SN Ch. 43

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Huo Yunshen woke up late at night, nostalgic from the lingering heart-wrenching pain.

He had made all kinds of preparations in his heart, no matter how Yan Qing repented and refused after waking up, he would not let her go even half a step away, and even if he had to use the lock, he would trap her by his side.

But he didn’t expect that she would stay with him obediently and ask him this question that he didn’t dare to think about.

Huo Yunshen’s voice was very soft, afraid that he would wake up from a sweet dream: “Why are you asking me?”

Yan Qing leaned against his chest, the aftertaste was still on her body, and the scene from last night was automatically playing in front of her eyes.

Many old and new clips were rushing through her mind, and when her head hurt, she instinctively hugged Huo Yunshen, and said dully, “You heard right… I wonder if there is something wrong with my memory, I have many similar points with Yun Qing. I didn’t think about it before, I thought it was too mysterious and impossible, but—”

Huo Yunshen hugged her tightly, rubbing her temples with his palms, and his voice was unstable: “Speak slowly.”

Yan Qing’s face became red.

What did she say?

But——she had never had a boyfriend in her memory, and she had never had any physical relationship. She always thought she was a blank slate, but it turned out! She broke through the bottom line with him as if she were dying. Not only did she feel no pain at all, but she also reacted super skilfully.

It was not just a matter of nowhere.

It was the kind of feeling as if she belonged to Huo Yunshen alone. She accepted him very naturally, and every time she reached the peak of happiness, she seemed to wake up.

Her body was telling her in an embarrassing way that it was definitely not the first time she had been with him.

Yan Qing was very confused, and the facts were about to come out, but she didn’t dare to believe it all, for fear that she would be disappointed.

She also felt that she had resisted so thoroughly before, but now that she had slept with him, she began to swear that she seemed to have lost her memories, and she was very embarrassed.

She explained stumblingly: “I…I’m just asking, I don’t want to covet anything, don’t think about it, I just have doubts…”

After a pause, she couldn’t help grabbing Huo Yunshen’s hand, the tip of her nose was red, and she looked up. She admitted defeat and confessed: “Huo Yunshen, I especially wish I was Yun Qing.”

Because she had fallen in love with him, she hoped that she was really her.

Huo Yunshen lost the strength in his hands, rubbed her into his arms heavily, lowered his head and kissed her.

Holding back his tears, he took out the words that he had suppressed for a long time: “You are Yun Qing, you were injured, that is why you forgot me, no matter how many changes you have, I will never recognize you wrongly, you are my Qingqing.”

Yan Qing wanted to cry after listening to his tone: “But I am not amnesiac, I have a complete memory myself. I just have a vague shadow about you, I feel as if everything are half-truths, and I can’t remember anything clearly.”

She was afraid that she would be overjoyed prematurely, so she asked eagerly, “Could it be a mistake?”

Huo Yunshen stroked her messy long hair: “Qingqing, do you believe me?”

Yan Qing nodded obediently, and she handed herself over to him.

“If you were not Yun Qing, no matter how similar you were with her, I would’ve never approached you, let alone others,” he said solemnly, “I can’t find any substitute, I only have one you.”

“Your memory, the reason why you refused to believe me in the past, and what you have suffered, I will explain to you when you return to Haicheng.”

“Don’t think about it now, your head will hurt.”

Huo Yunshen pressed her forehead, and his hot skin rubbed against her. His breath was so close that it brushed her lips and she felt as if she was electrified.

Yan Qing’s heart was going up and down, and he was playing with her hands and feet again, so she mumbled aggrieved: “Don’t think about such a big thing, I can’t help it.”

Huo Yunshen sucked her earlobe deeply: “Then let’s do something else.”

Yan Qing was like a fledgling little fish who was easily hooked. She couldn’t maintain her will, so she rolled up the quilt and tried to run off the bed: “It’s about to be dawn, I still have a shooting task today…”

The man’s hand dragged her back: “I temporarily closed the venue and moved to the shoot to afternoon.”

His voice was hoarse with desire: “Qingqing be obedient, let’s do it again, and consolidate the memory.”

Yan Qing dressed beautifully in the afternoon. On the way to the variety show, she quietly complained that Huo Yunshen was seriously ill. He just had a high fever, and he couldn’t eat or sleep for so many days. Where did the infinite physical strength come from, such that he had to eat and wipe her up over and over again. Before getting out of the car, Huo Yunshen wrapped his hand around her from behind and asked in a low voice, “Qingqing, are you still hiding from me?”

Yan Qing lowered her eyelashes and touched the back of his hand: “No.”

He tightened his arms, “I can’t stand you hiding and ignoring me.”

Yan Qing was somewhat confused, unable to determine her identity and position at this time, with her surging emotions, she did not dare to vent freely, and her heart was feeling anxious.

After listening to Huo Yunshen’s words, she suppressed her thoughts for the time being, strived to complete the relevant parts of the variety show as soon as possible, and boarded the return flight the next day. There was no shadow of her emotions showing in front of the fans.

Before she left, An Lan knew that it was Mr. Huo’s arrangement, so she didn’t have the guts to talk too much, but cautiously warned her: “Yanyan, we have a very tight task, and we are going to record the next episode today, which is the penultimate episode of “Rise It! Girls”. Come back as soon as possible.”

Yan Qing raised her hand to assure her.

Huo Yunshen was only separated from her for a little while, but when he saw her coming, he was still eager to pull her, wrapping her in his arms to feel at ease.

Yan Qing asked anxiously: “Where are we going.”

“The doctor you saw in the old house last time, when you were drunk, remember?”

Yan Qing nodded: “Your personal doctor.”

Huo Yunshen kissed her forehead: “I’ll take you to see him again.”

Half an hour later, Yan Qing was led by Huo Yunshen, and they were standing in the top floor consultation room of Dr. He’s villa. She was looking around in surprise at all the precision medical equipment, when her eyes fell on a set of brain interference devices, and her pupils shrank involuntarily.

She seemed to remember lying in a similar place, but she couldn’t remember the specific scene, but it was very painful, all her nerves were like being crushed, making her feel that life was worse than death.

Huo Yunshen sensed her strangeness deeply, and stroked her head softly to comfort her: “Don’t be afraid, it won’t hurt you.”

Dr. He was stunned. Although he didn’t know what happened to Mrs. Huo, but she could be calmed by Mr. Huo into a sober state at least, and it showed that she had accepted the possibility of doubtful memory.

He looked forward to hearing a detailed description, but Mr. Huo only said: “She didn’t remember, but she realized too many doubts and believed that she was Yun Qing.”

Dr. He was so excited that he wanted to swear.

With this kind of case, he had originally deduced that she would not be able to recover for a long time, even if there was progress, there would be a relatively long period of self-denial, which would cause distrust and rejection of the relevant people who were really remembered, but what he saw with his own eyes at the moment was gradually the case of two people becoming one.

He said last time that he underestimated Mrs. Huo’s feelings for Mr. Huo.

Now, it seemed that it was much deeper than what he expected at the time. It was so deep that she overcame the negative instinct caused by injury in many unconscious moments, and her keeping to choose to be close to Mr. Huo, so that she had the current accumulation.

Dr. He stretched out his hand: “Madam, I’m very pleased to officially introduce myself to you. My real main field of expertise is hypnotherapy, and the restoration and modification of human brain memory.”

Yan Qing couldn’t help but get nervous when she heard the word “modification”.

Huo Yunshen gave a cold glance to Dr. He, and Dr. He was shocked to realize that his wife’s hand could not be held, so he quickly retracted it, and then asked, “Mr. Huo, can I try a third intervention for your wife?”

Yan Qing’s eyes widened: “Third time?”

Huo Yunshen smoothed her tensed back and said slowly, “The first time was in the show crew’s garage. The second time was at the celebration feast, someone put medicine in your wine, you were drunk, you were in a coma because of the effect of the medicine, which was very dangerous.”

Dr. He added in a timely manner: “Because of drinking the drugged wine, you almost forgot Mr. Huo again, he had a very hard two days.”

Yan Qing’s cognition was being overturned continuously, more and more truths that contradicted her understanding surfaced, her mind was feeling congested, her cheeks were pale, and she wanted to know only one thing: “Am I really Yun Qing?”

Huo Yunshen deeply protected her and sat down, looking up at Dr. He.

Dr. He thought for a while: “Your wife’s mental condition is still fragile, and her current progress must be taken care of. We must not be aggressive, as it is easy to be self-defeating. I think it is better to look at the factual picture first than to describe and guide her, and then it will easier for her to adapt.”

During the two treatments, Dr. He left out key parts of the video with Huo Yunshen’s permission. He found it now and put it on the big screen.

Yan Qing watched with her own eyes how Huo Yunshen carried her in. He connected the magnetic disk, which gradually showed that she was not herself under the suggestion of Dr. He.

Huo Yunshen squatted beside the diagnosis and treatment bed and hugged her in pain. When he heard her call out “Yunshen”, his eyes were filled with pain and madness.

Yan Qing didn’t blink, tears streaming down her cheeks.

She really called him “Yunshen”, that kind of tone, innumerable thoughts and nostalgia had melted into it. It was not an imitation, but a subconscious instinct engraved in her body.

Enough to prove her identity.

After the two videos ended, Yan Qing sat in a daze, unable to return to her senses.

Dr. He injected Yan Qing with a soothing injection to prevent her from having a headache.

Huo Yunshen lowered his body, knelt down in front of her, and held her cold hand in his palm: “You are Yun Qing, you pulled me out of the dark hell when you were an ignorant girl. At first I was afraid that you were just acting on a whim and were weak, so I avoided you, and then you really left, I felt like I would be better off dying every day, and kept chasing you everywhere, your heart is very soft, you didn’t dislike me, and you were willing to love me again.”

Yan Qing stared at him, and heard what he said in a hurry, everything he said was familiar, but she couldn’t remember.

Huo Yunshen felt choked: “Later you were admitted to a good university, I rented a house, we lived together, and raised a cat, I hated that cat the most, as it always divided your attention, but you liked it, even though I said, Qingqing, please, can you only like me.”

Yan Qing burst into tears, she rummaged through her memory and couldn’t find it.

He wiped her eyes: “Three years ago, you were forcibly taken away by the Yun family in front of our home, and soon the news of the plane crash came, I didn’t believe it, you had said that you would stay with me for the rest of your life and would not leave me alone, you clearly know, I have nothing but you, and if you leave, it would kill me.”

She bit her lip hard, not wanting to cry.

“Why did I forget,” she whimpered, “how can I forget.”

It was like listening to other people’s stories, but it happened to her and Huo Yunshen, he was carrying all the burden and pain, she had everything cleaned up, living a peaceful life in a place separated by mountains and seas, she even had suitors, she considered her future marriage, and even thought about what kind of person she would marry.

She was useless, she would only have a headache again and again, and then she would deny it.

Huo Yunshen’s deep eyes were bloodshot, and he rubbed her face: “But you are the one who was hurt, someone bullied you, tampered with your memory, turned you into a stranger who has nothing to do with the past, you have suffered a lot, your body’s instinct refuses to be changed again, so you didn’t accept my statement, Qingqing, you are strong enough to come to this day, and think about it again.”

Yan Qing covered her eyes with her arms, sobbing and said: “I…I don’t remember at all…I can’t remember at all…it’s all vague…”

Huo Yunshen hugged her tightly: “You believe your identity and that is enough, let’s take the rest slowly.”

She didn’t want to take it slow.

She just wanted to recover.

Yan Qing looked up at Dr. He and asked urgently, “Is there a way? Can you intervene like the previous two times? I will cooperate!”

Dr. He said: “Before you rejected it, so no progress could be made, but this time if you open up the sea of consciousness, maybe it will be effective.”

Yan Qing lay on the diagnosis and treatment bed for the third time, and it was fine at first, but as soon as the magnetic tape was attached, she immediately shook her head in fear.

Pasting this thing, there would be severe pain that she couldn’t bear…

Huo Yunshen sat beside her, threw off the connector, and put his arms around her to protect her chest: “Qingqing should not be afraid, we will not do it.”

She described with difficulty: “My impression is very broken. I seem to have been hurt by something like this…”

Huo Yunshen hugged her hand, which was jagged and bulging: “I know, you don’t need to try, let’s go home.”

Yan Qing gasped. After a moment, she said firmly, “I can overcome it, and do it again.”

Huo Yunshen deeply objected and picked her up to leave.

She grabbed the edge of the bed and stared at him: “I’ve done too little effort, let me try again, otherwise… I can’t get through.”

Dr. He connected the magnetic tape for her again, Huo Yunshen took her hand and placed it on his lap and intertwined her fingers with his, as she slowly closed her eyes.

Everything disappeared in front of Yan Qing’s eyes, she sank into the darkness, and following the voice’s guidance, he spread himself out as much as possible.

There were sporadic scenes that were lifted up and flashed across, the blood on the boy’s hands, his fierce eyebrows, when he was about to punch her in the face, him picking a small pink flower outside the school gate and following her secretly, and when she wasn’t paying attention, inserting it in the pocket of her schoolbag…

But after a flash, the countless scenes involved in the fragments were suddenly locked by the gate, trapped behind and struggling violently, causing a heart-wrenching pain.

Yan Qing recited “Yunshen”, and it sounded painful as if coming from between her teeth.

Huo Yunshen’s face was bloodless: “Stop!”

Dr. He also frowned and slowed down the process. After several trials were unsuccessful, he solemnly chose to stop. He said solemnly: “I haven’t been involved in such a deep manipulation before. I have found that your wife’s real memory is under control.”

Huo Yunshen’s blue veins bulged on his forehead: “Explain.”

“In layman’s terms, after her memory was tampered with, the original memories were stored in the depths of the subconscious, but the other party also used deep hypnosis. It imposes a certain order, or restriction, and needs to meet certain conditions to recover.”

He worried: “We have no way of knowing what it is, and we don’t know who the other party is, and we can’t make speculation. In this case, it was not easy for your wife to find a vague impression and recognize her identity. It is because she has strong willpower and deep feelings for you that she is not completely locked up, but if you want her to really remember everything, you can only wait for an opportunity to try your luck.”

“The other thing, it’s best not to tell your wife, she will fall into this cage, always thinking about it, it will be harmful, it is better to let her develop naturally.”

Dr. He sighed in frustration: “I’m sorry, Mr. Huo, I still let you down.”

Huo Yunshen lowered his eyes to wipe Yan Qing’s sweat, lifted her up, and let her lean on his shoulders.

“This is enough,” he gently kissed her dry lips, “I’m very grateful.”

Yan Qing woke up after an hour, opened her eyes in confusion, looked at the wall for a while, and suddenly sat up straight, then she shouted anxiously: “Was it unfinished? What went wrong? I…”

She only had a few bits and pieces flash by, and the other memories were still blank.

She was still Yan Qing from Canada, not back to Yun Qing.

Huo Yunshen fed her hot milk and wiped the corner of her mouth with a gentle expression: “Doctor He said, not to rush for success. Your memory has been wrong for so long, and you need a slow recovery process.”

Yan Qing’s moist eyes darkened: “How long will it take.”

“Soon.” He coaxed her.

The weather was cold, Yan Qing’s body would be weak after the intervention treatment, Huo Yunshen wrapped her in a small quilt like every time, wrapped her in a ball shape and hugged her.

Yan Qing protested in a low voice: “I’ll walk by myself.”

“No,” he curled his lips, “My wife has sore legs.”

Yan Qing understood what he meant, so she hid under the quilt with red ears, and stayed with him honestly in his arms, she also let him put his arms around her and get into the car.

Back in the car, Yan Qing still hung her head, huddled in the quilt, and her heart seemed to have been submerged in the salty and heavy sea water.

When they met on the bridge, the moment Huo Yunshen was about to jump into the river, he stabbed her in the heart like a sharp blade.

She almost lost him.

She almost passed by him as a stranger, forgetting him for the rest of his life.

Huo Yunshen raised Yan Qing’s face, stared at it for a long time, and said seriously: “Do we need to get to know each other again, I am Huo Yunshen, I have loved you for a long time, have been looking for you for a long time, and finally cheated you and became your legal husband, what about you, who are you?”

Yan Qing looked straight at him, her eyes were full of water, she bent her eyes and smiled, as she answered him: “I’m Qingqing, Huo Yunshen’s Qingqing.”

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