TBLF Extra 14 (Ch. 114.1): Little Witch × Lord Knight

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At the northernmost part of the Misty Kingdom, there was a dark forest shrouded in magic. An old witch and a little witch lived in the forest. The old witch had been dedicated to cultivating the little witch’s magical talents and letting her become the master in charge of the forest.

The old witch had lived for many, many years, and was about to die. Before she died, the last thing she did for the little witch was to fly to the ethereal palace on a broomstick and capture the princess back.

As an authentic witch, one must possess four things in order to be recognized by the Witch League: an imprisoned princess, a black cat, a crystal ball, and a broom.

The old witch was lying in the grave that she had dug for herself, with her broom, crystal ball, and old black cat beside her. She said weakly: “Yingying, the princess is the last gift I give you. The rest is up to you.”

After saying this, the old witch closed her eyes.

Qi Ying covered the grave with flowers and soil, and since then another witch’s tomb was added to the dark forest.

She grew up in the dark forest, because of the black magic on her body, all creatures were reluctant to get close to her. There used to be an old witch with her, but now that the old witch was dead, she was even lonelier.

But fortunately, the princess caught back was very silly and a talker.

After Qi Ying gave her apples for several days, the princess was not afraid of her. She gnawed at the apples and asked her: “Will you kill me? Will you dig my heart and make soup? Will you use my blook to make medicinal primers?”

The little witch was wearing a red hooded cloak like little red riding hood and chatting with her through the window: “No. I will raise you, and you can play with me.”

The princess was very happy: “Okay, okay, then you let me out and I will play with you.”

Qi Ying really let her out.

The princess actually didn’t want to stay in the palace at all. There were too many rules in the palace, and she was required to learn etiquette all day long. Now living in the forest, Qi Ying raised her, gave her what she wanted, the forest was so big, and she could go wherever she wanted, climbing trees and diving in rivers to catch birds and fish, there was no need to mention how happy she was.

But such happy days were destined not to last long.

The king sent a knight to the dark forest to rescue the princess.

One day, a knight in armor and a sword broke into the territory of the little witch.

Qi Ying and the knight fought for three hundred rounds, and she lost miserably.

This was not to be blamed on her.

She was still in the growth stage, and without the blessing of a crystal ball, no black cat to help her fight, and no broom as a means of transportation, she was not a knight’s opponent at all.

When she fell to the ground, Qi Ying yelled to the knight: “Don’t fight, you can’t fight! I will return the princess to you, you can quickly take her away, she has eaten almost all the apples on my tree!”

The sword in the knight’s hand really stopped. After a pause, he used the sword to pick up the hood on her head.

The small angry face under the hood was very cute.

It was not at all like the witch he imagined with a long nose and sunken eyes.

Ji Rang took the saber back so that he could squat down in front of the cute little witch and asked, “Where is the princess?”

The little witch said aggrieved: “Went to catch a little rabbit. She said she wants to eat roast rabbit tonight.”

Ji Rang: “?” He squeezed her pink ear tips, “Why do you want to catch the princess? And after you caught her, why didn’t you kill her, and are still raising her deliciously?”

The little witch knocked off his hand and said angrily: “We witches are not all bad! The princess looks so beautiful, I like to raise her! Raise her to play with me!”

Ji Rang looked at her meaningfully and stretched out his hand to pull her. Qi Ying thought she was going to be beaten again, so she hugged her head and shouted: “If you don’t want me to raise it, I won’t raise it. I swear in the name of a crystal ball that I will never raise a princess again! You take her away!”

The princess who had just returned with a rabbit saw this scene and suddenly shouted: “I won’t go! I’m going to live here!”

Ji Rang: “…”

He took the little witch’s delicate wrist, pulled her up from the ground, and tenderly patted the dust off her cloak. Then he carried the princess on his horse.

The princess yelled, “Help! Yingying, save me! You hateful knight! Can’t you go back and tell my father I’ve been killed by a witch! Help!”

Ji Rang quickly disappeared into the forest carrying the princess.

Only Qi Ying remained in the forest.

She was bored for a while and decided to follow the instructions of the old witch. Now that the princess was gone, she could only collect the other three things first.

Taking advantage of a moonlit night, Qi Ying left the dark forest and came to a human village on the edge of the forest.

The village was very quiet, everyone had fallen asleep. The little witch was wearing a cloak and looked like Little Red Riding Hood, while she sneaked on the street, trying to steal a cat.

As a result, she found that human cats were too cruel!

As soon as she reached out, she was scratched by the black cat who stared at her fiercely with grinning teeth.

Qi Ying clutched the bleeding wound, crying aggrievedly, and whispered: “I will not hurt you; I will make you fat, will you go with me?”

Black cats were even fiercer than other cats.

There was a breath of black magic on her body, and it was destined that little animals would not like her.

But she didn’t want to use black magic to deal with small animals.

Not knowing what to do, she suddenly heard the sound of horseshoes suddenly came from the street. Qi Ying was taken aback, and was about to find a place to hide, when she saw the horses already coming close. Under the moonlit night, Ji Rang jumped off from his horse, glanced at her, and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Qi Ying recognized him and said, “Catching a cat.”

Ji Rang looked at her bleeding wound, “Did you catch the cat, or did the cat catch you?”

The little witch lowered her head in shame.

Ji Rang approached two steps, squatted down, and reached out to the black cat. The ferocious black cat instantly became well-behaved, meowed twice, walked to his side and licked his fingers.

Qi Ying immediately envied him.

There was a bright and warm breath on the knight, and all the little animals liked him.

Ji Rang teased the cat for a while, got up and walked to Qi Ying’s side, and took her to a small hotel. He found herbs and gauze to bandage the wound on her wrist, lowered his head and asked her: “Why don’t you use magic to deal with it? Did it scratch you?”

The little witch sighed, “It’s so cute that I can’t bear to hurt it.”

Ji Rang understood that this little witch was a face con.

When it was about to approach dawn, Ji Rang rode with Qi Ying to the entrance of the forest. He said, “Go back. I’ll give you a cat in a few days.”

Her eyes shined: “Really?!”

Ji Rang nodded while sitting on horseback: “A knight never lies.”

The little witch was very happy, waved at him, turned and entered the forest. She bounced around wearing her red cloak, and Ji Rang thought that even her back was too cute.

After waiting a few days, Ji Rang came to the witch’s territory again.

Sure enough, he sent her a black cat.

It was a newborn cat with a little milky smell, and it couldn’t even open its eyes. Qi Ying held her hands together to take the little milk cat and heard him say: “The newborn kitten is not so sensitive to the black magic scent on your body. If you keep it, it will not reject you when it becomes familiar with your scent.”

Qi Ying nodded repeatedly.

Ji Rang looked at her tattered cloak after a few days, frowned and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Qi Ying put the little milk cat in the box and said angrily: “I want to make a broom, and I need the branches of the spirit tree. But he won’t give it to me, so I’m fighting with him recently!”

Ji Rang saw a small blood stain on the tips of her pink ears.

He drew his sword: “Lead the way.”

So, the little witch got the material to make a broomstick.

The cry of the sprit tree floated in the forest for three days and three nights.

With the broom, Qi Ying could fly freely. But she still couldn’t grasp the balance well. Sometimes when flying too high and encountering the wind, she would be blown down.

When Ji Rang took the crystal ball into the dark forest again, the little witch fell from the sky screaming and fell into his arms.

The broom slammed on Ji Rang’s head.

The little witch smiled guiltily in his arms.

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