breath to stabilize his mind and said with a smile, “Mr. Qin, as a fan of this book, I know that this drama must have been very difficult. You are really brave to play five roles at the same time.”

Qin Yize said: “It is precisely because of the difficulty that I wanted to challenge myself.”

His tone was calm, not too warm, but not too cold so as to make people feel embarrassed. Luo Ning smiled slightly, didn’t talk any longer, and set his eyes on the big screen – he was looking forward to Qin Yize’s performance in the movie.

The movie started soon. The first scene took place in the cold laboratory, which was the scene in which the hero with special abilities’ genes were extracted to make clones. Since the author himself was the screenwriter, the plot was very reductive, and it brought Luo Ning, a book fan, into this sci-fi world.

In the film, many of the pre-novel foreshadowing had been deleted, and the narrative rhythm was livelier. In a blink of an eye, five replicators were sent to perform tasks, and Qin Yize also began to show off his super acting strength.

The five replicants met unexpectedly during the mission. This was the most unforgettable group scene in the novel, which was very exciting. He had thought it would not look good after the adaptation into the movie, but what surprised Luo Ning was that Qin Yize played five replicants with different personalities by himself. He was a ruthless killing machine one moment, but the next moment he would be able to burst into tears because of the death of his companions – five personalities, he switched flexibly among them without any obstacle, if not for the star himself sitting next to him, Luo Ning would even believe that these were five different people.

At the end of the movie, the only surviving clone returned to the research room to take revenge and killed the ambitious scientist with his own hands. This martial arts scene was also extremely wonderful. Qin Yize went into battle in person, and it was rare to show it on the big screen. His muscles and skills, especially the movement of turning back and punching the opponent’s nose bone, were neat, dashing and handsome, and people couldn’t help but be hooked!

It was a pity that the story ended tragically, and the Replicants finally decided to destroy it all themselves.

His face was full of blood, but his eyes were still calm and sharp. In a low hoarse voice, he said coldly to the dying scientist: “I have no relatives, no friends, or even a name, I am just a monster you created. I can only listen to your orders, and I shouldn’t have my own ideas at all, otherwise it will be a dead end… But I don’t regret doing it, because in the future, there will be no monsters like me in the world again.”

With the light press of his finger, there was a loud bang in his ear, and the entire research room was instantly swallowed up by the fire.

At the end of the movie, the scene was frozen where the last Replicator stood in the fire and smiled lightly.

The sad ending song sounded, and the lights of the cinema also turned on at the same time.

The surrounding applause was thunderous and deafening.

Luo Ning’s eyes had already turned red, but he could only hold back his tears.

When reading the book, what he liked most was the “Replicant No. 5” who reached the end and was affectionately called “Little Five” by readers. At the end of the novel, many readers on the Internet were saddened by the death of “Little Five”. Unexpectedly, Qin Yize actually interpreted Little Five’s complex character of being cold on the outside but warm on the inside, especially in the end standing in the fire. His smile could simply break the hearts of those who liked him.

Such acting skills, even die-hard book fans won’t be able to pick out a single fault.

Luo Ning listened to the sad ending song and couldn’t calm down for a long time.


After the premiere, the director invited everyone to dinner. As the director’s nephew, Luo Ning was also lucky to have a meal with him. During the dinner, Luo Ning quietly leaned against Xi Wei’s ear and asked in a low voice, “Uncle, can you give me Qin Yize’s contact information?”

Xi Wei wondered, “What do you want his contact information for?”

Luo Ning said, laughing harmlessly: “After watching the movie, I also became his fan and wanted to simply be friends with him.”

Seeing Luo Ning’s sincere expression, Xi Wei said, “As far as I know, Qin Yize is usually only focused on work and has few friends. I will give you the contact information in private, he may not be very happy, why don’t you ask him in person, anyway, you have a thick skin.”

Luo Ning still smiled: “Thank you uncle for your compliment.”

After speaking, he turned around and walked in front of Qin Yize generously, smiled and stretched out his hand: “Mr. Qin, I really like this movie you acted in, I know you have a lot of fans, from today onwards, count me one as well.”

The young man in front of him was personable, especially his smile, which seemed very gentle. Qin Yize met those warm eyes, then he stretched out his hand and said, “Thank you, I’m honored.”

“Can I add you as a friend?” Luo Ning left his contact information to the other party, and he also asked for Qin Yize’s number.

Actively approaching an alpha for the first time felt a little weird.

Maybe he just likes the movie played by Qin Yize. Or could it be that he really fell in love with a strange Alpha at first sight?

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